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MacArthur's Island (V)

Madam I Am A Soldier

Maggie (Canadian) (V)

Maggie (Irish variant of Nora) (T) (V)

Maggie (Harry Hibbs) (V)

Maggie, The

Maggie Madigan - Titanic Survivor (V)

Magic Of The Dance (V)

Maid And The Horse, The

Maid Of Glenshee

Maid Of Newfoundland, The (James Murphy)

Maid Of Newfoundland, The (Kenneth Peacock)

Maid Of Newfoundland, The (Kenny Family)

Maid Of Rygate, The

Maid Of Sweet Gartheen, The

Maid Of The Mountain Brow

Maid On The Shore (Judy Brazil) (V)

Maid On The Shore, The (Barry Taylor)

Maid On The Shore, The (Stan Rogers) (V)

Maid On The Shore O, The (Kenneth Peacock)

Maiden's Prayer, A (V)

Mainlander Newfie, The

Make And Break Harbour (T) (Vx2)

Make The Change (V)

Make The World Go Away (V)

Makin' For The Harbour (T) (V)

Makin' The Break

Makeup Song, The (V)

Male Bonding Song

Mallard, The (V)


Mama Always Wanted Roses (V)

Mama Remember (V)

Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Fishermen (V)

Man Behind The Gun, The (V)

Man In The Moon Is A Newfie, The (S) (T) (V)

Man Of A Thousand Songs (V)

Man Of Steel (V)

Man-Of-War Piece, The

Manchester Rambler (V)

Manitou (Idle No More) (V)

Mantle So Green, The

Many A Mile (V)

Maple Leaf Squadron, The

Marching Inland

Margarita (V)

Margaret Mary O'Brien

Margo's Cargo (T) (V)

Mari Mac (V)

Maria And Caroline

Marian Parker


Maritime Farewell (Vx2)

Maritime Fever

Maritime Girl (V)

Maritime Star, The

Marry? No, Not I!

Marshall Frank Story, The (V)


Mary And The Seal

Mary Ann (Mother Malone) (Vx2)

Mary Ann Hooligan Takes In The Circus

Mary Ecklan

Mary Ellen Carter, The (T) (Vx3)

Mary From Dungloe (V)

Mary Got A Baby (V)

Mary Had A Wiliam Goat

Mary Joe Slip On Your Bloomers

Mary Joe's Mash

Mary Mack

Mary Neal

Mary Of The Wild Moor (Harry Hibbs) (V)

Mary On The Wild Moor (Traditional)

Mary Vickery And Connelly Donnelly

Mary's Lullaby (V)

Massacre Of Glencoe, The (V)

Master Watch, The

Matt Eiley (V)

Matt Ireland (V)

Matty Groves (Vx2)

Maurice Crotty

Maurice Hogan's Song

Maurice Kelly

Mauzy Monday (T) (V)

May God Guard And Prosper England

May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight? (V)

May It Be

May You Never Be Alone (V)

McAlpine's Fusiliers (V)

McCanning's Hanging


McClure, The

McDonald Of Salmonier

McGinnis At The Rink

Mckenna's Song (Vx3)

Me And Bill

Me And Brother Bill (V) (T)

Me And My Friend

Me Auld Skellara Hat (Vx2)

Me Car

Me C'ck's Me Own (V)

Me, Danny And Stanley (V)

Me Darlin' Laura-Ann (V)

Me New Townie Man (V)

Me Unemployment Boots (V)

Measure Of A Man, The (V)

Medicine Jack

Meeting Of The Waters

Memories Of Corner Brook

Memories Of Grand Bank (V)

Memories Of Mandy (V)

Memories Of The Newfie Bullet

Men Of The Bay

Men Of The Sea

Men Of Worth (V)

Men Who Die For A Living (Vx2)

Merasheen Isle Farewell

Merchants, The

Merchant Sailor's Farewell, The (V)

Merchants Song, The

Mermaid (Sharecropppers) (Vx2)

Mermaid, The (MacEdward Leach)

Mermaid, The (Great Big Sea) (V)

Merman, The

Merry Christmas From Home (V)

Merry Christmas, World (V)

Merry Ploughboy (Vx2)

Metrobus (V)

Michael (Vx2)

Michael Power, The Blind Minstrel

Middle Of The Sea (V)

Midnight And The Moon (T) (V)

