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I Am Dying

I Asked For Her Name (V)

I Believe (V)

I Can't Dance Without You (V)

I Feel Another heartbreak

I Followed Her Into The West (V)

I Gave My Rose Away

I Got A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue

I Gotta Find A Woman With A Chainsaw (V)

I Had A Hat (When I Came In) (V)

I Had But 50 Cents (V)

I Have Always Loved It (Nantem Minuataman)

I Is A Newfoundlander (Vx2)

I Just Arrived From Dublin

I Lobster And Never Flounder

I Long To Be Wedding

I Love Chocolate (Zeke Hoskin) (V)

I Love To Be A Sailor

I Married A Newfie (V)

I Never Met A Liar (I Didn't Like) (V)

I Never Will Marry (Masterless Men) (Vx2)

I Never Will Marry (Sons Of Erin) (V)

I No More Will Be Passing This Way (V)

I Once Loved A Beautiful Lady

I Once Was A Fisherman

I Saw Three Ships (V)

I Still Miss My Old Home Town (T) (V)

I Used To Call Her Darling (But Now I Call Her Collect)

I Want To Go To Nain (Nainimut)

I Went To My Love's Window

I Will Bring You Home

I Will Love You

I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me (T) (V)

I Wish I Was In Newfie (V)

I Wish I'd Stayed Around (V)

I Wish They'd Do It Now (Vx2)

I Won't Be Coming Back (V)

Iceberg Towering Over Me (V)

ICI Song, The (Vx3)

I'd Like To Rent A Child (V)

I'd Never Walk Away (V)

I'd Rather Be Gone (V)

Idiot, The (V)

Idle No More (Manitou) (V)

If Anything Happened To You (V)

If God Made Heaven Here (V)

If I Was A Blackbird (V)

If I Were A Blackbird (Vx2)

If It Wasn't For The DJ's (V)

If Old Boats Could Talk (V)

If Only (V)

If This Isn't Heaven (I Think It Will Do) (V)

If Those Lips Could Only Speak (V)

If Venice Is Sinking (V)

If Wishes Were Fishes (T) (Vx2)

If You Ain't Got Love (V)

If You Haven't Lived In Newfoundland

If Your Wife Is Run Down Give Her Cod Liver Oil

I'll Always Love You (V)

I'll Be Seventeen Come Sunday

I'll Be There (V)

I'll Be There Christmas Eve (V)

I'll Bring It On Home To You (V)

I'll Forgive And I'll Try To Forget (V)

I'll Hang My Harp (On A Willow Tree)

I'll Need Someone To Hold Me (When I Cry) (V)

I'll Never Be Alone (T)

I'll Never Forget My Newfie Ways (V)

I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers (V)

I'll See You (Uneasy)

I'll Show You Newfoundland (V)

I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (V)

I'll Tell Me Ma - Belfast City (T) (Vx4)

I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day
(Rankin Street Pre-GBS) (V)

I'm A Man You Don't Meet Every Day
(MacEdward Leach)

I'm A Newfie By George (V)

I'm A Poor Unfortunate Miserable Man

I'm A Rover (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

I'm A Rover (The Landsmen; Great Big Sea) (V)

I'm Alive (V)

I'm Drinkin' Once Again

I'm Forsaken For Another

I'm From Newfoundland Not Disneyland (V)

I'm Going To Set You Free (V)

I'm In The Right (V)

I'm Lonely Since My Mother Died

I'm My Own Grandpa (Vx2)

I'm Not The Boy I Used To Be (V)

I'm Proud To Be A Son Of Labrador

I'm Sitting On The Stile, Mary

I'm The B'y (Great Big Sea)

In A Town This Size (V)

In Canso Strait

In Courtship There Lies Pleasure

In Duckworth Street There Lived A Dame

In Flanders Fields (V)

In Memorial Of 77 Brave Newfoundland Sealers

In Memoriam

In Newfoundland

In Praise Of Christmas (V)

In Praise Of My New-Found-Land

In Spite Of Ourselves (V)

In The Bleak Midwinter (V)

In The Bushes With You (V)

In The Woods

Independent Harbour Tragedy (V)

