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Kind friends and companions, come join me in rhyme

Kind friends, I crave your precious time, my conscience for to ease

Kind friends, won't you help out a poor weary stranger

Knit me a real warm sweater mom




La da diddle la diddle la diddle dum da

Labrador is the place we adore

Lady Margaret, sitting in her own lone home
(Pete Seeger)

Lady Margaret was sitting in her own lone home
(MacEdward Leach)

Lady Margaret was sitting in her own lone home
(Kenneth Peacock)

Land of the silver birch, home of the beaver

Last Friday in Joe Batt's Arm, a raffle did take place

Last Monday morning, 'bout quarter to eight

Last Monday morning, message on my answering service

Last night as I lay dreaming of pleasant days gone by (Ryan's Fancy)

Last night as I lay dreaming of pleasant days gone by (Robbie Martin)

Last night as I sat in my own cozy corner

Last night I dreamed I took a trip up in the deep blue sky

Last night I dreamed of you under an autumn sky

Last night I had the strangest dream

Last night I had the strangest dream I'll remember for a while

Last night I was at a noble gay wedding

Last night I was talking to Mother, she told me she was doing quite well

Last night I went to sleep and I went back home on the farm

Last night when the world was still, we walked down Memory Lane

Last Saturday night, I was invited by an old-time friend of mine

Last Sunday night at twelve o'clock as I lay in my bed

Last Sunday night at 12 o'clock, three city sports put on their coats

Last Tuesday evening at the theatre hall

Last Wednesday morn at one o'clock, for the East End Store I chanced to stroll

Last week I went down to Fogo, invited by friends to the Bay

Late at night I hear the wolves howl, honey

Lay aloft, you hearty sailors

Lay down your sweet and weary head

Lay where you're laying, don't make a sound

Lead, kindly Light, amid th' encircling gloom, lead Thou me on

Leave the land behind, laddie, better days to find

Leaves are falling and turning in showers of gold

Leavin' the island out in the Atlantic

Leif Ericson, Leif Ericson, keep plowin' through the swell

Lend an ear, me b'ys, and if you're wise

Let me go, let me go to the far distant west

Let me go to my home in the far distant west

Let me relate to one and all

Let me sing you a song of our Newfoundland breed

Let me take you by the hand

Let me tell the story, I can tell it all

Let me tell you of a story that will give you a shock

Let others sing of Southern climes, of vine-clad hills and rosy bowers

Let sunny India her wealth proclaim, her gorgeous glowing sky

Let the mummers in, Ma, let the mummers in

Let the sun shine, let it rain

Let us pause in life's pleasures and count its many tears (Ennis Sisters)

Let us pause in life's pleasures and count its many tears (Judy Brazil)

Let your quacks and newspapers be cuttin' their capers

Let's go on the town tonight and grab a couple beers

Let's have an old fashioned Christmas this year in our home-town

Li da di da di la la la la Li da di da di la la la la

Life is such a mystery, this world's a funny place

Life on planet Earth is teeterin' on the brink

Life saver! Wave stemmer!

Life turns on a dime, fate comes calling

Lift, Mac Cahir Oge your face

Light the fire

Like a bird that's lost his mate in flight

Like a fixture down on Main Street, she stood there all year long

Like his daddy before him, his daddy before

Like to go a-moose hunting, hunting in the fall

Lindsay was my first love, she was in my class

Listen and give air to a true Irish bard

Listen awhile, my countrymen, and hear my latest news

Listen to the waves wash in the night

Listen up, me jolly boys, and hear the latest news

Little Rose, be not sad for all that hath behapped thee

Little schoolhouse in the pictures kinda faded now with age

Little sister don't you cry

Little Town Of Bethlehem ushered out the Christmas Eve

Lived in a place called Okfuskee

Liverpool, England, is a place I love dear

Lobster, haddock, pollack, cod, the seasons come and go

Lonely I strolled by the banks of a river

Lonesome, nobody knows me

Long ago they would have danced with spirits free

Long before the white man came to haul the shining cod

Long before we reach the secret shore

Long, long ago as our history shows

Long, long may the hero who caused it enjoy

Long night, this is what it all comes to

Look a-yonder comin', comin' down that railroad track

Look at me, looking back at you without a word to say

Look, see there, movement. Everywhere improvement

Looking out across the deep blue sea

Lord Bateman was a noble lord

Lord Bateman was a noble lord
(Kenneth Peacock)

