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Gallant Brigantine, The

Gallant Forty Twa (V)

Gallows Cove Bight

Gallows Pole (V)

Galtee Mountain Boy, The (V)

Galveston Rose, The

Galway Bay (Arthur Colahan) (V)

Galway Bay (Frank A. Fahy) (V)

Galway Bay (Parody) (V)

Galway City (Chris Hennessy) (T) (V)

Galway City (Ryan's Fancy)

Galway Girl (Vx3)

Galway Shawl, The (Fred Jorgensen) (T) (Vx2)

Galway Shawl, The (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

Galway Shawl (Susan Lawrence) (V)

Galway Town

Game Of Love, The (V)

Gander On My Mind (V)

Gander River Blues (T) (V)

Garden Song, The (V)

Garnet's Home Made Beer

Gas 'n' Oil

Gasker Song, The

Gather Up The Pots (V)

Gay Maid Of Australia, The

Gay Spanish Maid, A (V)

General Munro (V)

General Rawlinson, The

General Taylor

General Taylor (GBS & Rankin Street) (Vx2)

George Alfred Beckett

George And Pauline (V)

George Bunker

Georges Banks

German Clockwinder, The (Vx2)

Gerry Ryan

Get Her Into Shore

Get Up, Jack - John, Sit Down

Getting Back

Ghost In The Fog (V)

Ghost Lover, The

Ghost Of Bell Isle, The (Vx2)

Ghost Of Dana Bradley, The

Ghost Of Love (V)

Ghostly Crew

Ghosts Of Gull Island

Ghosts Out In The Fog (T) (Vx3)

Giant, The (V)

Gift Of Years, The (V)


Gimmie Sympathy (V)

Girl At The End Of The Bar (V)

Girl From Donegal (Vx2)

Girl From Red Island

Girl I Left Behind, The

Girl I Left Behind Me, The

Girl I Met From Fogo, The

Girl Of Killie Kranky, The

Girl On The Bike, The

Girls From Newfoundland (V)

Girls From Newfoundland, The

Girls From Sweet Bay

Girls Of Newfoundland, The

Give Me Love

Give Me Three Grains Of Corn

Give My Love To Nell (V)

Glad Tidings

Glen Alone, The



Glenora, The

Glenswilly (V)

Glenties (V)

Glimpse Of Heaven (V)

Global Warming (V)

Glory Be (V)

Glow Of The Kerosene Light (T) (V)

Go And Leave Me If You Wish, Love

Go Down You Blood Red Roses (V)

Go From My Window

Go, Lassie, Go (T)

Go To Sea No More (V)

Go To Sea Once More (V)

Go West Young Man

God Bless Thee, Newfoundland

God Save The Queen

Godspeed (T) (Vx2)

Goin' Away (V)

Goin' Out Drinkin' (T) (V)

Goin' Out The Same Way

Goin' Up (T) (V)

Goin' Up With Brudder

Going Back To Newfoundland (V)

Going Home (V)

Going Home Tonight (V)

Going Home To Stay (V)

Going Out The Bay

Going To California (Vx2)

Going With The Flo (V)

Gold Watch And Chain

Golden Glove, The

Golden Hind, The

Golden Jubilee (Vx3)

Golden Vanity, The (Vx2)

Gone By The Board (T) (V)

Gone Now Are The Stages (V)

Gone To Canada

Good Bye Mick (V)

Good Days, The (V)

Good Dog Is Lost, A (V)

Good Old Days (The Sharecroppers)

Good Old Days, The (Gordon Sheppard) (Vx2)

Good Old Hockey Game, The (V)

Good Old Newfie Christmas (V)

Good Ole Newfie Time

Good People (V)

Good Ship Kangaroo, The (Vx2)

Good Times

Good Times Go (V)

Good Woman Contest

Good Year For The Roses, A (V)

Goodbye Dolly Gray

Goodbye Johnny Dear (V)

Goodbye Mrs Durkin

Goodbye Mursheen Durkin (Vx3)

Goodbye My Lovely Annie

Goodbye Old Friend, Goodbye

Goodbye To St Lawrence

Goodbye To You

Goodnight Song, The (V)

Goofy Newfie (V)