Indian Lament, The

Indian's Lament, The (Kenneth Peacock)

Indian's Lament, The (Tommy Nemec)

Inlaw's Song

Inn At Innisfree, The (Louise Morrissey) (Vx2)

Innugiamik Labradorimi

Into The West

Irish Colleen, The

Irish Lullaby (V)

Irish Miner, The (V)

Irish Paddy (V)

Irish Rover, The (Ryan's Fancy) (T) (V)

Irish Rover, The (Irish Descendants) (V)

Irish Sailor Boy, The

Irish Soldier Boy (V)

Irish Stranger, The

Irish Washerwoman

Is You 'Appy (T) (V)

I's Da B'y (Dick Nolan - Disco Variant) (V)

I's The B'y That Builds The Boat (Kenneth Peacock) (Vx2)

I'se Da B'y (Shanneyganock) (V)

I'se The B'y (Gerald S Doyle) (S) (V)

I'se The B'y (Great Big Sea) (Vx2)

I'se The B'y That Builds The Boat (Gordon Bok)

Island In The Sea (V)

Island Memories (V)

Island Of Mine (V)

Island Of Newfoundland (V)

Island Of Wabana (V)

Island Song, The (Vx2)

Island Spirits

Island To Island (V)

Island View

Islander, The (Bruce Moss) (Vx4)

Islander, The (Marco Hietala)

Isle In The Water

Isle Of Newfoundland (Dick Nolan)

Isle Of Newfoundland (Roy Payne) (T) (V)

Isle Of Newfoundland (Stompin' Tom Connors) (V)

It Ain't Funny (V)

It Couldn't Happen Here (V)

It Makes No Difference Now (V)

It Was Early One Cold Winter's Morning

Itches In My Britches (Vx2)

It'll Have To Wait (V)

It's Christmas Time In Newfoundland (V)

It's Friday (V)

It's Going To Rain Tomorrow (V)

It's Good To See You (V)

It's Not About You (V)

It's Not The End Of The World (V)

It's So Old But Ever New In Newfoundland (V)

I've Been A Gay Rovin' Young Fellow

I've Been Everywhere

I've Been To Donovan's

I've Never Been To Newfoundland (V)

I've Seen A Little (V)




Jack And Joe

Jack Hinks (Greenleaf & Mansfield) (S)

Jack Hinks (Great Big Sea) (T) (V)

Jack Hinks (John White)

Jack Johnston, The Cobbler

Jack Of All Trades (V)

Jack The Jolly Tar (V)

Jack Timmins

Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor (Anchors Aweigh) (S) (T) (Vx4)

Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor (Sharecroppers) (Vx2)

Jackie Tar (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

Jackie Tar (Traditional) (V)

Jakey's Gin (V)

Jam On Gary's Rock, The (S)

Jam On Jerry's Rock, The (V)

James Connolly (Vx2)

Jane Hunter

Japanese Gin (V)

Jealous Lover

Jeannie C. (V)

Jemima's Goat

Jennifer Gentle (V)

Jenny Donnelly (V)

Jerk (V)

Jessie Monroe (Shanneyganock) (V)

Jessie Munro (Kenneth Peacock) (V)

Jessie Munroe (Helen Creighton)

Jesus Take Hold Of My Hand

Jig One On The Sly (V)

Jim Blake

Jim Harris (V)

Jim McCarthy

Jimmy (V)

Jimmy And Nancy (A Seaman And His Love)

Jimmy And Nancy (Farewell, Charming Nancy)

Jimmy And Nancy (Nancy Of Yarmouth)

Jimmy And Nancy (The Departure)

Jimmy And Nancy On The Sea

Jimmy Bruisse's Pig

Jimmy Walsh And Stephen (S) (V)

Jimmy Whalen

Jimmy Whelan (V)

Jimmy's Last Christmas

Jimmy's Song (Little Jimmy's Christmas) (Vx2)

Jissom, The

Joan And John Blount

Joe Batt's Arm Bully, That (V)

Joe Batt's Arm Longliners (T) (V)

Joey Long's Goat

John (V)

John Barbour (Kenneth Peacock)

