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O, beautiful star of Bethlehem

O, bury me not in the deep, deep sea
(Rev Edwin H Chapin)

O, Canada! Our home and native land!

O, Chrissey went up to Aunt Margaret's to get a loan of her dick

O, come all you hardy fishermen, and listen to my song

O, early in the morning when the breakfast bell did ring

O, fiddle dee, diddle dee, catch and riddle me

O, first I came a-courted by a bonny young Irish b'y

O, in love there's a treasure, there's pain in the pleasure

O, it was a fine and a pleasant day

O, Little Town Of Bethlehem ushered out the Christmas Eve

O, Liverpool, England, is a place I love dear

O, mail ship, speed thy faithful keel that cleaves the ancient Grecian Sea

O, Mary dear and did you hear the news I heard today?

O, rattlin', roarin' Willie

O, soldier, soldier, won't you marry me

O, sweet is the smile of the beautiful morn

O, the blowing gale and the raging sea

O, what will we do with the old herrings' heads

O, when I was young and boyish and me mind was full of glee

O, ye true born sons of Newfoundland, come listen unto me

October was looming, the fish it was scarce

O'er lovely Bonavista the August night came down

Of all the boots that I have worn there's none so snug and fit

Of all the money e'er I had, I spent it in good company

Of all the pleasures in this world, the dearest one in life

Of all the Scottish northern chiefs

Of all the stars that ever shone

Off to the cold and stormy north where all is seldom peace

Oft' my thoughts drift back to childhood

Oh, a day that's held most dear by everyone that's here

Oh, a Newfie boy from Stephenville left his native soil

Oh, a sailor's life is the life for me

Oh, a squire in Bristol you quickly shall hear

Oh, all true lovers bold I hope you will attend

Oh, as I went home on a Monday night

Oh, bells are jinglin', snow is down, it's a holly jolly day

Oh, Bill roved out in the morning just at the break of day

Oh, blow the man down, bullies, blow the man down

Oh, boys, brush up your beavers and wear your Sunday tie

Oh, boys, did you hear of the shower?

Oh, boys, did you see the races, our only derby day

Oh, bury me not in the deep deep sea
(Kenneth Peacock)

Oh, bury me not on the lone prairie

Oh, Campelton Loch, I wish you were whisky

Oh, Christmas brings back memories when I was just a boy

Oh, come all ye jolly sailor lads before the mast do sail

Oh, come on you loyal heroes wherever you may be

Oh, cruel is the snow that sweeps Glencoe

Oh da diddle la diddle la diddle la

Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling

Oh, dear, what can the matter be #1

Oh, dear, what can the matter be #2

Oh, do you know the lake they call Lake Melville

Oh, don't come where we're to, stay where you're at

Oh, far away in Australia, soon will fate be kind

Oh, fare thee well, my dear, Mary Anne

Oh, father, why are you so sad on this bright Easter morn

Oh, first he was the captain of a coal-yard

Oh, first when I came in this world my troubles they began

Oh, fishin' in a dory off the coast of Newfoundland

Oh, Harbour Grace is a very nice place

Oh, here I am from Paddy's land a land of high reknown

Oh, here's good luck to the half-a-pint that sails in the Baltimore

Oh, herself Anastatia felt mopish and queer

Oh ho the rattlin' bog, the bog down in the valley-o

Oh, how I remember when I was a kid

Oh, I am a fair young lady whose fortune has been great

Oh, I am a sailor and home do write

Oh, I came from Upper Gullies, and me head filled up with knowledge

Oh, I have eaten him, what did I eat?