Mighty Titanic, The

Mighty Vikings, The

Milk In The Pail (V)

Milkman's Lament, The

Mike Bolin

Mike Dwyer

Mike's Mom

Mikey's Song (V)

Mill Whistle, The (Vx2)

Milltown (V)

Miner's Lullaby, The (Coorie Doon) (Vx2)

Mines Of Avondale, The

Mingulay Boat Song (T) (Vx3)

Minstrel Boy, The (V)

Miquelon Run (T)

Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake (V)

Missing Home Today (V)

Missing In Action (Vx2)

Missing My Island Home (V)

Missus, The (V)

Mist Covered Mountains Of Home (V)

Mist Upon A Morning (V)

Mister Snowflake (V)

Misty Moisty Morning (V)

Misty Morning Shore (V)

Mobile Goat, The (Vx2)

Molly Agnew

Molly Bawn (Maud Karpeles)

Molly Bawn (Ryan's Fancy) (T) (Vx2)

Molly Bawn (McEdward Leach)

Molly Malone (Cockles and Mussels) (Vx3)

Molly McLaughlin

Momma Always Wanted Roses (V)

Momma's Long Black Hair (V)

Mom's Picture On The Wall (V)

Mona Jean (V)

Monday Morning

Monday To Friday (V)

Money Rolls In, The (V)

Moon Beneath My Feet (V)

Moon Man Newfie, The (S) (T) (Vx3)

Moonshine Can (Dick Nolan) (Vx2)

Moonshine Can, The (Kenneth Peacock)

Moonshine Informer, The

Moorsoldaten, Die (V)

Moose Or A Horse (V)

Moose Song, The (George Croucher) (V)

Moose Song, The (Kevin Beanland) (V)

Moratorium, The

Moratorium Blues (T) (V)

More Than A Game (V)

Morley's Going To The Mainland

Morning Dew, The (S)

Morning Glory (Vx2)

Morning On Signal Hill

Morrissey And The Black

Morrissey And The Russian Sailor (V)

Mother (Barry Davis) (V)

Mother (Bernie Sheaves) (V)

Mother Carey (Tom Lewis)

Mother Carey (As Told Me By The Bo'sun) (V)

Mother Malone (Vx2)

Mother McLaughlin's Party

Mother Was A Lady

Mother's Cross (V)

Mother's Last Goodbye

Mother's Love Is A Blessing, A

Mother's Love's A Blessing, A (V)

Mother's Song (Leo Bromley) (V)

Mother's Song (Ronnie Rose) (V)

Mother's Wedding Ring (V)

Mount Cashel Raffle, The (V)

Mountain Is Gone, The (V)

Mountain Tae (Vx2)

Mountains Of Mourne, The (Vx2)

Mountie And The Moonshine, The (V)

Moving Away (V)

Mr Ambassador (V)

Mr Costler

Mr Frog Went A-Courting (V)

Mr Home Hardware (V)

Mr McGuire Sit Down (Vx2)

Mr Wright And Mrs Wrong

Mrs Brookin's Cat

Mrs Dempsey

Mrs Mullowney Was Three Weeks In Bed

Mrs Murphy's Chowder (V)

Much Better View Of The Moon, A

Muirsheen Durkin (V)

Mummers Carol, The (Great Big Sea) (Vx2)

Mummers Night In Oshawa (V)

Mummers Song, The (Simani) (Tx2) (V)

Murder Of Alfreda Pike, The

Murder Of Ann O'Brien, The

Murder Of Dennis Somers, The

Murder Of Miss Wyatt, The

Murphy Broke The Pledge

Murphy In The Cupboard

Mursheen Durkin (T) (Vx2)

Mush Mush

Music And Friends (T) (Vx3)

Music And Friends They're Everything (V)

Music Box Dancer

Mussels In The Corner (Traditional) (V)

Mussels In The Corner (Flying Folk Army)

Mutiny On The Dawn (V)

MV Christmas Seal (V)

My Apology (V)

My Beauty Of Limerick (V)

My Bonny Irish Boy (Kenneth Peacock)

My Bonny Irish Boy (MacEdward Leach)

My Bonny Labouring Boy

My Brother Sylvest (Vx2)

My Cape Shore Home (V)

My Castle By The Sea

My Childhood Home (V)

My Cove (Vx3)