Lord, have mercy on my soul

Lord, I have travelled and oh, I have roamed

Lord Thomas he was a bold forester

Lot of happy faces when friday comes around

Louis was the king of France

Love is the traitor of a sailor's life

Love, la la la la la love

Love me now while we're alive

Love, your boat's lost at sea

Lovers, I pray, lend an ear to my story

Lukey's boat is painted green, aha, my boys
(Gerald S Doyle)

Lukey's boat is painted green, aha, me boys

Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch




M' father often told me, when I was just a lad

Maggie Madigan, Titanic survivor

Mail ship, speed thy faithful keel that cleaves the ancient Grecian Sea

Make the world go away

Makes no difference now what kind of life fate hands me

Mama always read the Bible every evening to us kids

Mama always wanted roses

Mama, remember when I was a kid

Mama would rock in that old rocking chair

Man on the TV says the world's gonna end

Many homes are filled with sorrow and with sadness

Many years ago I left my home to seek my fame and fortune

Many years ago in an outport you might know

Many years ago both Jack and Joe set sail across the foam

Many years have gone by since I left my Fortune Bay Home

Margaret Mary O'Brien who lived in Torbay

Maria I recall a time you barely knew my name

Mary dear and did you hear the news I heard today?

Mary got a baby and she's only fifteen

Mary had a boyfiend and Willie was his name

Mary had a William goat

Mary Joe slip on your bloomers for the blueberries now are ripe

Mary Mack's mother's making Mary Mack marry me

Mary, Mary, will you find someone to take the place of him

Mary, this London is a wonderful sight

Maurice Kelly one night when about three parts loaded

May earth her darkest woes accord the base and heartless catiff

May it be an evening star

Maybe someday I'll go back again to Ireland

McGinnis and I to the rink we did go

Me and Bill went hunting moose

Me and Billy Ferguson were headed for a time

Me and Danny and Stanley we got our minds made up

Me and Margaret grew up on the Southside

Me and the Shays were dry

Me Auntie Mary had a canary up the leg of her drawers

Me brother's out in B.C., he's living up the life

Me great-grandfather was a stowaway

Me husband's in Salonika, and I wonder if he's dead

Me mother used to smoke, well she laughed and drank and joked

Me mudder and her sister now are growin' old

Me name's Able Rogers, a shareman am I

Me name is Captain Morgan and I sail the seven seas

Me name is Dan Malone, I've no place to call me own

Me name is Dick Darby, I'm a cobbler
(Kilkenny Krew)

Me name is Dick Darby, I'm a cobbler
(Schooner Fare)

Me name is Francis Tolliver, I come from Liverpool

Me name is Mrs Nevilles, I live on the higher levels

Me name is Sam Jones and it's bones me occupation

Me name it is Cote, me boys

Me name it is Sam Hall, chimney sweep

Me name it is Sam Hall, chimney sweep
(The Fables)

Me pride and men King James plundered from me

Me thinks I see a host of craft

Meet me at midnight when the kingdom is asleep

Meet me down at The Ship tonight at half past eight

Meet me in the morning, I'll be happy as a clown

Meet me tonight and I'll buy the first round

Memories come my way - thoughts of early days

Memories of places and people who care

Men in the harbour and women on shore

Merry Christmas, world! You're such a happy day

Michael McCoy takes the greatest of joy

Mister Frog went a-courting; he did ride

Mister Patrick McGinty, an Irishman of note

Molly dear, well did you hear the news that's going 'round

Molly, lovely Molly, the rout it is begun

Momma, it's so good to get your letter

Mommy, won't you buy me that pretty, pretty rag doll

Mon vain me amant délaisse, on dit, "Oh, Vive la Rose!"

Mona Jean, you still haunt my dreams at night

Moonlight and teardrops, the scents of the pines

Most sad was my misfortune in the year of sixty-three

Mother once told me, when I was a boy

Mr Wright at sixty-three was gay and full of fun

Mrs Brookin's has a pretty cat, she called it Tortoise Shell

Mrs James Mullowney gave a party Tuesday night

Mrs Murphy gave a party just about a week ago

My brave laddie sleeps in his faded coat of blue

My dad was a fisherman, made his living on the sea

My daddy went to Vietnam to fight for liberty

My darling, come to me, sit you down easily

My dear, I'm all for Canada now, sadly we must part

My dear, I'm bound for Canada, so, Sally, we must part

My dreams as a young lad was a fisherman to be

My father and mother were excellent folks

My father gave me when he was able

My father left old Ireland so many years ago
(Loyola Hearn)