John Barbour (Great Big Sea) (Vx2)

John Burke

John Cook (V)

John Cutter

John Flood (V)

John Martin, The

John Mitchell

John O'Dreams (V)

John O'Neil

John O'Reilly

Johnny Be Fair (V)

Johnny Bucher ~ Ryan's Fancy (V)

Johnny Bucker ~ Government Rams (V)

Johnny Coughlin

Johnny Doyle

Johnny Dunlay

Johnny From Hazelgreen

Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya (T) (Vx2)

Johnny Lad (Vx2)

Johnny McEldoo (Liam Clancy & Tommy Makem) (V)

Johnny McEldoo (Rankin Street Pre-GBS) (V)

Johnny Poker

Johnny The Troller

Johnny's Gone To Sea

Johnny's Moonshine (V)

Johnny's Waterbed (T) (V)

Jolly Beggarman (Connemara) (T)

Jolly Beggarman, The (Barry Taylor)

Jolly Butcher, The

Jolly Butchermen, The (V)

Jolly Jack (V)

Jolly Ploughboy, The

Jolly Poker (V)

Jolly Roving Tar (Vx2)

Joseph And Clara Smallwood, The

Joy Of Living (Vx2)

Jubilee Guild, The

Jug Of Punch (Vx3)

July Bride (Vx2)

July Drive, The

July Fire, The

Just A Memory (V)

Just A Number (V)

Just Beyond The Mountain

Just Beyond The Sunset (V)

Just Who You're Goin' To Meet




Kate O'Branch

Kate Of Branch

Kate's Big Shirt

Katherine Jaffray

Katie, I'm Bound For The Sea

Kayley Lee (V)

Keep On Walkin' (V)

Keeping Myself Company

Keg Of Brandy (V)

Kelligrews Soiree, The (S) (T) (Vx3)

Kelly The Pirate

Kevin Barry (MacEdward Leach) (V)

Kevin Barry (Stompin' Tom Connors) (V)

Key To Your Heart, The (V)

Keyhole In The Door, The

Killing Song (Vx2)

Killing The Deer And The Wild Buffalo

Kingdom Of Kerry, The (V)

Kingfisher, The (T)

King's Daughter, The

Kiss Him (V)

Kissing Cousins (V)

Kitchen Party, The

Kitty Bawn O'Brien (V)

Knackered Again

Knight And The Labourman's Daughter, The

Knit Me A Sweater Mom

Kyle, The (Vx3)




Labrador (Kenneth Peacock)

Labrador (Eric Waterman) (T) (V)

Labrador (The Flummies)

Labrador Rose (Vx3)

Labrador Shore, The (V)

Labrador Song, The (V)

Labrador To The Core (V)

Labrador's Home (V)

Lad And A Lass, A (Figgy Duff) (V)

Lad And A Lass, A (Kenneth Peacock)

Ladies Dart League Fight (T) (V)

Lads Who Live In Ireland, The

Lady And The Sailor, The

Lady Franklin's Lament (Jesse Ferguson) (V)

Lady Franklin's Lament (Greenleaf & Mansfield)

Lady From The Island

Lady Leroy, The (Kenneth Peacock)

Lady Leroy, The (Digital Tradition #440)

Lady Like Mom, A (T) (V)

Lady Luck, The (T) (V)

Lady Margaret (Kenneth Peacock) (V)

Lady Margaret (MacEdward Leach)

Lady Margaret (Peggy Seeger)

Lady Who Threw Her Fan

Lady's Waiting-Man, The

Lake Erie

Lake Of Coll Finn

Lament Of The Irish Emigrant


Land Called Labrador, A (V)

Land God Gave To Cain, The (Labrador Black Spruce) (V)

Land God Gave To Cain, The (Pat & Joe Byrne) (T) (Vx2)

Land Of Fish And Seals, The

Land Of Libertie, The (V)

Land Of The Muskeg, The (V)

Land Of The Silver Birch (V)

Landfall Of Cabot, The (Johnny Burke)

Landfall Of Cabot Parody, The (Gerald S Doyle)

Lark In The Morning, The (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

Lark In The Morning, The (Shanneyganock) (Vx2)

