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I always will remember well the day we went away

I am a bold rover and sorely depressed

I am a bold undaunted youth, my name is Tom McCann

I am a butcher bound by my right

I am a fair young lady whose fortune has been great

I am a famous person though you may not know my name

I am a little beggarman, a begging I have been
(Barry Taylor)

I am a little beggarman, a begging I have been
(Great Big Sea)

I am a little beggarman, a-begging I have been
(Little John Cameron)

I am a little sailor lad that do go on the sea

I am a long the shore man, I'm going to sing my song

I am a merry ploughboy and I plough the fields by day

I am a Newfoundlander, Michael Carter is my name

I am a poor wayfaring stranger

I am a proud fisherman who fished on the Grand Banks

I am a rambling hero, by love I am ensnared
(MacEdward Leach)

I am a rambling hero, by love I am ensnared
(MacEdward Leach)

I am a rambling hero bold, by love I am ensnared
(Kenneth Peacock)

I am a sailor and home do write

I am a school girl 11 years old

I am a true born Irishman, John Mitchell is my name

I am a weaver, a Calton weaver

I am a young milkman in sad lamentation

I am a young sailor, my story is sad

I am always light-hearted and easy

I am drowning, not waving

I am dying, Cathleen, dying

I am Jack Johnston, the cobbler

I am leaving on the evening tide

I am poor Jack just returned from shore

I am running headlong into a train

I am the fountain of affection

I am thinking tonight on the days that are gone

I am what I am, I hope you understand

I been across this country and across the USA

I believe there'll come a day

I came 'board this great ship some short years ago

I came from Upper Gullies, and me head filled up with knowledge

I came home on Saturday night

I came into a scolding wife a few short years ago

I came north to find a living

I came upon a charming girl and Sarah was her name

I can hardly bare the sight of lipstick on the cigarette there in the ashtray

I can hear a long train runnin' on the tracks outside

I can hear the bells of Dublin in this lonely waiting room

I can hear their sirens blowing as they steam to hunt the floe

I can read what's on your mind I know you've chilled our favorite wine

I can stand a little rain, standin' in the rain

I can still see Dad out working, Lord, he'd never seem to stop

I can't be happy alone anymore

I checked into the office and what an awful mess

I climb the mountain and scan the ocean

I close my eyes and picture the emerald of the sea

I could have searched the world and never found you

I crossed the deep blue waters

I crossed the wildest ocean

I did my best tryin' to be a rollin' stone

I don't have the Five in my hand, not a last leg to stand upon

I don't know if you can see the changes that have come over me

I don't know where I'm going

I don't mind confiding that I make stupid mistakes

I don't wanna go home, don't bring the light up

I dreamed it was 1962

I dreamt I met a maiden fair

I dreamt I saw a woman standing by the strand

I drank sixteen doubles for the price of one

I drove a million miles with you

I drove my tractor through your 'aystack last night

I feel like a stranger in this home I built for you

I feel so all alone with memories of home

I feel the cold wind blowin' from the far Atlantic sea

I feel the irons on my wrist and lament it's come to this

I fell asleep down by the stream

I fell in love at eleven years old with the nicest girl in school

I first took a trip to old England

I fish for a living, I got a wife and two children

I followed her into the west

I get you on my mind every year at Christmas time

I got a couple more years on you, babe, and that's all

I got a loan of my grandfather's fiddle

I got a moon out my window in the night

I got married to a scolding wife a few years ago

I got tired of fishin' on the Grand Banks

I got up in the mornin' at the crack of dawn

I grew up at the bottom of the Glover's Shore Road

I grew up in Tilting, a village by the sea

I grew up on stories my grandfather told

I guess we should just be thankful

I guess you think you broke my heart

I had a dream I was moving forward

I had a dream last night, it was of you and me

I had a dream the other night, it was an awful dream

I had not sailed a voyage but one
(Kenneth Peacock)

I had not sailed a voyage but one

I hauled up me old skiff when I took up me gear

I have a candle that was lit from a candle which was lit

I have a ship called the Golden Vanity

I have always always loved this, loved this

I have come back back to Newfoundland

I have come to the waters of Bonne Bay

I have eaten him, what did I eat?