My Daddy's Ship

My Dad's The Engineer (V)

My Dear, I'm Bound For Canada

My Dear Mary Anne

My Dear Old Fogo Isle (V)

My Father Gave Me

My Father's Boat (V)

My Father's Land (V)

My Father's Old Sou'wester (Vx2)

My First Love Was Sarah

My Flora And Me

My Good Lookin' Man

My Good-Looking Man

My Grandfather And Me (V)

My Grandfather's Fiddle (Vx3)

My Green Valleys (Vx2)

My Handsome Sailor Boy

My Heart And Soul's In Newfoundland (V)

My Heart Is Home (V)

My Heart's In Newfoundland (V)

My Home By The Sea (Brian Finn) (V)

My Home By The Sea (Randy Dyke) (Vx2)

My Home In St John's (V)

My Homestead By The Sea (Vx2)

My INCO Hat (V)

My Irish Molly O (V)

My Island Home (Aaron Cobb)

My Island Home (John Lane) (V)

My Island, My Newfoundland (Vx2)

My Johnny Lad (Vx2)

My Last Broken Heart

My Little Blue Hen

My Little Home Across The Sea

My Love In Newfoundland

My Lovely Irish Rose (V)

My Mama's Resting Place (V)

My Mantle Of Green

My Mom And Dad

My Mother Is The Ocean Sea (V)

My Mother Was A Lady

My Name Is (A Frank Willis) (Bob Porter) (V)

My Newfoundland (Ada Piercey-Jenkins)

My Newfoundland (Mickey Michael) (V)

My Newfoundland And Labrador (T)

My Newfoundland Blue Eyes (V)

My Newfoundland Girl (T) (V)

My Newfoundland Home (Eric Waterman) (T) (V)

My Newfoundland Home (Junior Walsh) (V)

My Newfoundland Home (Kyrl Dollimount) (V)

My Newfoundland Memories (V)

My Old Brown Coat And Me (V)

My Old Cod Jigger (V)

My Old Dudeen (Kenneth Peacock)

My Old Dudeen (MacEdward Leach)

My Old Homestead (Vx2)

My Old Man (V)

My Old Man's A Dustman (Vx2)

My Old Ragado

My Old Wooden Shack (T) (V)

(My Own Dear) Galway Bay (V)

My Ramblin' Boy (V)

My Red Rose Turns To White

My Seaport Town

My Special Friend (V)

My Sweet Forget Me Not (Vx2)

My Sweetheart (V)

My Uncle Don

My Wild Irish Rose

My Wish For You (V)

Myers III

Mystery Tonight (V)




Nailing Pailings On My Fence (V)

Nainimut (I Want To Go To Nain)

Nancy (V)

Nancy From London (Pamela Morgan) (V)

Nancy From London (Kenneth Peacock)

Nancy, Lovely Nancy

Nancy Spain (T) (Vx2)

Nancy Whiskey

Nanny Barrett

Nantem Minuataman (I Have Always Loved It)

Napoleon's Farewell To Paris

Nation Once Again, A (Vx2)

Native Side (V)

Navy Hymn (Vx2)

Nellie J Banks, The (V)

Nellie Neil, Me Little Kettle

Net Hauling Song (Vx2)

Never Been There Before (Vx2)

Never Fading Rose (T) (V)

Never Had (V)

Never Met A Liar (I Didn't Like) (V)

Never Pack Your Woman's Suitcase

Never Sail (V)

New Branches On The Tree (V)

New Mown Hay (T) (V)

New Patches

New Shiny Jigger (V)

New Shoes For The Children (V)

New South Wales (V)

New York Trader

Newfie Ain't So Goofie, The

Newfie Blues (V)

Newfie Bound (V)

Newfie Boy (Roy Payne) (Vx2)

Newfie Boy (Eric Blanchard) (T) (V)

Newfie Boy, A (Kenny Petitpas) (V)

Newfie Christmas Jig

Newfie Clock Winder (V)

Newfie Country Girl

Newfie Girl (T) (V)

Newfie Polka, The (V)

Newfie Rap

Newfie Rock, Newfie Roll (V)

Newfie Screech

Newfie Sheik, The (V)

Newfie Show (V)

Newfie Soldier (V)

Newfie Stomp, The (T) (V)

Newfoundland (Frank Hennessy) (V)

Newfoundland (Joe West) (V)