Lass In Bethlehem Green, The

Lass Of Swansea Town, The (V)

Last Battle, The

Last Days Of Okak, The

Last Great Charge, The

Last Kiss

Last Leviathan, The (Andy Barnes)

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream (Vx3)

Last Of The Great Whales (Irish Descendants) (V)

Last Of The Reasons (Roy Payne)

Last Of The Reasons (Roustabout)

Last Shanty, The (Vx2)

Last Thing On My Mind, The (V)

Last Train Goin' Home (V)

Last Waterhaul, The (V)

Lather And Shave

Laughing Policeman, The (V)

Lavender Cowboy (Vx3)

Lay It All On Me (T)

Lazy Tom (V)

Le Vent Boheme

Lead, Kindly Light (V)

Leather Britches

Leave Her Johnny (Buddy Wasisname)

Leave Her Johnny (Stan Hugill) (V)

Leave This House

Leavin' On My Mind (V)

Leaving (V)

Leaving, The

Leaving For London (V) (Robbie Martin)

Leaving Home (V)

Leaving London (V) (Ryan's Fancy)

Leaving Nancy (Vx2)

Leaving Of Liverpool (Vx3)

Leaving Of Nancy (V)

Leaving On The Evening Tide (T) (V)

Leg Of Mutton Went Over To France, A (V)

Legacy Of Cabot's Newfoundland (T)

Legionnaires, The (V)

Leif Ericson (T)

Leprechaun, The (V)

Lesson Too Late For The Learning, A (V)

Let Her Go

Let It Go (Vx2)

Let Me Fill My Dory

Let Me Fish Off Cape St Mary's (S) (T) (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

Let Me Fish Off Cape St Mary's (S) (T) (Gerald S Doyle) (Vx3)

Let Mr McGuire Sit Down (V)

Let My Turbot Go

Let The Gypsies Roll (T) (V)

Let The Lower Lights Be Burning (V)

Let The Mummers In (V)

Letter At Corfu

Letter Edged In Black, The

Letter To Mom Up In Heaven, A (V)

Letters Of Love, The

Lie, The

Lindbergh's Baby

Life Goes On

Life In The Outport (V)

Life Is Just Not Fair (V)

Life Of The Country Boy (V)

Life On The Sea (V)

Lifetime Struggles (V)

Light Of The Western Stars, The

Light Up A Fire (V)


Lights Of December (V)

Like The Sea

Like Ya Would (Joey Smallwood) (V)

Like Ya Would (The Punters)

Likeable, Lovable Leitrim Lad (V)

Lilacs Are For Angels (V)

Lilly (V) (T)

Lily Of The West, The (V)

Linerboard Mill, The (V)

Lines On The Death Of Professor Danielle

Liquor Book (V)

Lisa (V)

Lish Young Buy A Broom (V)

Little Apprentice, The

Little Beggardude (Great Big Sea) (V)

Little Beggarman (Great Big Sea) (V)

Little Beggar Man (Little Johnny Cameron) (Vx2)

Little Bit More, A (V)

Little Blue Forget Me Not (V)

Little Boats Of Newfoundland (T) (Vx4)

Little Boneen

Little Bunch Of Whiskers, The

Little Cabin Home (David Blackmore) (V)

Little Cabin Home On The Hill
(Pearl Janes & Karren Churchill) (V)

Little Christmas Dream (V)

Little Darling (V)

Little Green Dory, The (V)

Little Jeanie

Little Jimmy's Christmas (Vx2)

Little Mohee

Little Of Your Lovin', A (V)

Little Part Of Heaven (V)

Little Piece Of Heaven, A (V)

Little Pot Stove (V)

Little Sister (V)

Little Too Much To Drink, A (V)

Little Town In The Old County Down (V)

Little Town Of Nutak (V)

Live, Love, Sing (V)

Liverpool Lou (Vx3)

Liverpool Pilot, The

Lives And Property Carried Away By The Tidal Wave

Living The Old Days With The New (T) (V)

Liyanna (V)

Liza Gray

Loch Lomond (Andrew Lang)

Loch Lomond (Lady John Scott) (Vx2)