I have fallen for another, she can make her own way home

I have heard it asserted a dozen times o'er

I have no silver no diamonds or gold

I have often heard it said from my father and my mother (Tommy Makem)

I have often heard it said from me father and me mother (Masterless Men)

I have roamed o'er the red rocks on many's a day

I have seen the sunrise off the banks of Newfoundland

I have tried for so long to make you love me

I have walked many a mile on the shores of Prince Edward Isle

I have witnessed many changes from his birth and through the years

I haven't seen you in a long time, since I've been gone

I hear hard times are coming

I hear, I hear, I hear a lot of noise

I hear make an' breaks a-runnin'

I hear the fifes a playin' high above the misty headlands

I hear the Labrador is sold today from Betsy Cox

I hear your voice on the wind

I heard you got the Jissom, Jim

I held books over my head when I was just a kid

I hope now that you'll pay attention and listen awhile unto me

I hope you find the feet of a dancer

I joined the Flying Column in nineteen and sixteen

I just arrived from Dublin, in Ireland I came

I just can't stand the way I feel

I just closed another chapter in the book of life and love

I just got the news from the coast of Labrador

I just have a letter from my mom today

I just realized today's your birthday

I know a cat named Way-Out Willy

I know a fat old policeman, he's always on our street

I know a man whose spirit's in the sea

I know a spot that is hidden far in the wild woods' devious way

I know, my darlin', that you love me still

I know that I will never forget that first time, my dear, we met

I know that you've got important feelings to relate

I know the night is on us

I know what it's like to be lonely

I laid my head on a keg of brandy

I learned to rock at fourteen, they used to call me Speed

I left Cape Breton on a coal boat
(Dick Nolan)

I left Cape Breton on the coal boat
(Tom Connors)

I left home at fifteen with nowhere to go

I left me home in Dublin not too many years ago

I left my good old Newfie home in the year of sixty-one

I left my home in Newfoundland

I left my home in St. John's city

I left my home just a young man of eighteen years

I left my home, my family by the ocean

I left my home when I was just a lad

I left my sweet Mary, she was just seventeen

I left Newfoundland for the city TO

I left the parlour early, I suppose it was scarce nine

I left Toronto city on a train eastward bound

I like black and white, dream in black and white

I like to rise when the sun she rises
(Ryan's Fancy)

I like to rise when the sun she rises
(D'Arcy Broderick)

I live by myself on this small piece of land

I live in Vermont, and one day last summer

I lived with the decent folks in the hills of old Vermont

I look o'er the mountain where the sun sears the sky

I love my country, I love my freedom

I love the ocean, I'm from Nova Scotia

I love to roam on the island I love

I love you so much I can't let it go

I married a girl called Ann Steer

I meant to call just before I left to go away

I met a brisk young damsel come tripping down this way

I met a fair damsel came over from Fogo

I met a girl out on the sand

I met me friend Paddy McKenna

I met me love up walkin' in the merry month of May

I met my love by the gasworks wall

I met up with an old friend who asked me in to dine

I must away now, I can no longer tarry

I never felt more like singin' the blues

I never shall forget the day I left my native home

I never wanted to leave somewhere I always believed

I never will marry, I'll be no man's wife
(Masterless Men)

I never will marry, I'll be no man's wife
(Sons Of Erin)

I often hear men ask how the women talk so fast

I often take these night shift walks when the foreman's not around

I once had a girl or should I say she once had me

I once heard my grandfather say

I once heard this story, it's many years old

I once loved a flower in Kilkenny

I once roamed and rambled all over this land

I once took a part in a drama called Sin

I once was a ploughboy but a soldier I am now

I packed up my life in an old knapsack

I parked that old car of mine in the backyard by the fence

I pick up what's left of my broken heart

I played the wild rover for manys the year

I pondered on those days gone by as I sat beside the mill (Connemara)

I ponder on those days gone by as we sat beside the rill (Ryan's Fancy)

I pondered on those days gone by as I wandered all alone (Maurice J Hogan)

I pulled my truck off that dusty old highway

I quit my job on the mainland

I recall the night that you came into this world

I recall the streets of Grand Bank where I grew up as a child

I recall walking slowly 'round the shoreline

I recall when I was young the days of long ago

I remember a girl from the Salvation Army

I remember as a little girl around my daddy's knee

I remember goin' to Nan's house on a Sunday afternoon

I remember it was Christmas eve

I remember so plainly when I was a boy

I remember standing at my daddy's bedside

I remember stories I was told

I remember that morning when the Valiant sailed

I remember the day, it stands clear in my mind

I remember the day the explosion ripped the mine

I remember the sound of the boats from the channel

I remember the time when my grandpa and I

I remember the year that Clayton Delaney died

I remember times not long ago when outport life was nice and slow

I returned to my hometown yesterday

I rode out one evening in the lovely month of May

I rode seven horses all to death

I said, "Hey, Buddy, I don't even know your name

I said: "Pretty Polly, can I have a night with you?"