My father left old Ireland so many years ago
(Kevin Collins)

My father lived on the island for sixty-five years now or more

My father was a cook on a trawler

My father was a fisherman, likewise his father before

My father was a good man, I'm proud to be his son

My father was a warrior but not a man of war

My father was an Ulster man, proud Protestant was he

My first love was Sarah: sure none could be fairer

My freezer ain't got no tee bone

My goodness! Who'd a thought it, when young Frank went off to Boston

My Grandfather Bryan he died, it was on St Patrick's Day

My Grandfather O'Brien departed this life, it was on a St Patrick's Day

My grandmother was up every day before the crack of dawn

My grandpa he's ninety-five, he keeps on dancin', he's still alive

My heart's beating faster as the ferry creeps closer

My Jimmy loved me well and he sought me for his bride

My journey's done, I'm going away

My lonely days are over, my nights alone are through

My love, I'm gone to Canada

My love is gone to France

My memory often wandered back when I was but a lad

My mind harkens back to those times in the past

My mind it being much inclined to cross the raging main

My mind often wanders back to times when I was a lad

My mind wanders back to when I was a kid

My Momma sure was pretty way back when she was young

My mother is the ocean sea

My mother she's a widow, and I liked it where she lived

My mother was frightened by a blackboard they say

My name is A. Frank Willis, and I do a one-man show

My name is Brian Tobin and I'm here to work me plan

My name is Captain Kidd as I sailed, as I sailed

My name is Dan Riley, my story I'll tell

My name is Jack Timmins, I'm a Cape Breton boy

My name is John Slaney, my age is eighteen

My name is John Steward

My name is Ned O'Manney, I was born in sweet Killarney

My name is Paddy Leary from a spot called Tipperary

My name is Pat McGuire, I belong to sweet Tralee

My name is Pat O'Brien, I'm a blacksmith by trade

My name is Pat O'Reilly the truth I'll now make known

My name is Patrick Riley, the truth I will make known

My name is Peter Amberly as you may understand

My name is Samuel Small, Samuel Small

My name is Sandy Hayward, I come from Bay du Nord

My name is Ted O'Mannon, I come from sweet Killarney O

My name it is George Jones, I am from the county Clare (Kenneth Peacock)

My name it is George Jones, I am from the county Clare (Helen Creighton)

My name it is John Flood and I am a highwayman

My name it is McGuire and I'll quickly tell to you

My name it is Robert, they call me Bob Pittman
(MacEdward Leach)

My name it is Robert, they call me Bob Pittman
(Omar Blondahl)

My name 'tis Peter Emberley as you may understand

My name was Robert Kidd as I sailed, as I sailed

My parents raised me tenderly, having no child but me

My parents reared me tenderly and good learning gave to me

My parents reared me tenderly, I being their only son

My parents reared me tenderly, they had no child but me

My Pop was a hard workin' man from Spaniards Bay

My ship is like a bird of prey, she spreads her wings to fly

My ship lies in the harbour, the full moon shining o'er

My ship she sails in the mornin' for half a world away

My son, you're a long ways from nowhere

My son, you're after getting big, my buddy said to me

My song for you this evening, it's not to make you sad

My soul had been torn from me and I am bleeding
(Andy Barnes)

My soul has been torn from me, and I am bleedin' (Irish Descendants)

My young love said to me, my mother won't mind (Irish Descendants)

My young love said to me, my mother won't mind (Padraic Colum)

Mystic ocean of sorrow, will there be a tomorrow?




Nainimut aigumavunga
(I Want To Go To Nain)

Nancy from London, a clear purling stream
(Pamela Morgan)

Nancy from London, from London's fair town
(Kenneth Peacock)

Near Oranmore in the County Galway

Near Rygate there lived a farmer

Near to Banbridge Town, in the County Down one morning in July

'Neath Pacific skies I'm dreaming of my homeland

Nellie was the prettiest girl that you had ever seen

Nestled deep in the heart of Cape Breton

Never grew up in New York City around the faceless and unaware

Never pack your woman's suitcase when you're going on a trip

Newfoundland, can you withstand the tides of change

Newfoundland, my Newfoundland, five hundred years ago

Newfoundland, Oh, Newfoundland, the island in the sea

Newfoundland? Perchance they may have told you

Newfoundland would be rich so the people did boast

Newfoundland, your forested hills, your valleys, lakes and streams

Nights are blue, it's spring time once more
(Johnny Drake)