Oh, I hear make an' breaks a-runnin'

Oh, I hear the fifes a playin' high above the misty headlands

Oh, I still remember when I danced with you

Oh, I thought I heard our captain say

Oh, I thought I heard the old man say

Oh, I thought I heard the ol' man say

Oh, I went to see the walking match

Oh! I'll sing a little song tonight, if you'll just hold your tongue

Oh, I'm Barney Hare from the County Clare

Oh, I'm John Montague, work I want to do

Oh, I'm lonely tonight, love, without you

Oh, I'm Popeye the sailor man

Oh, I'm sitting on the stile, Mary
(Kenneth Peacock)

Oh, in Moore Street where I did dwell

Oh, it happened to be on Christmas Day

Oh, it is the biggest mixup that you have ever seen

Oh, it's to me, Johnny Poker

Oh, it's too late for the breaking yard

Oh, Jennifer Gentle and Rosemaree

Oh Jenny, take me home
(A Frank Willis)

Oh Jenny, take me home
(Bob Porter)

Oh, John Cook, ye have taken us to hell

Oh, Labrador is the place we adore

Oh, last Friday in Joe Batt's Arm, a raffle did take place

Oh, last Sunday night at twelve o'clock as I lay in my bed

Oh, last Sunday night at 12 o'clock, three city sports put on their coats

Oh, last Tuesday evening at the theatre hall

Oh, let me tell you of a story that will give you a shock

Oh, listen awhile, my countrymen, and hear my latest news

Oh, Lord, have mercy on my soul

Oh, Lord, I have travelled and oh, I have roamed

Oh, Lukey's boat is painted green

Oh, Mary had a boyfiend and Willie was his name

Oh, Mary, this London is a wonderful sight

Oh, me and Bill went hunting moose

Oh, me Auntie Mary had a canary up the leg of her drawers

Oh, me husband's in Salonika, and I wonder if he's dead

Oh, me name is Dan Malone, I've no place to call me own

Oh, me name is Dick Darby, I'm a cobbler
(Kilkenny Krew)

Oh, me name is Dick Darby, I'm a cobbler
(Schooner Fare)

Oh, me name it is Cote, me boys

Oh, me name it is Sam Hall, chimney sweep

Oh, me name it is Sam Hall, chimney sweep
(The Fables)

Oh, meet me at midnight when the kingdom is asleep

Oh, meet me down at The Ship tonight at half past eight

Oh, Molly, lovely Molly, the rout it is begun

Oh, Mr. Wright at sixty-three was gay and full of fun

Oh, my brave laddie sleeps in his faded coat of blue

Oh, my dear, I'm all for Canada now, sadly we must part

Oh, my father was an Ulster man, proud Protestant was he

Oh, my mother is the ocean sea

Oh, my mother was frightened by a blackboard they say

Oh, my name is Brian Tobin and I'm here to work me plan

Oh, my name is John Steward

Oh, my name is Samuel Small, Samuel Small

Oh, my name was Robert Kidd as I sailed, as I sailed

Oh, Nancy from London, a clear purling stream

Oh, Newfoundland, can you withstand the tides of change

Oh, Newfoundland, my Newfoundland, five hundred years ago

Oh, Newfoundland, Oh, Newfoundland, the island in the sea

Oh, now, brave Mike Dwyer, you and your trusty men

Oh, now is the time when the men are all ready

Oh, once I was a-courted by a bonny Irish boy

Oh, our schooner and our sloop in Ferryland they do lie

Oh, our troop was made ready at the dawning of the day

Oh, Peggy Gordon, you are my darling
(Buddy Wasisname)

Oh, Peggy Gordon, you are my darling
(Helen Creighton)

Oh, Peggy Gordon, you are my darling

Oh, pity the fate of a poor Irish stranger

Oh, please ne'er forget me though waves now lie o'er me

Oh, quite early in March, I remember the date

Oh, ro, soon shall I see them

Oh, ro, the rattlin' bog, the bog down in the valley-O

Oh, Roger the miller came courting of late

Oh, Sally, Sally, one day, one day

Oh, say, gentle maiden, may I be your lover?