I sailed an ocean, unsettled ocean

I sat within the valley green, I sat with my true love

I saw a young couple on old Ireland's shore

I saw three ships come sailing in

I saw you walk hand-in-hand

I say to you, that there is in operation at the present time

I scarce been in bed three ticks of the clock

I see the light, across the bay

I see you in the front row, dancing up and down

I sighed for you, I tried for you

I sit alone by a window, I think of days gone by

I spied a berry bush as I was strolling home one day

I shipped on board early one spring

I signed aboard this whaling ship

I sing of a loved one who's dear unto me

I sit and wait for my boarding call

I stand in my doorway as the moon rises high

I stayed awake for hours again last night

I stepped into a bar one night in a place in Newfoundland

I still can remember when I was a child

I still get up before the day breaks

I still hear the snares in the square

I still recall that day in July when you said to me your last goodbye

I still recall those happy times, it seems like yesterday

I still remember when I danced with you

I stood upon her fields of green that slope down to the ocean

I stood upon the bank and saw each rower take his place

I sure hope you're listening

I surely bet it's gonna rain tomorrow

I swore that this time would be different

I talked to an old friend with tears in his eyes

I think back in time when I was young

I thought I heard our captain say

I thought I heard the ol' man say
(Stan Hugill)

I thought I heard the old man say
(Buddy Wasisname)

I thought I saw a teardrop on your pillow

I tiptoed by my window just to see what I could see

I took a stroll down to the store to hear the local news

I took a stroll on the old long walk

I took a walk down memory lane while sittin' in my car today

I took a walk one morning down by some shady side

I took my girl to a fancy ball, it was a social hop

I took the bus from Carbonear and landed in St John's

I travelled this country from the East to the West

I travelled through life and saw many's the sight

I used to walk through this world cautious and oh so serious

I used to watch you rise with the sun

I used to work on the line, building new Chevrolets

I ventured a walk one early May morning

I visit her grave every Sunday

I wake up each morning with a song in my mind

I wake up in the morning, hear the first songbird sing

I walked into a barroom, ordered me up a drink

I wander'd today to the hill, Maggie
(George Washington Johnson)

I wandered in time till I found myself thinking

I wandered into Phillistown, I sat beside the rill

I wandered on the day's long path, up the hill I strayed

I wandered today through the hills, Maggie

I wandered today to the hill, Maggie
(Harry Hibbs)

I Want To Go To Nain
(Nainimut aigumavunga)

I wanted to say hello, Sadie

I was a cook and she was a waitress

I was a wild careless youngster

I was barely eighteen when the Lord gave me Willie

I was born and raised a Newfie

I was born and raised in a family of seven

I was born and raised in a Newfoundland outport

I was born and raised in Corner Brook many years ago

I was born and reared in Boston, a place you know quite well

I was born down by the ocean

I was born in Goose Bay back in '61

I was born in late November in a small, two-room shack

I was born in a Dublin street where the Royal drums do beat (Paddy Reilly)

I was born in the Dublin street where the loyal drums do beat (Irish Descendants)

I was born of Geordie parents, one day when I was young

I was born on a St John's street

I was born under the star, never meant to journey far

I was brought up in Sheffield though not of low degree

I was digging away at potatoes

I was doin' fine till you showed up this mornin'

I was drinkin' beer down in Carbonear

I was giggin' in a bar in Toronto

I was headin' in the wrong direction

I was in my house at the top of the hill

I was in the bay last winter, I'm going to explain

I was just a small boy in a northern Newfie town

I was just a young man at the start of married life

I was just seventeen when I made the AHL

I was just the age of sixteen when I first went on the drive (Great Big Sea)

I was just the age of sixteen when I first went on the drive (MacEdward Leach)

I was never a country boy digging the soil

I was nineteen when I came to town, they called it the Summer of Love

I was on a ship, set my sails ablaze

I was on a trip away from home, and time was getting so long

I was playing Santa Claus downtown on Christmas Eve

I was scarce the age of sixteen when I first went on a drive (Kenneth Peacock)

