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Misc + A


1,2,3,4 (Vx2)

12 Elan, The (V)

12 Years Old (V)

15 Feet Tall (V)

30 For 60 (V)

'49 (V)

100% Newfoundlander (V)

500 Years Ago (V)

709 (V)

8:30 Newfoundland (T) (Vx2)
    (This Is Our Home)

1000 Miles

1497 (Vx2)

1929 Tidal Wave

1962 (V)

4000 Miles Away (V)

ABC Of The Newfoundland Fishery
(T) (V)

Abide With Me

Acadian Saturday Night (V)

Accordion, The

Accordion Man (T) (Vx2)
    (Eric Waterman)

Accordion Man, The (V)
    (Wayne S Morgan)

Accordion Waltz, The (V)

Adrift (V)

Afghanistan (V)

After All These Years (V)

After The Ball (V)

After The Fire Of '46

Age In My Eyes (V)
    (But My Heart Is Still Young)

Ain't It A Beauty

Ain't No Sunshine (V)


All Aboard The Beaumont-Hamel (V)

All Around Green Island Shore

All Around My Hat (V)

All Because Of You (V)

All For Me Grog (T) (Vx3)

All For The Take

All God's Creatures (T) (Vx2)

All Hands Away Tomorrow

All I Dream Is You (V)

All I Want For Christmas, Dear, Is You (T)

All Of Our Fish Are Taken Away (V)

All Over Again (V)

All Over This World (V)

All Roads Lead To The Sea (V)

All These Years (V)

All Those Ways (T) (V)

Alone And Forsaken (V)

Alone In His Workshop

Alone On The Quay (V)

Alone On The Shamrock Shore

Alonzo The Brave And Fair Imogene

Alouette (Vx2)

Alphabet Song (S)

Alvin's Last Ride (V)

Anchors Aweigh, Love

And A Bang On The Ear

And If Venice Is Sinking (V)

Andrea Gail (T) (V)

Andrew Davidson

Angel Comfort Me (V)

Angels In The Snow

Angels Leave No Footprints In The Sand (V)

Ann Eliza Jones

Ann O'Brien

Annie Franklin

Annie Young, The

Another Empty House (V)

Answer To Twenty-One Years (V)

Anti-Confederation Song (S)

Anti-Confederation Song (V)
    (Joan Morrissey)

Antis Of Plate Cove, The (V)

Any Mummers Allowed In? (V)

Apple Praties, The

Apple Tree, The (V)

Apprentice Boy, The

Are You All Alone (T) (V)

Are you coming Mrs Doolin

Area Code 709 (Vx2)

Around The Bay (V)

'Round The Bay On Saturday Night

Arthur O'Bradley

As Good As The Seals

As Green Leaves Turn Gold (V)

As I Drove In To St John's Town (V)

As I Roved Out (V)
    (The Fables)

As I Roved Out
    (Rankin Street)

As I Roved Out (V)
    (Ryan's Fancy)

As I Roved Out One Evening

As I Walkèd Forth In The Pride Of The Season

As I Wandered By The Brookside

As Johnny Went Ploughin'

As Long As There's You (V)

As Much As I Can Stand

As Susan Strayed The Briny Beach

As The Ship Sailed Away From Ireland

Ashuanipi Wish (V)

Aspell And Carter

At the mall, at the Babylon Mall

Atatab Kilangmitub

Atlantic Blue (V)

Atlantic Chorus

Atlantic Queen

Aubrey's Song

Auction, The (V)

August Gale, The

Augustus And Catherine

Aunt Martha's Sheep (S) (T) (V)

Aunt Molly

Auntie Mary (V)

Autumn Time Is So Beautiful (V)

Avalonia (V)

Away (V)

Away From The Roll Of The Sea (V)

Away To The Sea (V)

Aye, Sir, Aye




Babes In The Greenwood, The (V)

Babylon Mall (V)

Baccalieu Island

Baccalieu Trail, The (V)

Baccy Song, The (V)

Bachelor's Hall (Kenneth Peacock)

Bachelor's Hall (Steeleye Span)

Back Bay Hill (V)

Back Down By The Shore (V)

