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O Canada (National Anthem) (S) (V)

O, Soldier, Soldier, Won't You Marry Me (Vx2)

O'Brien (Vx2)

O'Brien Has No Place To Go

Ocean Burial (V)

Ocean Ranger (Keith Firth) (V)

Ocean Ranger (Michael T Wall)

Ocean Ranger, The (Clayt Butt) (V)

Ocean Ranger, The (Eddie Coffey) (V)

Ocean Ranger, The (Mary Garvey)

Ocean Ranger Tragedy (Mildred Osborne Smith) (V)

Oceanside Again (V)

O'Donnell's Execution

Oddfellows Hall

Ode To A Flower (V)

Ode To Gander, An (Lost Souls) (V)

Ode To Labrador

Ode To Newfoundland (S) (V)

Ode To The Newfie Bullet

Ode To Trappers (V)

Ode To Whiskey

Off For Philadelphia

Off To The Ice Fields

Ogis Blogis Mogis (V)

Oh Island Home (V)

Oh Jenny (A Frank Willis)

Oh Jenny (Bob Porter) (T) (V)

Oh, Lovely Newfoundland (V)

Oh, Maria

Oh, My Boatman (V)

Oh, My Goodie Gracious

Oh No, Not I (Kenneth Peacock)

Oh No, Not I (Stan Rogers) (Vx3)

Oh, Write Me Down, Ye Powers Above

Oh Yeah (V)

Ol' Deaf Jack

Ol' Ireland (V)

Ol' Newfie Outhouse (V)

Ol' Newfoundland

Old And Ugly (T)

Old Black Rum, The (T) (V)

Old Blackbird, The

Old Bo's'n, The

Old Brown's Daughter (long) (V)

Old Brown's Daughter (short) (Vx2)

Old Car, The (V)

Old Colonel, The

Old Cottage Sale (V)

Old England (V)

Old Fashioned Christmas (Brian Finn)

Old Fashioned Christmas (Wayne S Morgan) (Vx2)

Old-Fashioned Christmas, An (Jesse Ferguson) (V)

Old Fashioned Tune

Old Fellers Like Me

Old Fid (V)

Old Fisherman's Song, The (V)

Old Fishing Boat Back Home (V)

Old Fishing Schooner (V)

Old Flat Rock Hills

Old Galway Bay (V)

Old Grandma

Old Grandma Hones

Old Grey Mare

Old Home Place (V)

Old House (Will Soon Be Gone), The

Old Jack

Old Johnny Bucher (V)

Old Ken (V)

Old Leather Britches, The (V)

Old Liquor Book, The (V)

Old Log Cabin (V)

Old Love Letters ~ Johnny Bond (V)

Old Maid, The (V)

Old Maid In A Garret (Clancys and Makem) (T) (V)

Old Maid In The Garrett (Shanneyganock) (V)

Old Maid In The Garrett (Masterless Men) (V)

Old Man, The

Old Man's Accordion, The (T) (V)

Old Married Couple

Old Mayflower, The

Old Mokami (V)

Old Naily Boards (V)

Old Newfie Fisherman, The (V)

Old Newfoundland

Old Oak Tree, The

Old Picket Fence, The

Old Polina (Gerald S Doyle) (S) (V)

Old Polina (William T (Paddy) Gearin) (V)

Old Ragged House, An

Old Robin Gray

Old Sou'wester, The

Old Spinning Wheel (V)

Old St John's (Eddie Coffey) (V)

Old St John's (Mickey Michael) (V)

Old St John's (Siochána) (V)

Old Sunday Dinner (V)

Old Time Sealers' Song

Old Tommy Kendall

Old Woman From Wexford, The (T) (Vx3)

Olde Tyme Christmas Song

Olden Days

Oleander (V)

On A Christmas Eve Night

On Board Of The Ninety-Eight

On Board Of The Victory

On Board The Kangaroo (Vx2)

On Eagle's Wings (V)

On Our Own (V)

On The Banks Of The Bann

On The Bonny Hills Of Scotland

On The Deep Blue Sea

On The Government Wharf (V)

On The Internet (V)

On The One Road (Vx2)

On The Rock (V)

On The Rock For Christmas

On The Schooner John Joe

On The Shores Of Havana

On The Shores Of Labrador (V)

One Last Cold Kiss

One Night Of Lovin' (V)