Lock-Keeper (V)

Log Driver's Waltz (Vx3)

Log Jam Song, The / White Water (V)

Loggers' Plight, The

Lonely Sarah

Lonely Waterloo

Lonesome For Newfoundland (V)

Long Ago And Far Away (Harve Bishop) (V)

Long Ago And Far Away (Kevin Collins)

Long As You're A Good Man (V)

Long Before Your Time (Bobby Evans) (V)

Long Black Veil (T) (V)

Long Cool Woman (V)

Long Haul, The (T) (V)

Long Life (Where Did You Go?) (V)

Long Long Before Your Time (Masterless Men) (Vx2)(T) (Vx2)

Long Lost Love (T) (V)

Long May Your Big Jib Draw (V)

Long Night (V)

Long Tall Sally (V)

Long The Shore Man (V)

Long Time Ago, A (V)

Long Time Gone (V)

Long Way Home, The (V)

Long Winter Nights (V)

Longer Than Time (T)

Longest Name Song

Look Ahead (V)

Look At Her Blow (V)

Lookin' Out The Cove

Looking Back (Vx2)

Looking For A Woman With A Syncrude Job (V)

Lookout Hill

Lord Bateman (MacEdward Leach) (V)

Lord Bateman (Kenneth Peacock) (V)

Lord Bless Charlie Mopps (T) (Vx2)

Lord Donald (Vx2)

Lord Franklin (Vx2)

Lord Have Mercy On My Soul

Lord Of The Island (V)

Lord Of The Rings (May It Be)

Lord Thomas And Fair Elender (V)

Loss Of The Anglo Saxon

Loss Of The Atlantic, The

Loss Of The Barbara Ann Ronney, The

Loss Of The Bay Rupert, The

Loss Of The Bruce, The

Loss Of The City Of Quebec, The

Loss Of The Danny Goodwin, The

Loss Of The Donald L. Silver

Loss Of The Eliza, The

Loss Of The Ella M Rudolph, The (Abbreviated)

Loss Of The Ella M Rudolph, The (Original)

Loss Of The Ellen Munn, The (Edith Fowke)

Loss Of The Ellen Munn, The (Young Jimmy Flynn)

Loss Of The Guernsey, The

Loss Of The Jewel, The

Loss Of The John Harvey, The

Loss Of The Jubal Cain, The

Loss Of The Marion, The (T) (Vx2)

Loss Of The Marion Rogers (V)

Loss Of The Patrick Morris (V)

Loss Of The Rammelly, The

Loss Of The Regalis, The

Loss Of The Riseover, The

Loss Of The Sailor's Home

Loss Of The Schooner Susan On The Labrador

Loss Of The Shamrock, The

Loss Of The Ship Jane Maria, The (V)

Loss Of The Snorre, The

Loss Of The Titanic, The

Loss Of The Truxton And Pollux (T) (V)

Lost Dorymates (V)

Lost On The Road Again (V)

Lost Souls (Ode To Gander, An) (V)

Lost Ties (V)

Lost To The Sea (T) (V)

Lots Of Fish In Bonavist' Harbour (S) (T) (V)

Louise's Song (V)

Love (V)

Love And Happiness (V)

Love At Eleven Years Old (V)

Love Is Lovely

Love Left Town (V)

Love Me Again (V)

Love Me Tonight (V)

Loveliest Day In June, The (V)

Lovely Georgie

Lovely Irish Maid, The

Lovely Jimmie

Lovely Lowland Maid, The

Lovely Molly

Lovely Nancy #1

Lovely Nancy #2

Lovely Nancy #3

Lovely Newfoundlander, The

Lovers (T)

Lover's Trial, The

Lowlands Of Holland, The

Loyola's Song

Luck Went With The Sealers, The

Lucky Me (Vx3)

Lukey (Great Big Sea) (V)

Lukey's Boat (T) (Vx2)

Lullaby (V)

Lumber Camp Song, The (V)

Lumberjack Song, The

Lumberman's Alphabet, The


Lupins (V)

Lure Of The Labrador Wild (V)

Lure Of The Shore (V)

I to L Songs By Titles at GEST Songs

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