Back Home Is Where They Want To Be (V)

Back Home On The Island (Vx3)

Back In '56 (V)

Back In The Good Old Days

Back In Time

Back On The Island (V)

Back To My Island (V)

Back To The Sea (The Cormiers)

Back To The Sea (Tim Brown)

Bad As I Am (V)

Bad Companions

Bad Girl's Lament, The

Badger Drive, The (S) (Vx2)

Badger's Come Home Year 1991 (V)

Bakeapple Jam

Bake-Apple Time In Newfoundland

Balena, The (S) (V)

Ballad For Savings

Ballad Of A Sad Café (Vx2)

Ballad Of Aunt Beatie, The (V)

Ballad Of Brian Tobin, The

Ballad Of Dog Hood Daly, The

Ballad Of Jack Phillips And Harold Bride, The (V)

Ballad Of John Cabot, The (V)

Ballad Of John Williams, The (Vx2)

Ballad Of Junius Wilson, The (V)

Ballad Of Michael Gaughan, The (V)

Ballad Of Mosey Burns, The (V)

Ballad Of St Anne's Reel (Vx2)

Ballad Of The Freda M., The

Ballad Of The Sealers

Ballad Of The Truxton & Pollux

Ballad Of Thunder Road (V)

Ballad Of Tom Crocker, The

Ballad Of Wendinithit, The

Ballad Of White Bay Newfoundland, The

Baloney Song, The (V)

Baltimore, The

Bánchnoic Éireann Ó (V)

Band Played Waltzing Matilda, The
    (Vx2) (T) (Eric Bogle)

Band Played Waltzing Matilda, The #2

Banging Of The Wheelhouse Door, The

Bank Fishermen #1

Bank Fishermen #2

Banks Of Newfoundland (Joe West)

Banks Of Newfoundland, The (V)
    #1 (Up The Pond)

Banks Of Newfoundland, The (S) (V)
    #2 (Traditional)

Banks Of Newfoundland, The (S) (V)
    #3 (English)

Banks Of Newfoundland, The (S) (V)
    #4 (Eastern Light)

Banks Of Newfoundland, The
    #5 (Yetties)

Banks Of Newfoundland, The (S)
    #6 (Canadian)

Banks Of Newfoundland, The (V)
    #7 (English)

Banks Of Newfoundland, The
    #8 (Kenneth Peacock)

Banks Of Newfoundland, The (V)
    #9 (Gerald S Doyle)

Banks Of Newfoundland, The (V)
    #10 (Great Big Sea)

Banks Of North River, The (Vx2)

Banks Of Panama

Banks Of Penmanah, The

Banks Of Sicily (Vx2)

Banks Of Sweet Dundee, The (V)

Banks Of Sweet Trawlee

Banks Of The Ayr (V)

Banks Of The Clyde, The

Banks Of The Gaspereau, The

Banks Of The Roses, The (V)
    (Kenneth Peacock)

Banks Of The Roses, The (V)
    (Padraig Grimes)

Banks Of The Roses, The (V)
    (Jesse Ferguson)

Banks Of The Silver Tide

Banks Of Tralee, The

Bar Haven Song, The (V)

Bar The Door O (V)

Barbara Allen (V)

Barbry Ellen

Barley Mow, The (V)


Barney Hare (V)

Barney Flew Over The Hills
    To His Darling

Barque In The Harbour (V)

Barren But Beautiful (V)

Barrett's Privateers (Vx3)

Bartender's Story (V)

Bartender's Sweetheart (Vx2)

Batteries Not Included (V)

Battle Song Of Newfoundland

Battleship Maine

Bay Bulls Fishermen (V)

Bay Is My Home, The (V)

Bay Of Fundy (V)

Bay Of St Ann's (V)

Be Home Early Tonight (Short)

Be Home Early Tonight (Long)

Be Proud Of Newfoundland (V)

Be Proud You're A Newfie (V)

Beach Of Strablane, The

Beaches So Green

Beacon (V)

Beat The Drum (V)

Beautiful Bonne Bay (V)

Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem (V)

Beautiful To Me (V)

Beauty By The Sea (V)