Newfoundland (Padraig Grimes) (V)

Newfoundland (Peter Francis Quinlan) (V)

Newfoundland (Rideout & Shaw)

Newfoundland (Shanneyganock) (V)

Newfoundland (Ode To Newfoundland) (Sir Boyle) (V)

Newfoundland? (Ena Barrett)

Newfoundland And Labrador (V)

Newfoundland Autumn (Vx2)

Newfoundland Blessing, A (Tx2) (Vx3)

Newfoundland Blue Eyes (V)

Newfoundland Come Home Song, A

Newfoundland Disaster, The (S)

Newfoundland Disaster, The (George Humbey)

Newfoundland Dog, The

Newfoundland Express, The

Newfoundland Fishermen, The

Newfoundland Forever (V)

Newfoundland Hero, A

Newfoundland High (T) (V)

Newfoundland I Love, The (V)

Newfoundland I Miss Your Shores (V)

Newfoundland Is Home To Me (V)

Newfoundland Isle (V)

Newfoundland Man (V)

Newfoundland Memories

Newfoundland Mother Of Mine (Vx2)

Newfoundland Must Band (V)

Newfoundland, My Newfoundland (Bernie Sheaves) (V)

Newfoundland, My Newfoundland (Geologist's Song)

Newfoundland Oil (V)

Newfoundland Outports

Newfoundland Party (V) (T)

Newfoundland Pride

Newfoundland Railway, The

Newfoundland Rain (V)

Newfoundland Sealers

Newfoundland Sealing Disaster, The

Newfoundland Sky (V)

Newfoundland Smugglers (V)

Newfoundland Soldier, The (V)

Newfoundland Summer's Day (V)

Newfoundland The Beautiful (V)

Newfoundland Treasures (V)

Newfoundland Waltz (V)

Newfoundland Waters (V)

Newfoundland Weather (V)

Newfoundlanders Extend A Hearty Welcome

Newfoundlanders In Heaven (V)

Newfoundlanders Lament

Newfoundland's Dream

Newport Town (V)

Next Turn Of The Wheel

Nice Advice (S)

Night In Dildo, A (V)

Night On Dildo, A

Night School Teaching At Red Island

Night Paddy Murphy Died, The (Triskelle) (V)

Night Pat Murphy Died, The (Johnny Burke)

Night Pat Murphy Died, The (Great Big Sea) (V)

Night That Paddy Murphy Died, The (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

Night Visiting Song (V)


Nightingale Laurels

Nightingale, The (Vx2)

Nightingales, The

Nimrod's Song, The

Nite Visit, The (V)

No Change In Me (Vx3)

No Chimney He Can't Climb (V)

No, Kathleen (Vx2)

No Man's Land (V)

No More Fish, No Fishermen (V)

No More Will He Be Home (V)

No One To Welcome You Home (V)

No Place Like Home (Damian Follett) (V)

No Place Like Home (Rosalee Peppard)

No Price Tag On The Doors In NFLD (T) (Vx3)

No Reason Or Rhyme (V)

No Second Chances (V)

No Short Skirts To Their Knees

Noble Fleet Of Sealers, A

Nobleman's Wedding, The (Pamela Morgan) (V)

Nobleman's Wedding, The (Kenneth Peacock)

Nobody Lives There Anymore

Nobody's Child (Vx2)

None Can Compare

Nora (V)

Nora O'Neal

Norfeld And The Raleigh, The

Nordfeld And The Raleigh, The

North Atlantic Drag, The (V)

North Atlantic Lady (V)

North Atlantic Ocean, The (V)

North Shore

North Shoremen's Line, The

North To Carol (V)

Northern Lights Of Labrador, The (T) (Vx2)

Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen, The (Vx2)

Northwest Passage (Vx3)

Norwegian Wood (Vx2)

Not As Stun As I Looks

Not Burnt Out

Not Ours To Keep (T) (V)

Nothing But A Song (V)

Nothing Good To Say (V)

Nothing Out Of Nothing (V)

Nothing To Say

Nottamun Town (V)

Nova Scotia Song, The (S) (V)

Now I'm Sixty-Four (Connemara) (V)

Now I'm Sixty-Four (Harry Hibbs) (Vx2)

Now I'm Sixty Four (Ryan's Fancy) (Tx2) (Vx2)

Now Or Never (V)

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