One Road (Shanneyganock) (V)

One Road (Neal O'Leary) (T) (V)

One Room School (T) (Vx2)

One Thing Or The Other, The (Peter Kennedy)

One Thing Or The Other, The (Kenneth Peacock)

One Wish (V)

Only 19

Only A Beautiful Picture (V)

Only For Jessie Collins (V)

Only Love Like Yours Can Set Me Free (V)

Only One Mother (T) (V)

Only One Tree (V)

Only Our Rivers Run Free (Vx2)

Only Thing Grey

Only Twelve Sir

Ooh! Christmas Tree (T) (V)

Orange And The Green, The (V)

Ordeal Of Andrew Rose, The

Ordinary Day (T) (Vx2)

Ordinary Man (V)

O'Reilly The Fisherman

Our Anniversary (V)

Our Captain Calls

Our Day (V)

Our Fathers Of Yesterday (V)

Our Haven In Trinity Bay (V)

Our Heritage Tree

Our House Is A Home (V)

Our Island Is Covered With Fog

Our Lady Newfoundland (V)

Our Living From The Sea (V)

Our Newfoundland (V)

Our Newfoundland Breed (V)

Our Newfoundland Home (T) (Vx2)

Our Own North Country (V)

Our Piece O' Ground (T) (V)

Our Seal Hunter Dead

Our Ships Are In The Fat

Our Station

Our Town (T) (Vx2)

Out Around The Bay (V)

Out Behind The Shed

Out From St Leonard's (T) (Vx2)

Out-Harbour Merchant Looking For A Wife, An

Out Of My Sight (V)

Out Of The Blue

Out On The Mira (Vx2)

Out On The Waves

Out West (V)

The Outharbour Planter (Outport Planter)

Outport People (T) (V)

Outports Are No More, The (V)

Outside Track

Over And Over Again (V)

Over The Hills(V)

Own True Way (V)

Oxford City




P Stands For Paddy (V)

Pack Up Your Sorrows (V)

Package Song, The (V)

Pad's Song (Vx2)

Paddy And The Whale (V)

Paddy Backwards

Paddy Doyle The Poacher (V)

Paddy McGinty's Goat (V)

Paddy On The Railway (Vx2)

Paddy The Peddler (Vx2)

Paddy When You Die (Vx2)

Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore (V)

Pair Of Grey Socks, A (V)

Paper Of Pins, A (Vx2)

Paradise (V)

Parcel, The (V)

Parody On Dolly Gray

Part Of You And Me, A

Parting Glass (Fine Crowd) (Vx2)

Parting Glass, The (Ryan's Fancy) (Vx2)

Parting Glass, The (Kenneth Peacock)

Partridge Berry Jam

Passing Of The Jenny Lynn, The (V)

Passing Of The Years, The (T) (Vx2)


Pat McGuire

Pat Murphy's Meadow (Vx2)

Pat O'Brien

Pat O'Reilly

Patches (Of Old Shanteytown) (V)

Patrick Riley

Patrick's Day #1

Patrick's Day #2

Patriot Game, The (T) (V)

Patsy Fagan (V)

Patty McGinty's Goat (V)

Pearl River

Peat Bog Soldiers (Vx3)

Peein' In The Snow (V)

Peggy Gordon (Buddy Wasisname) (T) (V)

Peggy Gordon (Helen Creighton) (V)

Peggy Gordon (Shanneyganock) (Vx2)

Peggy's Cove Disaster (V)

Penelope (V)

Penny Fair, The

Peter Amberly (V)

Peter Crawley

Peter Emberley

Peter Street (Signal Hill) & (The Fables) (V)

Peter Street (MacEdward Leach)

Peter's Banks

Peter's Dream (V)

Petty Harbour Bait Skiff, The (S)(V)

Phantom Ship, The

Phil The Fluters Ball (V)

Phoenix Rising (V)

Photo On The Wall (T)

Piccadilly Sand Farewell (V)

Picture Of A Lady (V)

Picture Of My Newfoundland (T) (V)

Picture To Hollywood (V)

Piece Of Baloney (V)

Piece Of The Rock, A (V)

Pills, The (V)

Pirate Ship (V)

Pirate Song

Pits, The (T) (V)

Pittance Of Time, A (Vx2)

Place Called 3NO, A (V)

Place Called Home (V)

Place I Adore, The

Place They Love Best, The (V)