I was sitting all alone, nothin' on my mind

I was sitting by my fireside, I was sitting all alone

I was standing by the window yesterday morning

I was standing in the corner looking at you

I was swingin' and diggin, diggin' and swingin

I was twenty-one when I first began to court a neighbour's child

I was up on the mainland for many a year

I was workin' real hard before I got laid off

I wasn't looking for a lover, I wasn't looking for a friend

I watched the gold in your hair turn to silver

I watched when they departed, 'twas eight o'clock the hour

I weep the same, oh bonnie bonnie maid

I went back to my old hometown a week ago

I went down to Sammy's Bar

I went fishing last summer with old Danny Clarke

I went for a walk the other night

I went out on Friday night t'drown the weekday blues

I went out to haul me trawl

I went strolling one bright morning in December

I went to a party consisting of four

I went to see the walking match

I went to the stable to milk me cow

I went upstairs in the middle of the night

I will go where the winds take me

I will never forget when I met sweet Cora, my pretty quadroon

I will never let you down or cause you any pain

I will paint you a picture of days that once were

I will sing you one, and what is your one-o

I will tell you all a story 'bout an old man that I know

I wish I had someone to love me, someone to call me their own

I wish I was a fisherman, tumbling on the seas

I wish I was a Newfie boy, I'd sing a Newfie song

I wish I was home again, at home in my heart again

I wish I was in Carrickfergus

I wish I were a flower, beautiful and rare

I woke up Sunday mornin' with no way to hold my head that didn't hurt

I woke up this mornin' alone in my bed

I woke up this mornin' frozen nearly dead

I woke up this morning, I had slept on the floor

I worked real hard when I was young

I would have been here sooner, your note came yesterday

I'd walk a thousand miles for you, honey

If all of the stars were a million guitars

If anything happened to you

If ever I get married 'twill be in the month of June

If I could sing you all over the world

If I could take my own advice

If I had me sooners, I'd sooner have a schooner

If I had the wings of a swallow

If I was a boatman and had the best of vessels

If I were a blackbird, I'd whistle and sing
(MacEdward Leach)

If I were a blackbird, I'd whistle and sing
(Harry Hibbs)

If I were king of Ireland and all things at my will
(Harry Hibbs)

If I were king of Ireland's isle and had all things at my will (Ryan's Fancy)

If life is like a candle bright, death must be the wind

If my intention was to stay and look at this a different way

If only the days were like years gone by

If our forefathers were here today, the changes they would see

If somehow you could pack up your sorrows

If the last thing I see is your face

If there's any offense, please stop my hand

If those lips could only speak

If today the sun would set on all my hopes and cares

If you come along with me I'll tell you where we'll go

If you come a-ramblin' 'round Newfoundland shore

If you come back home to Newfoundland put aside your city charm

If you did, and if you did, even if you did

If you ever fall in love with a little turtle dove

If you ever go across the sea to Ireland

If you go to Newfoundland, remember me to Clare

If you got the great big fright

If you listen a moment I'll sing for awhile

If you listen to me for a very short time

If you say something, something that them don't

If you should ask any girl from the parish around

If you want to go across the bay to Tilting

If you'll listen, I'll sing you a sweet little song

If you're not from Newfoundland or from Labrador

If you've never been there, take a trip down east

I'll be there Christmas Eve

I'll come a-rollin' home when my rovin' days are done

I'll give to you a paper of pins

I'll go down unto James Murray's house I'll have you to know

I'll go to the ice and I'll catch some seals

I'll hang my harp on a willow tree

I'll sing a little song tonight, if you'll just hold your tongue

I'll sing a song about a man I know you'll all agree

I'll sing me a song of the rolling sky

I'll sing you a little ditty, it's something like a jig

I'll sing you a song about Newfoundland dear

I'll sing you a song if you'll listen to me

I'll sing you a song, it may seem a sad one
(MacEdward Leach)

I'll sing you a song, it may seem a sad one
(Kenneth Peacock)

I'll sing you a song of the world and its ways

I'll take you home again, Cathleen

I'll tell me ma when I get home, the boys won't leave the girls alone

I'll tell ya man I don't understand about this world today

I'll tell you a story if you lend me an ear

I'll tell you a story of a pretty young maid

I'll tell you a story of four Newfoundlanders

I'll tell you a tale about Newfoundland dear

I'll tell you a tale of a Newfoundland storm

I'll tell you a tale of Cape Broyle

I'll tell you of a burglar boy that went to rob a house

I'll tell you of a place you know well

I'm a buxom fine widow, I live in a spot

I'm a decent labouring youth

I'm a fisherman's son got fisherman's ways

I'm a hard-working man, I work both night and day

I'm a hardy old sailor from Newfoundland's shore
(Mark Hiscock)

I'm a hardy old sailor from Newfoundland's shore
(Dick Nolan)

I'm a hearty old sailor from Newfoundland's shore
(Harry Hibbs)

I'm a jolly seafaring man and Tobin is my name

I'm a Newfie by George, but my name it is Dick

I'm a Newfoundlander born and bred and I'll be one till I die

I'm a Newfoundlander born and bred
(Gushu Gold)

I'm a Newfoundlander brought up in an outport

I'm a penguin and I'm a bird

I'm a poor distressed maiden in sad lamentation

I'm a poor married man and I'm tired of my life

I'm a poor unfortunate miserable man

I'm a son of a sea-cook, I'm a cook on a trader

I'm a young married man
(Fine Crowd)

