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D J (V)

D P Newfie (V)

Daddy And The Wine (V)

Daddy Of Them All (V)

Daddy Shot The Cat (V)

Daddy Won't Be Home Again For Christmas (T) (V)

Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Songs (V)

Daisy A Day, A (T) (Vx3)

Dalai Lama's Candle, The (V)

Damn The Ever

Dan Malone (V)

Dance And Sing (T) (V)

Dance Dance (Great Big Sea) (V)

Dance, Dance, Dance (The Fables) (V)

Dance Hall (V)

Dance Hall Girls (V)

Dance Me Away (T)

Dance Ti Thy Daddy (V)

Dance To Paddy's Reels (V)

Dance With Me (Judy Brazil) (V)

Dance With Me (Wayne S Morgan) (V)

Dancin' Round The Kitchen (V)

Dangerous Waters (V)

Daniel Monroe

Danny Boy (Vx2)

Danny's Song (V)

Darby Ram (V)

Dark As A Dungeon (V)

Dark Eyed Molly (V)

Dark-Eyed Sailor, The

Dark-Eyed Susan

Dark Island (Vx2)

Dark Little Rose (V)

Darling Girls From Clare, The (V)

Darling Say You'll Love Me When I'm Old (V)

Darn The Man That I Can Get

Dartmouth Tragedy

Dartplayer's Blues (V)

Daughter Nel (V)

Daughter's Lullaby, A

Dawning Of The Day, The

Day Of The Clipper (V)

Daylight Taps

Days Gone By (T) (Vx3)

Days Of Yore, The (V)

Dead Bird In The Garbage (V)

Dead Stranger, The

Dear Home Town (V)

Dear Momma (V)

Dear Mr Ford (T) (V)

Dear Old Bay Bulls Town (V)

Dear Old Ferryland (V)

Dear Old Newfoundland (V)

Dear Old South Side Hill

Dear Old Tilting

Dear Ole Port Aux Basques (V)

Dearest Lavinia (V)

Death On The Ice (V)

Death On The Ice (The Story) (V)

Death, The Ultimate Price

Deborah The Flagman (V)

Delaney's Donkey (V)

Demasduit Dream (V)

Derby Ram, The (John Roberts & Tony Barrand)

Derby Ram, The (Kenneth Peacock)

Deserter, The

Devil And The Farmer's Wife, The (V)

Diana And Her Sailor Bright

Diary Of One Now Dead (V)

Dick The Joiner

Did You Hear Dis One? (V)

Diddle Dee And Diddle Dum (V)

Didn't Take Too Long (V)

Died On The Ice Floe

Diggin' My Potatoes (V)

Digs In Birmingham (V)

Dire Wolf, The (V)

Dirty Newfoundlanders, The

Dirty Old Torbaymen

Dirty Old Town (T) (Vx3)

Discovery Of Newfoundland

Ditty Die Day (V)

Dixie's Isle (V)

Do It Once Again (V)

Do You Remember? (V)

Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down (V)

Dogberry Wine (V)

Dole Song, The

Donald MacGillavry (Fine Crowd) (V)

Donald MacGillavry (James Hogg)

Donald MacGilliavry (Navigators) (V)

Donald Munro (MacEdward Leach)

Donald Munroe (Baxter Wareham) (V)

Done With Bonaparte

Donkey Riding (V)

Don't Come Where We're To (V)

Don't Ask Your Love To Choose

Don't Cry For Me (I'll Be In Newfoundland) (V)

Don't Like To Dance (V)

Don't Put Me Off At Buffalo Any More

Don't Vote Confederation (Jean Hewson) (V)

Don't Vote Confederation (Joan Morrissey) (V)

Don't Wanna Go Home

Don't You Be The One

Doran's Ass (V)

Dory Boat Man, The

Double Daylight Saving Time (Vx2)

Double Sledder Lad (V)

Down At The Twist And Shout

Down By Jim Long's Stage

Down By The Dark Water Side

Down By The Harbourside (V)

Down By The Liffeyside

Down By The Ocean (Vx2)

Down By The Riverside

Down By The Sally Gardens (V)

Down By The Tanyard Side

Down By The Water

Down East Boy (T)

Down East Day (V)

Down Home In Newfoundland (V)

Down In Buffalo (V)

Down On The Dole (V)

Down Riverview Road (T) (V)

