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Rain fallin' from cloudless skies

Rain was fallin' hard on the prairie

Rattlin', roarin' Willie

Red is the rose that in yonder garden grows

Remember, yes, I remember well

Rest yourself down by the fire, make yourself at home

Riding on the City of New Orleans

Right from the field Jim Tapper led

Rise, Newfoundland, and break your chains

Rise up, young Willie Riley, and come along with me

Roger the miller came courting of late

Roll me down the runway, release me and I'm ready to fly

Round goes the wheel of fortune

Rummy was a good old dog




Sad comes the news from o'er the sea

Sad comes the news from over the sea
(MacEdward Leach)

Sad comes the news from over the sea
(Figgy Duff)

Sad sadness today is ringing

Sadly but slowly one night in November

Safe home, safe home

Said goodbye to my old friends, had to start life anew

Sailing down the Baltic where the wreck mark buoys peal

Sailing in and out the bay

Sails on the ocean far out on the tide

Sally Brown, come down I wants you

Sally, Sally, one day, one day

Santa Claus is comin' on a trike

Santa helped me cut a Christmas tree

Saturday night and the moon is out

Saturday night I was downtown

Saw an old man sittin' on the street just the other day

Say, gentle maiden, may I be your lover?

Say it's me who'll be loving you tonight

Saying goodbye to you is the last thing I want to do

Schooners through the highways rock

Seasons come and go and then some seasons I remember

Seaweed Joe lives on the coast

See the sun it's shining down

Seems it took a century for me to grow up

Seems light years ago when just three feet I stood

Seems like a long time since we sang our songs to the crowd

Set off for America far across the ragin' sea

Seven-o-nine, seven-two-two

Seven years I lived in that city

Shanty town by the shore

She bought her love the warmest wool

She can dance to the flute, dance to the fiddle

She can punch ahead in any gale

She comes for me in silence

She could've made a midnight move

She doesn't see the coming fall

She don't like her eggs all runny

She fell in love with the ocean

She goes down fast and comes up slow

She got up the steam twelfth day of March and shortly did embark

She had her plan all worked out while she waited for him to get home

She laid her head on the bar

She left St John's one day in May dressed in her Sunday best

She likes adventure with security

She loves to dance and sing some too

She remembers how they'd cry and laugh

She remembers when her grandma took her on her knee

She sees the world through rose-coloured glasses

She sits in her room all alone every day

She stands above all others in beauty to behold

She stands alone in the morning light

She was a pirate ship, left alone at sea

She was an angel on the water for the sons and the daughters

She was named Ocean Ranger

She was raised in a harbour town

She was swinging on a cupboard door

She was young, she was fair, and her long flowing hair

She went down last October in a pouring driving rain

She woke up this morning, packed her bags and slammed the door

She wrote him this letter that's covered with tears

She'd never been there before

She's a dynamite woman, never gonna let her go

She's a fisher woman and don't give a damn

She's a honky tonkin' Newfie country girl

She's a lady, a real special lady

She's a mighty big river, The Humber, my friend

She's a rocky isle in the ocean

She's a saucy fast packet and a packet of fame

She's a scratcher, she's a biter

She's at the waterfront tonight, waiting for her man

She's bordered by inlets, tickles and sounds

She's like the swallow that flies so high

She's my lady from the island and I love her

She's not an angel sent from up above

She's the grandest of ladies and still not that old

Shipped on board a Liverpool liner

Ships may come and ships may go
(Great Big Sea)

Ships will come and ships will go
(19th Century Stage Song)