I'm a young married man
(Gordon Pinsent)

I'm a young married man
(Great Big Sea)

I'm a young married man
(Johnny Burke)

I'm a young married man
(Ryan's Fancy)

I'm a young Newfie lady who lives by the sea

I'm always drunk and I'm seldom sober

I'm an ordinary man, nothing special, nothing grand

I'm Barney Hare from the County Clare

I'm bidding farewell to the land of my youth

I'm come, my dear, for to take my leave

I'm from around the bay but I lived in town

I'm goin' away, I'm leaving today

I'm going away from the land of my childhood

I'm going back to the country, I'm going back to Newfoundland

I'm going home to Newfie, I'm gonna find me a bride

I'm going home to Newfoundland

I'm going to sing you a little song

I'm going to tell a story, a funny one you see

I'm gone, you can't get ahold of me

I'm gonna live beside the ocean

I'm happy for the things I've done

I'm in the right (I'm in the right)

I'm John Montague, work I want to do

I'm just an old Newfie boy living from day to day

I'm leaving tomorrow, I'm goin' back home

I'm living in Alberta, missing home today

I'm lonely tonight, love, without you

I'm marchin' inland from the shore

I'm my own grandpa. I'm my own grandpa

I'm nobody's child. I'm nobody's child

I'm on my way from Ireland, my family I must leave

I'm Paddy Mills the Irish chap, I'm just across the sea

I'm planting red roses on my mother's grave

I'm Popeye the sailor man

I'm sailing today, love, for the north fishing grounds

I'm selling everything I own, the kitchen table, too

I'm sick 'n' tired of this dirty air

I'm sick of paying taxes, it gets worse every day

I'm sitting here on Harvey's Pier

I'm sitting on the porch with a bottle of brew

I'm sitting on the stile, Mary (Short)

I'm sittin' on the stile, Mary (Long)

I'm so content to stand in line

I'm sorry if I ruined your day

I'm standin' on the corner and the rain comes down

I'm standing here all by my strand, watch the waves roll on the sand

I'm standing on the edge of town

I'm sweet forty-five and my dear little wife

I'm the b'y that builds the boat

I'm the man before the mast, that ploughs the raging sea

I'm the man with the map

I'm very sorry gentlemen you called on me for to sing (MacEdward Leach)

I'm very sorry, gentlemen, you called on me to sing
(Kenneth Peacock)

I'm wandering back tonight to visions calm and bright

I'm workin' here in Glasgow, I've got a dacent job

I'm writing you this little note from far across the sea

In 1497 our island it was found

In 1800 and 41, me corduroy breeches I put on

In 1800 and 86, Cooks Harbour, Newfoundland

In 1892 sailed the Albert and her crew

In 1915 on the tenth day of June

In 1918 at dawn's early light

In 1918 the great war came

In 1985 in a quiet fishing village where I was well known

In a beautiful town we call Spaniard's Bay

In a corner quite cosy with rum red and rosy
(MacEdward Leach)

In a corner quite cozy with rum red and rosy
(Johnny Burke)

In a dark Kentucky doorway, the young man stands and stares

In a dreary foreign prison sat a young and scared Canadian boy

In a grand old club one evening, sat a number of bright men

In a little fishing village on the isle of Newfoundland

In a lonely little room, there sits a lonely little boy

In a neat little town they call Belfast

In a quiet little village not very far away

In a town this size there ain't no place to hide

In an attic room in Dundee town

In an attic room in Dundee town

In an Irish country home, one evening long ago

In beautiful Bonne Bay what do you see

In Berrigan's car last Sunday morn a bunch of us went down

In Bristol city there dwelt a maid

In Bristol did a merchant dwell

In Bristol did a merchant dwell where many people knew him well

In Canso Strait our vessel lay

In comes the train, the whole platform shakes

In courtship there lies pleasure between my love and I

In cutting and hauling, in frost and in snow

In deep despair I wander, and my heart is full of woe
(Dick Nolan)

In Dorseter city, in Dorseter square

In Dublin city there lived a lad, a joiner by his token

In Dublin's fair city where the girls are so pretty

In Duckworth Street there lived a dame

In eighteen hundred and forty-one me corduroy breeches I put on

In eighteen hundred and forty-six

In England there lived a young ship's carpenter

In fancy my mind wanders back to my youth

In Flanders fields the poppies blow

In Grandmother's old rocking chair

In green Caledonia there dwelt two young lovers

In her eyes there was moonlight and a rose in her hair

In history books many stories are told

In Jersey city where I did dwell

In London city I lost my way

In London town there dwelled a lady

In London town where I do dwell
(Figgy Duff)