Down The Streets In London

Down Went McGinty (S) (V)

Downey's Our Member

Dragger Song (V)

Draggerman (Scott Rowsell) (V)

Draggerman, The (Bay Boys) (V)

Dreadful Ghost, The

Dreadnought, The

Dream To Live (V)

Dreams And Photo Albums

Dreams Of Home (V)

Driftwood (T) (V)

Drill Ye Heroes, Drill (V)

Drink For My Father, A

Drive The Cold Winter Away (V)

Drivin' To Mexico (V)

Drop The Flowers From My Hand (V)

Drunkard's Dream, The

Drunkard's Poor Wife (V)

Drunkard's Song, The (Vx2)

Drunken Captain, The (V)

Drunken Sailor (Great Big Sea) (V)

Drunken Sailor (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

Dublin In The Rare Old Times (T) (Vx3)

Dublin Reel, The (V)

Duffy's Blunder

Duke Of Argyl

Dumping On Toronto (V)

Dundee Cat (Watt Nicoll & Matt McGinn) (V)

Dundee Cat, The (Shanneyganock)

Dutchman, The (V)

Dying Cowboy

Dying Ranger, The

Dying Seal-Hunter, The (V)

Dying Soldier, The

Dying Soldier Boy, The

Dynamite Woman (V)




Eagle, With Her Gallant Crew, The

Early Spring (V)

Eastern Bound (V)

Eastern Light, The (S)

Easy (V)

Economy Song, The (V)

Eggs And Marrow Bones (Kenneth Peacock)

Eggs And Marrow Bones (Figgy Duff) (V)

Eggs In The Basket

Eighteenth Of April, The

Eighty Five Hours (V)

Eileen Og (V)

Eileen O'Grady

Elderman's Lady, The

Elections Of 1848 - Job Defeated Brooking

Eleven Brave Irish Boys, The

Eleven To Heaven

Elf-Knight, The (V)

Eli In The Cockpit (V)

Eli Was Here Before John (T) (Vx2)

Eli's Arctic Cat (T)

Eli's On The Weed (V)

Elsie M. Hart, The

Emigrant From Newfoundland, The (S)

Emigrant's Daughter, An

Embers (V)

Empty Is The Doghouse

Empty Nets (T)

End Of The World (V)

Endangered Species (V)

Engineer's Song, The (V)

England (Vx4)


Erin's Green Shore (Vx2)

Erin's Lovely Home

Eskimo Girl (T)

Eternal Father, Strong To Save (Vx2)

Every Day Of My Life (V)

Every Newfoundlander (V)

Everybody Back Home Misses You

Everyone Keeps Talkin' 'Bout The Weather (V)

Everyone's Sons And Daughters (V)

Everything Shines (V)

Everything's Changing


Excel, The

Excursion Around The Bay (Vx2)

Express Office, The




Faded Coat Of Blue

Fair Eleanor

Fair And Tender Ladies (V)

Fair Fanny Moore (V)

Fair Jennie On The Moor

Fair Marjorie's Ghost

Faithful Sailor Boy

Falling Down Blue (V)

False Maiden, The

Fanny's Harbour Bawn

Far Away In Australia (Traditional) (T) (V)

Far Away In Australia (Ryan's Fancy) (Vx2)

Far-Off Shore (V)

Far Too Canadian

Fare Thee Well Enniskillen (V)

Fare You Well, Maggie Darling, Across The Blue Sea

Farewell My Green Valleys

Farewell To Carlingford (Vx2)

Farewell To Colonel Law

Farewell To My Fishing Days (V)

Farewell To Newfoundland (V)

Farewell To Nova Scotia (S) (Vx3)

Farewell To Tarwathie (Vx2)

Farmer's Curst Wife, The

Farmer's Daughter, The

Farmyard, The

Fast As I Can (V)

Fatal Race, The

Fatal Wedding, The

Fate Of The Bristol Heart, The

Fate Of The Caribou (V)

Father Duffy's Well

Father Up In Heaven

Father's Day Card (T)

Father's Sacrifice, A

Father's Song (V)

Feel It Turn (V)

Feet Of A Dancer (V)

Fella That Looked Like Me, The (Dick Nolan) (V)

Feller From Fortune (Gerald S Doyle) (S) (T) (Vx4)

Feller From Fortune (Omar Blondahl)

Fellow From Fortune (Harry Hibbs) (V)