Beer, Beer, Beer (T) (Vx2)

Beeswing (Vx3)

Beggar, The

Beginning, The

Behind The Parlour Door (V)

Belfast City - I'll Tell Me Ma (T) (Vx4)

Belfast Mill (T) (V)

Believe To Be Free (V)

Believing In Better

Bell Buoy Song, The

Bell Island Boy (V)

Bell Island Song, The (V)

Belleoram (V)

Beloved Land, The

Beothuk Song (S)


Bernice, The (V)

Berry Picking Time (Vx2)

Best Of Friends Must Part

Best Thing In Life, The


Betsy Bay

Betsy, Betsy From London Fair

Betsy Brennan's Blue Hen (V)

Betsey Mealey's Escape

Better Do Somethin' (V)

Better Place To Be, A

Betty Malone (V)

Between Two Trees (Vx4)

Beyond That Point (T) (V)

Beyond The Hill (T)

Biddy McGraw (V)

Biddy Mulligan (V)

Big Bank (V)

Big Bow Wow (V)
    (Jim Payne & Fergus O'Byrne)

Big Bow Wow (Vx2)
    (The Punters)

Big Cat 9 (V)
    (Dick Nolan)

Big Cat Nine (V)
    (Wince & Ellis Coles)

Big North Wind (T)

Big Oil (V)

Big Ole Newfie Dog

Big Strong Man (Vx2)

Big Tump, The (V)

Bill Grogan's Goat (V)

Bill Wiseman

Billy Peddle

Billy Taylor

Bingo And Another World

Birch Bark Canoe (V)

Birches (V)

Bird Rocks, The

Black And Tans, The (V)

Black And White (V)

Black Bird (V)

Black Cook, The

Black Devil, The

Black Fly Song, The (V)

Black Gold (T) (Vx2)

Black Is The Colour (F) (T)
    Of My True Love's Hair

Black Is The Colour (M) (Vx3) (T)
    (Of My True Love's Hair)

Black Rock

Black Sheep,The

Black Velvet Band (T) (V)
    (The Irish Rovers)

Black Velvet Band
    (From Australia)

Black Velvet Band, The (Vx3)
    (Harry Hibbs)

Blackbird, The

Blackleg Miner (Vx3)

Blackwater Side, The

Blarney Roses, The (T) (V)

Blarney Stone, The

Bless Of Age, The (V)

Blind Beggar, The

Blood Of My Blood (V)

Bloody Garden, The

Bloody Gardener, The

Blood-Stained Soil

Blooming Bright Star Of Belle Isle (V)
    (Irish Descendants)

Blooming Bright Star Of Bell Isle, The
    (Gerald S Doyle)

Blooming Bright Star Of Belle Isle, The
    (MacEdward Leach)

Blooming Mary Ann

Blooming Of The Flower, The (V)

Blow Below The Belt, The

Blow Out The Lamp (V)

Blow The Man Down (V)

Blow The Wind Southerly (V)

Blow The Wind Westerly (V)

Blow Ye Winds (V)

Blue Berry Wine (V)

Blue-Eyed Boy, The (V)

Blue Hen

Blue Jacket And White Trousers

Blue Mist (V)

Blue Star Song, The (V)

Blue Wave, The

Blueberry Ball

Bluenose (T) (V) (Stan Rogers)

Bluenose, The (Michael Stanbury)

Bluenose, The (V) (Ryan's Fancy)

Boarding House On Federation Square, The (Vx2)

Boar's Head Carol (V)

Boat Like Gideon Brown, A (V)

Boats Of Peter's River

Boatswain And The Tailor, The

Boatswain's Life For Me, A

Bobble Heads (V)

Bobby And Me (V)

Body Jewelry (V)

Bold Escallion And Phoebe

Bold Hawke

Bold Lamkin

Bold Larkin

Bold McCarthy

Bold O'Donoghue, The (V)

Bold Princess Royal, The (V)

Bold Trooper, The (V)

Bold Wolfe (V)

Bonavista Bay (V)

Bonavist' Line, The (V)

Bone Reef Lake (V)