Short jacket and blue trousers

Short taken, short taken, why must it be so

Shout loud the praise of Newfoundland, our gallant volunteers

Shy one, dear one, keeper of my heart

Side by side and step by step

Since this is the year of forty-one, the song that I will sing

Since you've been gone I feel so much better

Sir, beyond that point, that's the open sea

Sir Paul and Lady Heather Mills out to the ice floes came

Sit down and I'll sing you a ditty

Sit down, boys, I'll sing you a ditty

Sit down, Mr. Musicman, tell me where you've been

Sittin' at the border down in Buffalo

Sittin' home on Christmas Eve, me and the missus

Sitting alone in an old rocking chair

Sitting on our front porch, watching my kids trim the tree

Sixty bucks for a bottle's too much, me son

Skip a rope. Skip a rope

Skipper Abe Warren, a good man is he

Skipper at the helm and a firm grip in his hand

Skipper only got one oar

Slowly came these words to me

Sliding down the Barracks Hill beyond the speed of light

Slowly I rambled by the banks of a river

Small craft in a harbour that's still and serene

Small town attitude and big white lies breaking people's hearts in two

Smile, I wanna see you smile

Snowy night in winter, intent upon staying till blossoms insist

So far away out here alone, thoughts drift to Christmas time at home

So, goodbye to you, my one true love

So, goodnight my friends as the dawn comes pale

So late one evening all in the month of may

So, now I'm intending to sing you a song

So, now it's spring, we'll all rise and sing

So, swing her head 'round, we're heading for the wester'

So, swing me 'round just one more time

So well I remember the morning that I sailed away

So, what's your name?

So, you're a lover! Yeah, I was that once

Softly like the mist upon the morning

Soldier, soldier, will you marry me

Soldier, soldier, won't you marry me

Soldiers in dreams are like lovers that come without warning

Some children were playing one day on a street

Some day I'll return to Newfoundland

Some folks drink and some folks smoke

Some folks say cheerio when they wave the hand to you

Some people come for children and take them for their own

Some people think they've got time to kill

Some say that kissing's a sin, but tell me how that can be true

Some things still haunt my memory

Some words in our life we find hard to say

Some worry that the world will end tomorrow

Somedays I feel sad and lonely

Something keeps passin' in my mind

Sometimes I think of the days gone by

Sometimes I think that somethings should last

Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down

Sometimes it feels like freedom

Somewhere beyond those distant hills is where I long to be

Sonny lives on a farm on a wide open space

Sons and daughters of our land

Soon as we gets to gas 'n' oil, now how's your boots

Soon I'll return to the isle of my birthplace

Speedin' along in the fast lane

Spend my life sailing on a sea that has no shame

St. John's in Terra Nova

St. John's where the big ships go

Stand silent for a moment, you'll hear a baby cry

Standing by her window one day, gazing out at those gypsies gay

Standing in the line-up at a well known bank in town

Stay, stay, dearest Phoebe, why are you in such haste?

Steaming eastward out to sea with a cross-wind blowing free

Step it out Mary, my fine daughter, step it out Mary, if you can

Stephany.... You're the flower of the spring

Still got my high school jacket, still got my high school ring

Stolen moments and stolen glances

Storms never last, do they, baby?

Straight off the farm ten years ago went first to see the sights

Success to our dandy native boys, ye did it on the track

Súil, súil, súil a grá

Sullivan's John, to the road you've gone

Summertime it's over now, the fall has just begun

Sunbeams in crimson and shadows

Sunday morning just at nine, Dan McGinty dressed so fine

Sunny days down in the harbour

Sunrise in the morning, birds singing on every tree

Sunshine and flowers, happy for hours

Sure as I went a-walking one morning in May

Sure, I like to rise when the sun she rises

Sure it was in the year of eighteen hundred and seventy-five

Sure, it's good money, don't you fear

Sure they put me on the census for to go and take the town

Surrounded by a mighty sea, there's an island dear to me

Surrounded by rough waters just west of Baccalieu

Surrounded by the concrete, caught up in the race

Sweet dreams of you, every night I go through

Sweet is the smile of the beautiful morn
(William S Hays)

Sweet is the smile of the beautiful morn
(MacEdward Leach)

Sweet Molly goes to the ridge by the sea

Sweet Nellie was a lovely girl living in our town

Sweetheart I'm bidding you fond farewell

R to S Songs By First Lines at GEST Songs

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