Nights are blue, it's spring time once more
(Calvin Hillier)

Nineteen hundred and forty-nine

No highway there led down the way they followed

No, Kathleen, don't go walkin' down that road

No one knows a heartache like a man torn from his home

No one knows what's waitin' where you go

Nobody knows how long it's been
(Bud Davidge)

Nobody knows how long it's been

Northerly bobbing up and down along with all the others

Not a boat in Peter's River or in all St Mary's Bay

Not a day goes by that I don't sit and reminisce

Not so many years ago, when I was just a kid

Not theirs to die where the falchions flash

Not too many years ago, just before my time

November eighteenth in nineteen twenty-nine

Now and then, old friends try to help me

Now, all you young men who go chopping

Now, as I come home on Monday night

Now, as I rode out on one morning in May

Now, as I was a-walking one morning in May

Now, boys, for diversions we've all got together

Now, brave Mike Dwyer, you and your trusty men

Now, Charlotte lived on the mountain side

Now, come all of ye true sons of Erin

Now, come to me and listen to a story I'd like to tell

Now, Dennis O'Brien has three daughters fine

Now, 'ere's a little story, to tell it is a must

Now, Eileen O'Grady, a sweet island lady

Now, folks, if you will listen to what I have to say

Now, friends, if you will listen to me for just one minute, please

Now, friends, there is a story that I know that I should tell

Now, hasten forth, reporter man, the editor did say

Now, here I am from Paddy's land, a land of high reknown

Now, here's to you wherever you may beGordon (Gordon Edwards)

Now, here's to you wherever you may beGordon (Kilkenny Krew)

Now, I came home the other night

Now, I know that we don't talk like you mainlanders

Now, I was born, as folks will say, in a house out around the bay

Now, I'll tell you a tale of Cape Broyle

Now, I'm thinking of a pretty girl, they say all sailors do

Now, I'm wayward, I've come right back to the start

Now is the time when the men are all ready

Now, it's just my luck to have the watch, with nothing left to do

Now, it's of a blind beggar for a long time was blind

Now, it's three long years since we made her pay

Now, I've got a story to tell of a ship that served her people well

Now, Jack arrived at London City

Now, Jessie Collins was an average man, wasn't looking for fame

Now, Joey can you see us?

Now, Johnny Brown is a friend of mine

Now, Johnny was a fisherman who lived out in the bay

Now, let me tell the story, I can tell it all

Now, many a man from the New Found Land, when the winter wind did roar

Now, Mother, don't cry, you know it must be

Now, me and Danny and Stanley we got our minds made up

Now, my boys, I think it's time

Now, my day begins at eight as I open up the gate

Now, my love's name for to mention, oh, in Ireland he was born

Now, Nellie was the prettiest girl that you had ever seen

Now, old Ireland 'tis the place for a frolic

Now, old Johnny Bucher he lived by himself

Now, on the night that I struck New York

Now, once I having a little 'prentice

Now, one evening for a stroll, John, on Bowring's wharf I went

Now, Patrick McGinty, an Irishman of note

Now, Patsy Byrne may brag about the hat his father wore

Now that I have come back home at last

Now, the autumn leaves are falling

Now, the evening star shone beauteous bright

Now, the hair on my head may be just a little thin

Now the hardbread's gettin' lonely, soakin' there all by itself

Now, the Hudson Bay Company runs its ships in the summertime

Now, the ice still clings to the rocks in the harbour

Now, the Lord above I guess he thought

Now the new hotel is crowded with half the girls in town

Now, there she goes with the wind right off

Now, there were three drunken maidens and they came from the Isle of Wight

Now, there's a little place that I know that you'd be going to

Now, 'tis of a young lady this story I'll tell
(Omar Blondahl)

Now, 'tis of a young maiden this story I'll tell
(Edith Fowke)

Now, 'twas nineteen hundred and twenty-nine

Now, 'twas twenty-five or thirty years since Jack first saw the light

Now, when I was a young man I carried me pack

Now, when I was a younger boy to the Droke cliff I would stroll

Now, when the good ole holidays roll around

Now, Willie was a Casanova way back in fifty-seven

Now, Winton was writer on the Orange Press

Now, ye laddies and lassies, I pray pay attention

Now, ye rambling boys of pleasure

Now, young and old, I pray draw near and listen awhile to me

Now, young and old, I'd pray take warning

K to N Songs By First Lines at GEST Songs

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