Bonnie Brown Hair

Bonnie Hills Of Scotland

Bonnie Lou II, The (V)

Bonnie Wee Jenny McCall (V)

Bonny Anne

Bonny Banks Of Ardrie-O, The

Bonny Blue-Eyed Jane

Bonny Bunch Of Roses, O, The

Bonny Busk Of London, The

Bonny Carlow

Bonny Farday (V)

Bonny Labouring Boy, The

Bonny Ship The Diamond, The (Vx2)

Bonny Young Irish Boy, The

Bootlegger's Christmas (V)

Boston And St John's (T) (Vx2)

Boston Burglar, The (T) (Vx2)

Boston Rose (Vx2)

Bosun's Alphabet, The (V)

Botany Bay (T)
    (Burlesque Comedy)

Botany Bay (V)
    (Masterless Men)

Bottle Of Wine

Bouncing Girl In Fogo, The

Bound Down For Newfoundland (V)
    (Ryan's Fancy)

Bound Down To Newfoundland
    (MacEdward Leach)

Bound For St Peters (V)

Bowery, The

Boy, Go On Back Home (V)

Boy Who Wore The Blue, The

Boys At Ninety-Five, The

Boys From Newfoundland

Boys In Blue, The

Boys Of Killybegs, The (V)

Boys Of Newfoundland, The

Boys Of The Island, The (V)

Boys Of The Old Brigade, The (Vx2)

Braes O'Killicrankie, The (V)

Branch Hero, The

Brand New Song (S) (V)

Brannigan's Pup

Brave Newfoundlander, A

Brave Volunteers, The

Brave Wolfe

Breathe The Air - Newfoundland (V)

Brennan On The Moor (V)
    (Clancy Brothers)

Brennan On The Moor (V)
    (Harry Hibbs)

Briar And The Rose, The (V)

Bridget And John

Bright Phoebe

Bright Silv'ry Light Of The Moon

Brigid Flynn (V)

Bring Him Safely Home

Bring Me Back To My Home

Bring Your Blueberries To Job's Store

British Man-O'-War (Sean Kenny)

British Man-O'-War
    (Kenneth Peacock)

Broken Hearts And Memories (Vx2)

Broken Wings (V)

Brother John
    (Kelly Russell & Jim Payne)

Brother John (V) (Daniel Payne)

Brown Flour (V)

Brown Girl, The

Brule Boys, The

Brunswick Street (V)

Brush Up Your Beaver

Bubbles In The Glass (V)

Buck Goat Song, The

Bug Song, The (V)

Built Like A Rock

Bull Yorkens

Bully Brown

Bundle And Go

Bung Your Eye

Burglar, The

Buried In The Sand

Burke's Dream

Burning, The (V)

Burns And His Highland Mary

Burnt Islands

Bury Me In My Old Fishing Clothes

Bury Me Not In The Deep Deep Sea

Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie (V)

Bury Our Bodies In Newfoundland Soil
(T) (V)

Butcher Boy (V) (Sons of Erin)

Butcher Boy, The (V) (Harry Hibbs)

Butcher Boy, The (Kenneth Peacock)

Butcher Boy, The (Vx2)
    (Ryan's Fancy)

Butter And Cheese
    (MacEdward Leach)

Butter And Cheese (Kenneth Peacock)

Butterfly Dude, The

Buy Us A Drink (V)

Buying Time (V)

By D'Lard Liftin' (T)

By Peter Kerrivan

By The Bright Silvery Light Of The Moon (V)

By The Glow Of The Kerosene Light (T) (V)




Cabbage And Goose

Cabin, The River And I, The (T) (V)

Cafés Down On Water Street (T) (Vx2)

Caledonia (V)


Calling Mr Moose

Calton Weaver, The (T) (V)

Cambric Shirt, The
    (A True Lover Of Mine)

Cambric Shirt, The
(Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, & Thyme)

Cambric Shirt, The (The Elfin Knight)

Campbeltown Loch (Vx2)


Canada My Own Land (V)

Canada - The Mighty Queen (V)

Canadee-I-O (V)

Canadian Boat Song

Canadian Pride (T) (V)

Candlelight And Wine (T) (Vx3)