Oh, ships will come and ships will go

Oh, since this is the year of forty-one, the song that I will sing

Oh, soon I'll return to the isle of my birthplace

Oh, Sullivan's John, to the road you've gone

Oh, sweet is the smile of the beautiful morn

Oh, the 12 Elan goes bang, bang, bang

Oh, the bay is my home

Oh, the bicycle is all the rage on every street and town

Oh, the clock strikes six o'clock at Friday night (V)

Oh, the colour of amber is my love's hair

Oh, the everyday stress of just stayin' alive

Oh, the fish are all caught and the squids are all jigged

Oh, the girls of this place that live along the shore

Oh, the harbour is empty, there's fog in the air

Oh, the harbour lights are gleaming

Oh, the hills of old Bonne Bay

Oh, the lark in the morning she rises off her nest

Oh, the latest sensation, I think, it's the dude you will see at the rink

Oh, the little boats are gone from the breast of Anna Liffey

Oh, the Maker was wise when he spoke to his people

Oh, the moon was out,the stars were bright

Oh, the Moratorium, the Moratorium

Oh, the morning sun it shines, on the harbour and the bays

Oh, the night lies heavy on the water, and the stars burn bright in the sky

Oh, the night that Paddy Murphy died is a night I'll never forget (Johnny Burke)

Oh, the night that Paddy Murphy died is a night I'll never forget (Great Big Sea)

Oh, the night was clear and calm they say, the sea a deathly black

Oh, the night was clear, the stars were shinin'

Oh, the North Atlantic Ocean is so dangerous and cold

Oh, the Northern Lights of old Aberdeen

Oh, the ocean is a fortune for the people by the sea

Oh, the Robin Hood sack underwear

Oh, the sky was clear, the mornin' fair, not a breath came over the sea

Oh, the snow is piling up, the wind is blowing cold and hard

Oh, the streams of lovely Nancy are divided in three parts

Oh, the summer time is coming #1

Oh, the summer time is comin' #2

Oh, the summer time is coming #3

Oh, the thirteenth day of May, b'ys, it was a sad sight

Oh, the trout liar is come on the train, and now look out for news

Oh, the wife she gets right vicious

Oh, the winter's night has such a bite

Oh, the year was 1778

Oh, the year was 1978

Oh, then fare ye well, sweet Donegal, the Rosses and Gweedore

Oh, there is an ancient at the other end of town

Oh, there once was a swagman camped in a billabong

Oh, there was a time when we shared life together

Oh, there was once a charming lad whose name was Harry Dunn

Oh, there'll never be a lady like Mom

Oh, there're sober men and plenty

Oh, there's a wedding in the chapel and the bride is oh so happy

Oh, there's lots of fish in Bonavist' Harbour

Oh, they built the ship Titanic to sail the ocean blue

Oh, they're coming in through the windows

Oh, this is the place where the fishermen gather

Oh, tonight a teardrop fills my eye when I recall my home

Oh, tonight the west moon hangs over the harbour

Oh! Topsail's stages and flakes umbrageous

Oh, Toronto's underneath an inch of snow

Oh, Uncle, come tell us that wonderful tale

Oh, we sailed away at the break of day

Oh, well come gather all around me

Oh, well, I'm standing on the edge of town

Oh, we're off to take a trip, we've different destinations

Oh, what a pretty maiden in my time I have been

Oh, what a world of flummery, there's nothing but deceit in ye

Oh, what do you say when you're out the bay

Oh, what I'd give to be a gaffer back home

Oh, when I die put me on a fast train

Oh, when I was a little boy to London I did go

Oh, when Jack comes ashore he's got money galore

Oh when the lord came home that night inquiring for his lady-o

Oh, where have you been all the day, me Willie boy, Willie boy

Oh, where is the Scotsmen that don't love the thistle

Oh, won't you come along with me, love

Oh, write me down, ye powers above

Oh, ye girls in the village, ye girls in the town

Oh, ye landsmen and ye seamen, come listen to my song

Oh, ye landsmen who live on the shore, how can you understand

Oh, years ago I used to be as smart a chap as you could see

Oh, you may bless your happy lots, all ye who dwell on shore

Oh, you western ocean laborers, I would have you all beware

Oh, you women folks of Newfoundland, attend to what I say

Oooh, oh, Labrador's home

Old friend, here I am, I told you I'd be back

Old Grandma when the west was new

Old Jim Jones the fisher, the trapper, the trawler

Old man Rhythm's gettin' in my shoes

Old married couple were seated

Old Mickey Brannigan had a bull pup

Old St John's by the sea brings me back through memory

Old St John's is sinkin'