In London town where I do dwell
(Kenneth Peacock)

In love there's a treasure, there's pain in the pleasure

In many lands I've wandered, in many climes I've roved

In memories again I am strolling along

In Moore Street where I did dwell
(Ryan's Fancy)

In Moore Street where I did dwell
(Sons Of Erin)

In Mount Joy one Monday morning, high upon the gallows tree

In Mount Joy jail one Monday morning, high above the gallows tree

In my dreams I have wandered to a land so far away

In my heart I have always wanted to see

In my island cottage many, many miles away

In my memories again I am strolling along

In my memory I will always see

In my memory I will always see
(Sons Of Erin)

In nineteen eighty-three, the first of July

In nineteen forty-seven, on an island in the sea

In nineteen hundred and fourteen, with winter soon to melt

In nineteen hundred and thirty-four, December, the fourth day

In nineteen twelve they built a ship and Titanic was her name

In north Sydney now I stand, heading for my native land

In Nottamun Town not a soul would look up

In old St. John's I got on a big old seein' bus

In old St. John's Town, I'd love to go down

In Oranmore in the county Galway

In Pass Island Tickle the ghost gets the time

In Placentia Bay there sat on the shore

In sad despair I wander, my heart is filled with woe (MacEdward Leach)

In smiling June when roses bloom and the warbler cheers the grove

In South Australia I was born
(Ryan's Fancy)

In South Australia I was born!

In Strawberry Tower this damsel did dwell

In summertime, in summertime how gently winds can blow

In that lonely lake, so far from land

In that September off Isle aux Morts

In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan

In the chilly hours and minutes .. of un-cer-tain-ty, I want to be

In the chilly month of winter, in the midst of frost and snow

In the cold Canadian waters north from the coast of Maine (Burt Cuff)

In the cold Canadian waters north from the coast of Maine (Dick Nolan)

In the cold Canadian waters north from the coast of Maine (Roy Payne)

In the cold Canadian waters north from the coast of Maine (Tom Connors)

In the cold Canadian waters, south down the coast from Maine (The Flummies)

In the cold Canadian waters where there's danger

In the days I went a courtin', I was never tired resortin'

In the distance I see a blazing light

In the doorway of a cottage

In the first warmth of springtime when soft winds blow

In the mail they send most everything, from a turkey to a diamond ring

In the meadow where I live stands a green grassy hill

In the merry month of June when from me home I started (Irish Descendants)

In the merry month of June from me home I started
(Ryan's Fancy)

In the merry month of June from me home I started
(Signal Hill)

In the mid 1960s the news rang out clear

In the name of God of the government here

In the paper today I saw your picture

In the quiet village Tilting where night shadows creep

In the search of brighter things

In the shadow of an old pine tree an old grey rock you'll find

In the shelter of your eyes

In the spring of nineteen fourteen the sealers came to town

In the springtime of the year, when the weather it was rainy

In the sweet town of Anthony, as I passed it by

In the town of Dartmouth, as ye soon shall hear

In the town of Deadman's Bay, on one quiet autumn's day

In the town of Lunenburg down Nova Scotia way

In the town of St. John's, that's where I chance to dwell

In the white I wake up, in the white I die

In the world's third largest seaport far across the sea

In the year 'ninety-eight, when our troubles were great

In the year of our Lord, eighteen hundred and five

In the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and six
(Ryan's Fancy)

In the year of the Lord eighteen hundred and six
(Irish Descendants)

In the year of seventy-six, I left my native home

In the year of sixty-seven the government told us

In these wastes of icebound waters

In this dim bar all alone

In Wexford city there lived a lady

In Yarmouth Town there lived a man

In yon fair isle beyond Argyle

In your garden the roses were fading

Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow

Is it just me or a message from above

Is you 'appy

I's da b'y that builds the boat, uh-huh
(Dick Nolan-Disco)

I's the b'y that builds the boat
(Kenneth Peacock)

I'se da b'y that builds the boat

I'se the b'y that builds the boat
(Gordon Bok)

I'se the b'y that builds the boat
(Gerald S Doyle)

I'se the b'y that builds the boat
(Great Big Sea)