Gotta Have An Accordion Man (T)

Gotta Get Me Moose B'y (T) (V)

Government Game, The (V)

Government Song, The (V)

Grá Geal Mo Chroí

Graceful And Charming (Vx2)


Grand Falls Tragedy, The

Grand River Song, The (V)

Grandfather (V)

Grandfather Bryan (Kenneth Peacock)

Grandfather O'Brien (Johnny Burke)

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (T) (V)

Grandmaman Sauvage (V)

Grandma's Apron (V)

Grandma's Old Patch Quilt (V)


Grandmother's Love, A

Grandmother's Old Rocking Chair

Grandmother's Song (V)

Grandpa's Last Motorboat Ride

Grandpa's Motorboat (V)

Granny Bates' Hill

Gray Mare, The

Great Big Moose (V)

Great Big Sea Hove In Long Beach, A (S) (T) (V)

Great Confederation, The

Great Harbour Deep (V)

Great Labrador, The (V)

Great Lobster Boil, The

Great Newsboys Strike, The

Greatest Story, The (V)

Greedy Harbour

Green And White House, The

Green Broom

Green Bushes, The

Green Fields Of France (T) (V)

Green Glens Of Antrim (V)

Green Grassy Hill (V)

Green Green Grass Of Home (Richard Woodrow) (V)

Green Green Grass Of Home (Joan Morrissey Parody)

Green Grow The Laurels

Green Grows The Laurel

Green Hills Of New Bay, The

Green Linnet, The (V)

Green Mossy Banks Of The Lea, The (V)

Green Of The Shamrock, The (V)

Green Rocky Road (V)

Green Shores Of Fogo, The (V)

Green Valley

Green Valleys

Greenland Disaster, The (A House)

Greenland Disaster, The (A C Wornell)

Greenland Disaster, The (MacEdward Leach) (S) (V)

Greenland Disaster, The (Figgy Duff) (V)

Greenland Disaster, The (Mrs. John Walsh)

Greenland Whale Fisheries (T) (V)

Greenland Whale Fishery (V)

Greensleeves (Vx2)

Greenspond (V)

Grenfell (Vx2)

Grey Foggy Day (T) (Vx3)

Grey Funnel Line (V)

Grey Mare, The

Grief Is A Knot

Grizzly Bear Hunt, The (V)

Gull Cove

Gumboot Clogeroo (V)

Gushue Gold

Gypsy Blood

Gypsy Laddie-O

Gypsy Maiden

Gypsy Rover, The (T) (V)

Gypsy Wind, The




H'Emmer Jane, The (Omar Blondahl)

H'Emmer Jane, The (Edith Fowke) (S)

Half An Hour Later (Vx2)

Half Door, The (Omar Blondahl) (V)

Half Door, The (Labrador Black Spruce) (V)

Halls Bay Fisherman

Hand In Hand (V)

Hand That Rocks The Cradle (V)


Handsome Cabin Boy, The (Vx2)

Handsome Harry

Handsome John

Hangashore (Vx2)

Hang Up The Baby's Stocking

Happiest Birthday, The

Happy Anniversary (V)

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Newfoundlanders (V)

Happy Valley (Eric Waterman) (V)

Happy Valley Song, The (The Flummies) (V)

Harbours Of Home

Harbour Days (V)

Harbour Grace (V)

Harbour Grace Excursion, The

Harbour Is Empty, The (V)

Harbour Le Cou (Ryan's Fancy) (S) (T) (V)

Harbour Le Cou (Dick Nolan) (V)

Hard Case (V)

Hard Hard Times (Wonderful Grand Band) (V)

Hard Hard Times (Dick Nolan) (V)

Hard Hard Times (Jack Slade) (V)

Hard Times (MacEdward Leach) (T

Hard Times (Come Again No More) (Ennis Sisters) (V)

Hard Times Come Again No More (Judy Brazil) (Vx2)

Hark Now

Harkin's Voyage

Harmless Young Jim

Harris And The Mare (V)

Harry Dunn

Harry, Joe And Jim

Haste To The Wedding (V)

Hat My Father Wore, The

Haul Away Joe #1 (V)