Oleander, Oleander, will you bloom again this spring

On a bright moonlit night over Lucan, strolled the Belle of Biddulph and her beau

On a cold winter's night with a storm at its height

On a far off August day

On a fine spring day in the month of May

On a hill over there stands an old ragged house

On a hill overlooking the harbour, where the water flows down to sea

On a hill overlooking Trout River

On a less than perfect day, with the fog upon the bay

On a little hill in a little cove

On a little island in the North Atlantic

On a morning bright and clear to my old home I drew near

On a morning whilst the dewdrops besprinkled each meadow

On a night as black as a raven's feather

On a sad November Day we hear of Flanders Fields

On a summer day, while the waves were rippling

On April last, the eighteenth day, attention give to what I say

On April the first, two thousand and ten

On Monday morning with Mary Ann

On Ranter's Wharf the sun went sailing down

On Route 320 on the coast of Newfoundland

On Saturday evening at the concerting hall

On September 11th, we will not forget the year

On St. Patrick's Day at ten o'clock the fight it did begin

On St. Patrick's Day, the seventeenth

On stage of the world's great theatre

On the banks of the Clyde stood a lad and his lassie

On the banks of the roses, my love and I sat down

On the banks of the Tweed where the tides do run slowly

On the battle field in sunny France a hero brave did stand

On the bonnie hills of Scotland where those bluebells they do grow

On the bonny hills of Scotland where the bluebells they do grow

On the busy streets of Toronto I spent my younger days

On the corner of Main Street, just tryin' to keep it in line

On the deck of a recruiting ship a young man he did stand

On the eighteenth day of December the Rudolph left the town

On the eighteenth of November, as ye all will remember

On the eighteenth of November, as you might all remember

On the eighth of last July, when the wind was blowing high

On the fifteenth day of February, nineteen eighty-two

On the fifteenth day of February in nineteen eighty-two

On the first day of April eighteen hundred and seventy-two

On the first day of September, as the second day grew near

On the fourteenth day of February, as you may understand

On the fourteenth day of June, my b'ys, on Flanders where we lay

On the fourteenth of February we sailed from the land

On the headland of Journois, on the first day of May

On the island of Wabana, on the coast of Newfoundland

On the Lower Gander reaches, beauty spot of all this world

On the noble fleet of whalers out sailing from Dundee

On the road the frost is glistenin', people stream from midnight mass

On the rocky coast of Scotland in a little village there

On the shores of Aconi, 'round four in the mornin'

On the shores of Labrador

On the Southern Shore of Newfoundland is the town where I was born

On the streets of the night

On the tenth day of June, boys, as we sailed away

On the tenth of April, 1912, her whistles they did sound

On the tenth of September as you all may remember

On the Terra Nova Captain Kean with two hundred and ten

On the twelfth of July from Lewisporte set sail

On the twentieth of April, nineteen-seventy

On the twenty-fifth of August the gale began to rise

On the twenty-fourth of September in the year of ninety-five

On the twenty-ninth of August in nineteen ninety eight

On the wall of my home there's a picture

On the wall of our home there hangs a picture

On Tuesday last at half past ten a crowd did congregate

On wings of the wind o'er the dark rolling deep

Once a jolly swagman was camping by the billabong

Once again with the tide she slips her lines

Once I had a little dog, his name was Short Tailed Towser

Once I had a sweetheart but now he is gone

Once I had a true love but now she is gone

Once I was a-courted by a bonny Irish boy

Once I was a waiting man who lived at home at ease

Once I was an apprentice bound, the salty seas for to sail around

Once I was invited to a nobleman's wedding

Once there was a turbot way down in the sea

Once upon a time in a not so distant land

Once upon a time in Labrador, I went fishing and I went ashore

One Christmas Eve I sat up late, hoping for the chance

One cold frosty morning as I was a-walking

One cold winter night when the tempest was stormy

One cold winter's morning in December, the year of eighty-five

One day in April we sailed out the bay

One day in December I'll never forget
(Edith Fulton Fowke and Richard Johnston)