It all started back in the sixties

It been on October the twenty-second, as you may understand

It being early one fine summer's morning

It being in the depth of winter, I'll ne'er forget the day

It being of a fair maid that was wandering in love

It bein' on one winter's evening as I lay down to sleep

It could break your heart to watch the sun

It could've been the whiskey

It happened a couple of years ago one night on Christmas Eve

It happened on a certain day when the Rammelly was forced away

It happened to be on Christmas Day

It is the biggest mixup that you have ever seen

It makes me very sad to hear about the last minutes of the Ocean Ranger

It never rains in California

It seems a few years have gone by, by now

It seems your always on me back for something I just did

It takes a lot to get to the top

It took time to free me from this prison of uncertainty

It was a charming young maiden fair

It was a cold winter's night and not a star was in sight

It was a day, a holiday, the very first day in the year

It was a fine and a pleasant day

It was a sinking monday morning, nineteen eighty-five

It was back in the days of fur trading

It was by that cold November wind our loved one sailed away

It was down by Cults Garden for pleasure I did stray

It was down by Swansea barracks one May morning I strayed

It was down by the Sally Gardens my love and I did meet

It was down in the city, not far from this spot

It was down in the lowlands pretty Polly did dwell

It was down in Wexford city where a farmer he did dwell

It was down in yonder meadow for pleasure I did stray

It was early early in the spring

It was early in the fifties and in inland Labrador

It was early in the sping in the merry month of May

It was early Monday morning and the day'd been calm and fine

It was early one cold winter's morning

It was eighteen hundred and sixty-three away to the southern seas

It was four in the morning and nothing in sight

It was Friday morn when we set sail

It was in the city of London

It was in the month of June upon a Saturday afternoon

It was in the spring of 1903

It was in the spring, this year of Grace, with new life pushing through

It was in the year of fifty-five on March the twentieth day

It was just a short time ago when our boys went out to sea

It was just a simple thing

It was just before the last great charge

It was just like strapping 'em on and starting again

It was just the other night

It was mid-December, and the snow was still shy

It was October Thirteenth, Nineteen Forty-Two

It was of a lady was fair and handsome

It was of a rich merchant in London

It was of a rich merchant in London did dwell
(MacEdward Leach)

It was of a rich merchant in London did dwell
(Kenneth Peacock)

It was of a young couple in Strawbello dwell

It was of a young maiden who lived all alone

It was on a clear, cold day in March

It was on a fine summer's morning

It was on a Monday as far as we all know

It was on a pleasant evening in the lovely month of June

It was on last Monday morning and the day being calm and fine

It was on one cold and winter's night

It was on one Monday morning in that lovely month of June

It was on the road to Banyon one fine morning last July

It was one evening in Roscrae, in the merry month of May

It was out in old Ireland pretty Polly did dwell

It was summer, I remember, when the days were long and warm

It was up with the dawning and down to the stage

It would appear, dear, you have changed your mind

It's a cold day for September, was all I thought to say

It's a cold winter's evening, and I'm just about froze

It's a damn tough life full of toil and strife we whaler men undergo

It's a lesson too late for the learning

It's a long life, this I do believe

It's a long way to heaven, it's a long way back

It's a mauzy old day out in Port Aux Basque harbour

It's a stranger world we live in than it's ever been before

It's a working man I am

It's acrimony down in the card room

It's all because of you, I never said it but I wanted to

It's an old fashioned Christmas we're all wishing for

It's been awhile now, Mom, since you left us

It's been some time since I've been to see the folks at home

It's been some years ago since I left from my island

It's been ten long years since I left my home

It's been years since you told me you love me

It's blackfish at play in Hermitage Bay

It's busk ye, my lads, get you up on deck

It's Christmas in the harbour now

It's closin' time and everybody's leavin'

It's cold enough out to cut you in two

It's cold here in this frozen ground

It's early morn in late September

It's far away I am today from scenes I'd roamed a boy

It's farewell now, Miss Gordie, I'm now going to leave you

It's for the old Tiger, she's trimmed up again

It's four in the morning, I'm standing on the corner

It's getting late, it's a quarter to three

It's good to see you, been a long, long time

It's good to see you, so good to see you

It's half past midnight on Christmas Eve

It's hard to believe what we're seeing today

It's in the evening after dark

It's just before Christmas, I'm off to the woods

It's just my luck to have the watch with nothing left to do

It's lonesome away from your kindred and all

It's many's the year I've been at this game

It's nice to be home on the banks of North River

It's nice to look back on the poor days we knew

It's not the way that I intended this

It's of a beautful damsel who lived near the seaside

It's of a bold young smuggler

It's of a councillor, I declare, he had one comely daughter

It's of a farmer's daughter, so beautiful I'm told

It's of a gallant lady just in the prime of youth

It's of a handsome shepherd a flock of sheep did keep

It's of a jolly beggarman came tripping o'er the plain

It's of a jolly sailor boy who plowed the ocean free

It's of a lord lives in our parts

It's of a pretty fair maid as you shall understand

It's of a pretty ploughboy went whistling on his plough

It's of a rich merchant in London did dwell

It's of a rich nobleman's daughter

It's of a sailor of whom I write

It's of a wealthy squire who did live in this part

It's of a wild colonial boy, Jack Nolan was his name

It's of an Irishman I'm going to tell you

It's of an old bo's'n in London he did dwell

It's of Martin Hurley, you bet he's not slack

It's of Sir Walter Raleigh, I think that was his name
(Kenneth Peacock)