Cannery Shed

Can't Find Newfoundland (V)

Can't Stop Falling (V)

Cape Breton Dream (V)

Cape Breton Lullaby (V)

Cape Breton Newfoundlander (V)

Cape Breton Rose (V)

Cape Ray 2007

Cape Shore Lady (V)

Cape Shore Rose (V)

Cape Spear (V)

Capelin On Sunday (V)

Caplin Haul, The

Captain John (V)

Captain John McGuire

Captain Kidd (Kenneth Peacock)

Captain Kidd (V) (Great Big Sea)

Captain Larkins

Captain Morgan (V)

Captain Power

Captain Spinney

Captain Strachan

Captain Thompson (V)

Captain Ward

Captain Wedderburn (Vx2)

Captains And Ships
    (Kenneth Peacock)

Captains And Ships (V)
    (Crowd Of Bold Sharemen)

Captain's Lady, The

Caribou, The

Carolan Anderson

Caroline And Her Young Sailor Bold (V)

Caroline Of Edinburgh Town (V)

Carrickfergus (Vx3)

Carroll Bán (V)

Carry Me Back To The Mountain

Carry Me Home

Carter's Hill

Casey Taking The Census

Cashmere Shawl, The

Cat-Eyed Girl (V)

Catalogue Man, The (V)

Catch A Plane To Fort McMurray (V)

Catch The Wind (Vx2)

Cathleen (V)

Cause I Have You (V)

Causeway Crossing

Chainsaw Earle (T) (V)

Champion Of Court Hill, The

Change, The

Change Islands Song

Changing Toys (V)


Charlie Horse (Vx2)

Charlie Mopps (T) (Vx2)

Charlie The Seagull (V)

Charming Blue-Eyed Mary (V)
    (Stephanie Squires)

Charming Blue-Eyed Mary
    (Genevieve Lehr & Anita Best)

Charming Sally Ann

Charming Sally Greer (V)

Charming Young Widow

Chastity Belt (Vx3)

Chemical Worker's Song, The (Vx2)

Cherry Orchard, The

Cherry Tree Carol (V)

Chessboard Dancer (V)

Chick-A-Dee, The

Childhood Memories (V)

Children's Winter, A (T) (Vx3)

Chimney For Santa (V)

Chocolate Song, The (V)
    (Buddy Wasisname)

Chocolate Song, The (V)
    (Zeke Hoskin)

Chorus Of Welcome

Chrissey's Dick

Christmas 1914 (V)

Christmas And The Kids (V)

Christmas Angel (V)

Christmas At Sea (V)

Christmas Carol (V) (Skip Ewing)

Christmas Carol (V) (Rod Chipman)

Christmas Comes But Once A Year (V)

Christmas Comes Once A Year (V)

Christmas Dinner With Sam (V)

Christmas Eve In St John's (V)

Christmas Eve With You (V)

Christmas Fancy (T) (V)

Christmas For Everyone (T)

Christmas In Killarney (V)

Christmas In My Hometown (V)

Christmas In The Cove (V)

Christmas In The Harbour (Vx2)
    Gary O'Driscoll

Christmas In The Harbour (V)
    Ron Hynes

Christmas In The Trenches (V)

Christmas In The Valley (Vx2)

Christmas Jig (T)

Christmas Lights (T) (V)

Christmas Morn In Newfoundland (V)

Christmas Roses (Brian Finn)

Christmas Roses (V)
    (William T [Paddy] Gearin)

Christmas Rum

Christmas Time In Ireland

Christmas Time In My Hometown (V)

Christmas Tree Eyes (T) (V)

Christmas With Or Without (V)

Christmastime In Newfoundland (V)

Church Cove Song

Circular Reasoning (V)

Citadel Hill

City, I Want To Go Home

City Of Baltimore, The

City Of Boston

City Of Chicago (V)

City Of New Orleans (V)

Clarence The Caribou (V)

Claudie's Banks

Clayton Delaney (V)

Clean Up After The Time (T) (V)

Clearest Indication (Vx2)

Cliffs Of Baccalieu, The (T) (Vx4)
    (Jack Withers)