Fellow That Looked Like Me, The (MacEdward Leach)

Female Smuggler, The (V)

Ferry Blues

Ferryland, Newfoundland ca. 1500-1993

Ferryland Sealer (Rankin Street) (S) (V)

Ferryland Sealer (Great Big Sea) (V)

Ferryman, The (V)

Fhir A' Bhàta (V)

Fiddler's Green (John Conolly) (S) (T) (Vx6)

Fiddler's Green (Denis Ryan) (V)

Field Behind The Plow, The

Fields Of Athenry (T) (Vx3)

Fifteen Feet Tall (V)

Fifteen Men Lost On George's Banks

Fight Another Day (V)

Fight In Halifax

Final Breath (V)

Final Trawl, The (Vx2)

Fine Girl Ye Are (Vx2)

Finnegan's Wake (Ryan's Fancy) (T) (Vx2)

Finnegan's Wake (GBS)

Finnigan Lasses, The

Fire Down Below

Fire In The Foretop

First Christmas (V)

First Time, The

First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face), The (V)

Fish And Brewis

Fish Of The Sea, The (V)

Fish Out Of Water

Fisher Who Died In His Bed, The (S)

Fisher Woman (T)

Fisherman At Glen Cove, The

Fisherman, Fisherman (V)

Fisherman, The

Fisherman's Alphabet, The (S)

Fisherman's Blues (T) (V)

Fisherman's Boy (V)

Fisherman's Dream (T)

Fisherman's Dream, The

Fisherman's Farewell (V)

Fisherman's Lament (T) (V)

Fisherman's Life, A (V)

Fisherman's Son (T) (V)

Fisherman's Son To The Ice Is Gone, The

Fisherman's Song (D'Arcy Broderick) (V)

Fisherman's Song (Fred Lavery)

Fisherman's Song, The (Bobby Evans) (V)

Fisherman's Song, The (Andy M Stewart) (V)

Fisherman's Wharf (V)

Fishermen Of Newfoundland

Fishin' In A Dory (T) (Vx2)

Fishing Down The Bay (V)

Fishing Hole, The (V)

Fishing On The Labrador

Fishing Seasons

Fishing With John

Fit As A Fiddle

Fitted For The Helm

Fitzsimmons Beat Corbett

Five Drunk Nights

Five Roses Drawers (Vx2)

Five Roses Thong (V)

Flag Of Newfoundland, The (S) (V)

Flat Top Gibson Guitar (V)

Flatrock Hills

Flemings Of Torbay, The (S)

Flemmings Of Torbay, The

Fleur de Lys Song

Flies (V)

Flight Of Earls (V)

Flirty Song


Flora And Jim

Flower Of Kilkenny (Vx2)

Flower Of Sweet Strabane (Vx3)

Flowers (V)

Flowers Of Bermuda, The

Flying (V)

Flying Cloud, The (V)

Fogarty's Cove (V)

Foggy Dew (English)

Foggy Dew (Irish Harpers)

Foggy Dew, The (1916 Easter Uprising) (Vx2)

Foggy Shores Of Home, The (Vx2)

Follow Me Back (Vx2)

Follow Me Up To Carlow (T) (V)

Follow The Heron (V)

Follow The Wind (V)

Foolish Shepherd, The

For The Fish We Must Prepare (S)

For Your Love

Forest For The Trees (V)

Forester Song, The

Forever Friends (V)

Forever Light Will Shine (Vx2)

Forsaken Mother And Child, The

Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray (My Home Tonight)

Forty Fishermen

Forty-Five Years (T) (Vx2)

Forty Shades Of Green (Vx3)

Forty Years Ago

Foundered At Sea

Four Green Fields (V)

Four Marys (V)

Four Strong Winds (Vx2)

Fourteen-Ninety-Seven (Vx2)

Fox And The Goose, The (V)

Fox On The Run (Vx2)

Fracking Song, The (V)


Franky And The Twisters (V)

Freddie's Tune (V)

Free In The Harbour (V)

Freedom (V)

French Perfume (V)

French Shore (Vx2)

Freshwater Bay

Friendly Fire (V)

Frog In The Well

From An Island To An Island (Vx3)

Fruit Loopy (V)

Full Loads To The Sealers

Fuller And Warren

Fun In Newfoundland

Funny, Funny Dad (V)

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