Haul Away Joe #2 (V)

Haul Her Along (T)

Have A Cuppa Tea (V)

Have You Ever? (V)

Have You Ever Fell In Love (T) (V)

Have You Seen (Vx2)

Haven't Seen You In A Long Time

Hawco The Hero

Headin' Eastbound (V)

Headin' Home (V)

Heading Home For Christmas (V)

Health To The Company (V)

Hear The Nightingale Sing (V)

Heart Of Hearts (V)

Heart Of Stone (Great Big Sea) (V)

Heart Of Stone (Du-cats) (V)

Heart Of The Home (V)

Heart That Will Never Break (V)

Hearty Welcome To Our Dandy Newfoundland Runners, A

Heave Away (S) (T)

Heave Away (Fables) (Vx2)

Heave Away Me Johnnies (Shanneyganock)

Heave Away, My Johnny (Liam Clancy) (V)

Heaven By Sea (V)

Heaven's Newfoundland

Heights Of Alma, The (V)

Hello In There (V)

Hello, Mom And Dad (We're Coming Home For Christmas) (T) (V)


Helpless Memories (V)

Helplessly Watching Our Town Slowly Die (T)

Hembrick Town

Henry And Nancy

Henry Martin (Vx3)

Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway (T) (Vx3)

Her Goodbye Note (V)

Here And Now (V)

Here At Home (V)

Here Comes The Hurricane

Here Comes The Rain

Here's Adieu To Old England

Here's To Life (V)

Here's To Song (V)

Here's To The Morning Glory

Heritage, The

Herring, The (V)

Herring Croon (V)

Herring Gibbers, The

Herring Store Song, The

Herring's Head

Herzogin Cecilie

He's A Part Of Me

He's Come Out

He's Young But He's Daily Growing (V)

Het Kleine Café Aan De Haven (V)

Hey, Buddy

Hibernia Waltz (V)

High Germany (V)

High On C.C.

High On The Mountain Of Old Mokami

High On Vimy Ridge (Emmeline) (V)

High Rollin' Sea (T) (V)

High Times In Our Ship

Hills Of Connemara (Vx2)

Hills Of Glenshee, The (V)

Hills Of Glenswilly, The (V)

Hills Of Home (V)

Hills Of New Hampshire

Hills Of Old Bonne Bay (V)

Hillside In September, The

Hillsides Of Torbay, The

Hip Rubber Gang, The

History Of The World, The

Hit The Ground And Run (Vx2)

Hitler In Bits

Hoban Boys, The

Hockey Song, The (V)

Hold On To Me

Holding Ground (V)

Hole In The Ground (V)

Hole In The Wall, The

Holy Ground, The (V)

Holly And The Ivy (V)

Holyrood Song (V)

Home (V)

Home Again This Year (V)

Home At Last

Home Beside The Sea (V)

Home, Boys! (T)

Home Boys Home (Shanneyganock) (V)

Home, Boys, Home (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

Home By The River (Vx2)

Home By The Sea (T) (V)

Home By Three (V)

Home For A Rest (T) (Vx2)

Home From The Sea (V)

Home Is Where My Heart Lies (V)

Home On The Island (V)

Home To Bell Island (V)

Homes And Girls Of Newfoundland

Hometown Boys (V)

Hometown By The Bay (V)

Homeward Bound

Honest Working Man

Honey Come Home To Me (V)

Honky Tonk Hangashore

Horatio The Penguin (V)

Hospitality's Pavilion

House In Trinity East, The (V)

House With One Blue Light, The (V)

How Did We Get From Saying I Love You

How Far Can A Little Girl Fall? (V)

How Far Is Heaven?

How I Love My Grandpa (V)

How Long? (T)

How Many Miles?

How Tapper Lost The Race

Howley Moose, A

Humours Of Whiskey, The (V)

Hungover Again (V)

Huntin' In The Spring (V)

Hunting Seals

Hunting The Duck (V)

Huntingdon Shore, The (Gerald S Doyle) (V)

Huntingdown Shore, The (Lehr & Best)

Husbands And Wives

Hush-A-Bye, Baby

Hush, Little Baby

Hush-O-Bye, Baby

Hymn, The (V)

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