Cliffs Of Baccalieu, The (V)
    (Anita Best)

Cliffs Of Fortune Head, The

Cliffs Of The Sea (V)

Close Of The Session, 1871, The

CN Bus, The (Vx2)


Coaker's Dream

Coal Boat Song (V) (Dick Nolan)

Coal Boat Song, The (T) (V)
    (Stompin' Tom Connors)

Coal Town Road (Vx2)

Coast Of Labrador

Cobbler (V) (Kilkenny Krew)

Cobbler, The (V) (Schooner Fare)

C'ck O' The North (V)

Cockles And Mussels (T) (Vx3)
    (Molly Malone)

Cod Liver Oil (T) (V) (Fine Crowd)

Cod Liver Oil (Rankin Street-Pre GBS)

Cod Liver Oil (V) (Ryan's Fancy)

Cod Liver Oil (V) (Gordon Pinsent)

Codroy Valley (T)

Colcannon (The Skillet Pot) (V)

Cold Canadian Waters (V)

Cold Steel Blue (V)

Colleen (V)

Colour Of Amber, The

Comb Your Hair Flat Down (V)

Combine Harvester, The

Come All Ye Jolly Ice-Hunters

Come All Ye Jolly Sailor Boys

Come Along (Vx2)
    (Uist Tramping Song)

Come And I Will Sing You (Vx2)

Come Away Bonnie Lad (Vx2)

Come Back Paddy Reilly
    (To Ballyjamesduff)

Come Back To The Island

Come Blow Me Some Winds Tonight

Come-By-Chance (V)

Come By The Hills (T) (V)

Come Closer Eastcoaster (T) (V)

Come Dancing (V)

Come Fare Away (V)

Come Home To Harbour Breton (V)

Come In You're Out (V)

Come, Love, Here's A Letter

Come On Down

Come On Home (T)

Come Out With Me (V)

Come Out You Black And Tans (Vx3)

Come Round Any Old Time (V)

Come To The Bower (V)

Come Where We're At (V)

Comforts Of Home (V)

Comin' To You

Coming Back Home

Common Man

Common Sailors (V)

Company Of Fools (V)

Complain, Complain (V)

Computer Song, The (V)

Concerning Charlie Horse (Vx2)
    (Great Big Sea)

Concerning Charlie Horse (V)
    (Omar Blondahl)

Concerning One Summer
    In Bonay I Spent

Confederation Song (V)

Connemara By The Lake (V)

Connemara Cradle Song (Vx2)

Consequence Free (T) (V)

Constance (V)

Constant Farmer's Son

Convict, The

Convict And The Rose, The

Coorie Doon (Vx2)
    (The Miner's Lullaby)

Copper And Silver

Copper Colored Native, A

Corporal Casey

Cotton's Patch (by the Aussie Pilot)

Cotton's Patch (by the Sealer)

Councillor, The

Country Girl, The

Country Love (T)

Couple More Years, A (V)

Coupon Song

Court Case Of Tom, The (V)

Court Of King Caractacus, The

Courtin' In The Kitchen (Vx3)

Courtroom In The Sky, The (V)

Cousin Mary (V)

Cow With The Piper

Cowboy And The General, The (V)

CQD Signal On The Sea (V)

Crab Song

Crafty Boy, The

Crafty Maid's Policy (V)

Cramped Song, A (V)

Crawl, The (Vx2)

Crazy Jane

Crew From Boston Bay, The

Crockery Ware

Croppy Winton

Cross On Spancil Hill, The (V)

Crow Song, The (V)

Crowd From Up The Hill (V)

Crowd Of Bold Sharemen, A (V)

Crowd Of Jolly Trappers, A (S) (V)

Crown Ridge Moose Hunt, The (V)

Cruel Katie-O

Cruel Mother, The (V)

Cry Like A Child

Cryer's Paradise (V)

Cuckoo's Nest, The
    (Digital Tradition #1409)

Cuckoo's Nest, The
    (Kenneth Peacock)

Culling Fish

Cumberland And The Merrimac, The

Cupers Cove

Curragh Of Kildare (V)

Cut The Timber Down (V)

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