One day in December I'll never forget
(Ed McCurdy)

One day in September the skies they were blue

One day on the dock I stood watching the ships

One day, one day in the main-top high

One day the larks with cheerful note sang loudly in the air

One evening as the sun went down, the jungle fires were burning

One evening for pleasure I rambled
(Gerald S Doyle)

One evening for pleasure I rambled
(MacEdward Leach)

One evening for pleasure I rambled
(Irish Descendants)

One evening ranging for recreation

One evening so late as I rambled

One fine day in the month of June

One fine summer's evening as I was a-walking

One fine summer's evening as I went a-walking

One fine summer's mornin' as I went out walkin'

One for the Morning Glory, two for the early dew

One lovely night in summer, before he went away

One misty moisty morning, when cloudy was the weather

One morning as I rambled, so early in the spring

One morning in August the sun it did shine

One morning in May I rambled away

One morning in the month of May as clearly showed the sun

One morning, one morning, one morning in May

One morning, one morning, one morning in spring

One night as I lay on my bed asleep

One night as I sat in my own cozy corner

One night as the moon it shone bright on the sky

One night feelin' gay sure I went to a play

One night it was dark and was stormy

One night last week at twelve o'clock as I lay in my bed

One Saturday afternoon I went out for a walk

One Saturday night as you may suppose

One pleasant evening in the month of June

One thousand years ago when fair winds they did blow

One, two, THREE, FOUR

One yellow tooth that stuck out through that's hardened by the wind

Only a woman can come on so wild and free

Ooh, I wonder when this night is over

Orange you glad I found you, Apple, all I do love you

Our barque leaves this harbour tomorrow

Our boots and shoes are all in pawn

Our captain called all hands and away tomorrow

Our captain calls all hands away tomorrow

Our culture's like a flower; our people like the earth

Our Father up in heaven watch over me

Our island was discovered so long, long ago

Our marriage was happy, I was never alone

Our schooner and our sloop in Ferryland they do lie

Our schooner and our sloop in Ferryland they do lie

Our ship was a ship, so fine a ship

Our troop was made ready at the dawning of the day

Out along the harbour reach

Out from the shore where the land meets the sea

Out of all the nights I remember

Out on the beach at Seal Cove, under the foaming cliff

Out on the Mira on warm afternoons

Out through the narrows, we'll sail for wide ocean

Out through the window, the wind has died down

Outside the rain is softly falling

Over an ocean and over a sea

Over Christmas I'm gonna take a little ride

Over in Teddy's barn, sittin' around and havin' a yarn

Over Pipers Stock Hill take the time for to wander

Overlooking the waters of Lake Melville so grand




P stands for Paddy I suppose

Paddy O'Brian left Ireland in glee;

Paddy when you die will you lend me your fiddle

Patrick McGinty, an Irishman of note

Patsy Byrne may brag about the hat his father wore

Patty Doyle lived in Killarney

Peein' in the snow and gazin' down the hole

Peggy Gordon, you are my darling
(Buddy Wasisname)

Peggy Gordon, you are my darling
(Helen Creighton)

Peggy Gordon, you are my darling

Penelope works in the market

People I know stopped to say

Perhaps you've heard me say, darling, if you went away

Pharaohs of Egypt drew wealth from the Nile

Phoenix rising, the phoenix rises early in the morning

Pictures on the bookshelf, writings on the wall

Pity the fate of a poor Irish stranger

Please ne'er forget me though waves now lie o'er me

Please tell me, kind Spirit, why is it, there's a river that flows far away

Proud Chief of our Isle, valiant leader in danger

Proudly she sailed from New York City

Put the light in the window, my darling, she said

Put your hand in the hand of the Man who stilled the water

O to P Songs By First Lines at GEST Songs

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