It's of Sir Walter Raleigh, I think that was his name
(MacEdward Leach)

It's of the fishing schooner Gin that sailed the wintry seas

It's on a cold and frosty night, the snow lay on the ground

It's only a rivel and just a puff that's moving her old brown sail

It's plain to see I've got you locked in my sights

It's pretty to be on Twillingate Island

It's so lovely to walk upon the warm sand together

It's so nice to see you, I'm glad that you're here

It's so old but ever new, Newfoundland

It's spreading across the country like a wild fire on the run

It's spring on the island, the ice is in the bay

It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

It's the first of July in our hometown

It's the thirtieth day of June on a Sunday afternoon

It's the 24th of May and we likes to get away

It's three long years since we made her pay

It's time for the loner to pay his dues

It's time once again for us to say goodbye

It's time to say farewell to the boys I know so well

It's to me, Johnny Poker

It's up in Fox Island, prosperity lies

It's well I remember a long time ago, before VCRs and TV

It's wintertime and the weather's fine

I've a neat little cabin that's built out of mud

I've a nice little house and a cow or two with grass

I've always been a fisherman since the day I finished school

I've been a bartender for nigh twenty years

I've been a gay rovin' young fellow

I've been a wild rover for many a year

I've been a wild rover these seven long years

I've been away most all of my life

I've been dreaming of the seashore and dad's old fishing skiff

I've been everywhere, man, I've been everywhere

I've been gone for... so long now

I've been over Snowdon, I've slept up at Crowdon

I've been seven months aboard a shiny vessel

I've been thinking that I should quit drinking

I've come, my dear, for to take my leave

I've crossed the ocean many times, been in many foreign lands

I've damn near walked this world around

I've done a lot of living and I've found

I've driven for so many miles

I've ever roamed this foreign land

I've got a smile on my face, and I've got four walls around me

I've had enough of swiling ships, the squalor and the gore

I've had my taste of city livin'

I've heard all your great songs about Newfoundland

I've just been out to Donovan's until the break of day

I've never been to Newfoundland but someday I'm a-gonna go

I've often heard it said by me father and me mother

I've played me tunes around the world and now I'm home again

I've sailed upon the ocean wide

I've seen a lot of sadness in the countries of this world

I've seen colours in a rainbow

I've seen it all the rise and fall now the fishing stocks are gone

I've seen many places in my life

I've seen the mighty ocean slap the rugged shore

I've seen your face in the lights on the harbour

I've stood on a mountain north of Sandwich Bay

I've sung this song and I'll sing it again

I've told you all the story about Aunt Martha's sheep

I've travelled across this country from the east coast to the west

I've travelled far by the northern star since the day that I was born

I've travelled the highways 'cross Canada's breast

I've travelled this country over from sea to shining sea

I've travelled through life, I saw many's the strife

I've watched her alone

I've worked all my life in the cannery shed




Jack, the jolly ploughboy, was ploughing up his land

Jack was only a prentice boy

January 29, Labrador, My friend Burton Winters went off this shore

Jennifer Gentle and Rosemaree

Jenny, take me home

Jess' ox in Charlie Butt's garden

Jesus hangs behind the glass, above venetian doors

Jesus take hold of my hand

Jim Blake, your wife is dying

Jimmy played harmonica in the pub where I was born

Jimmy Richards it is my name, a blacksmith by trade

John Cook, ye have taken us to hell

John Guy was the man who got it started

John Martin Duffy was a judge of a court

Johnny be fair and Johnny be fine and wants me for to wed

Johnny he promised to marry me

Johnny O'Rourke he lived all alone

Johnny the troller went courting a maid

Johnny was a fisherman who lived out in the bay

Johnny was born in a mansion down in the county of Clare

Jolly old Saint Nick had to buy a thousand brick

Joseph was an old man and an old man was he

Just a few feet from the back porch stands a rugged wooden shack

Just about five hundred years ago

Just an island, where the raging ocean waves roll in unending

Just as long as I can remember, there remains a rose of my heart

Just barely seventeen, giggling through our secrets

Just beyond the mountain, my mind it wanders back

Just beyond the sunset I feel this heartache comin' on

Just let me hear some of that rock 'n' roll music

Just to wake up in the morning to the quiet of the cove

Just twenty years ago today, I held my mother's hand

Just when I thought I was over you, you come around in my dreams

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