Place We Call Home, A (V)

Place We Come From, The (V)

Plain Golden Band, The

Plains Of Waterloo

Plains Of Waterloo, The (I)

Plains Of Waterloo, The (II)

Play Me Some Old Country Songs

Playing For The Boneen

Please Turn Out The Light (V)

Ploughboy, The (V)

Police Cars And Guns (V)

Polly Moore (MacEdward Leach)

Polly Moore (The Dardanelles) (V)

Polly Oliver

Pool's Island Memories (V)

Pop's Little Man (V)

Popcorn Puddin'

Popeye The Sailor Man

Poppy (T) (V)

Poppy, I Love You (V)

Pork In The Cupboard

Port De Grave Home (V)

Port Rexton (V)

Portland Town (T) (Vx2)

Portrait Of Newfoundland (V)

Power Of The Dream, The (V)

Prentice Boy, The (Greenleaf/Mansfield)

Prentice Boy In Love, A (Kenneth Peacock)

Pressure Of Progress (V)

Pretty Caroline (V)

Pretty Girls Of Newfoundland (T) (V)

Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow, The

Pretty Ploughboy, The

Pretty Polly (MacEdward Leach)

Pretty Polly (Genevieve Lehr & Anita Best)

Pretty Quadroon

Pretty Rag Doll (V)

Pride Of Glencoe, The

Pride Of Petravore, The (V)

Pride Of Springfield Road (V)

Pride Of The Season

Pride Of The Shamrock Shore, The

Primitive Thunder (V)

Prison Of Newfoundland (S)

Prisoner Of Newfoundland, The

Prisoner Of The Wind (V)

Private Still, The

Process Man (Vx2)

Prohibition Way (T) (V)

Promise, The (V)

Proud Canadian (V)

Pub With No Beer, The (T) (Vx2)

Punk Junk

Puppies And Toys

Put Your Hand In The Hand (V)




Quare Bungle Rye (Vx2)

Queen Of Argyll (T) (Vx3)

Queer Things In Dublin (V)

Quiet Cove (V)

Quiet Village Tilting, The

Quigley And Picco




Rabbits In A Basket (Figgy Duff) (V)

Rabbits In A Basket (The Navigators) (V)

Race Boat Iris, The

Raffle For The Goat In Joe Batt's Arm, The (V)

Ragged Coat

Raggle-Taggle Gypsy (Irish Descendants) (Vx2)

Rainbow And The Roses, The (V)

Rainbow At Midnight (V)

Raise The Dead Of Wintertime

Ram, The

Rambles Of Spring (V)

Ramblin' Boy (V)

Ramblin' Rover (Vx2)

Rambling Young Fellow, A

Rant & Roar (T) (V)

Ranter's Wharf

Rare Old Times (V)

Rare Ould Times, The (T) (V)

Rattlin' Bog (Crimson Pirates) (V)

Rattlin' Bog (Irish Descendants) (V)

Rattlin' Roarin' Willie (Vx2)

Ravenal, The

Rawdon Hills, The (V)

Reach The Morning Light (V)

Read My Mind (V)

Rebel Ship (V)

Recruiting Sergeant (Newfoundland) (T) (Vx3)

Recruiting Sergeant (Irish)

Red Haired Mary (Clancy & Makem) (V)

Red Haired Mary (Shanneyganock) (V)

Red Haired Mary (Sons Of Erin) (V)

Red Island

Red Is The Rose (Ennis Sisters) (Vx2)

Red Is The Rose (Joe Heaney)

Red Maple Leaf, The (V)

Red Rocks Of Bell Isle, The

Red Rose Café (Vx2)

Red Roses For Mother (V)

Red Song (V)

Reel 'n' Roll (Vx2)

Referendum, The



Reid's Express

Reluctant Soldier, The (V)

Remember Your Wife Loves You (V)

Remembering Renews

Remembrance Day (T)

Repentant Sinner, The

Republican Song

Return To Newfoundland (V)

Reunion (V)

Rhythm Of The Goat, The (Vx2)

Rich Merchant's Daughter, The

Rich Wedding Cake, The

Riches (V)

Rig Worker's Alphabet (Vx2)

Rigadoon (Vx4)

Riley And I Were Chums

Riley The Fisherman (V)

Riley's Daughter (V)

Rio Grande (V)

Rise With The Sun

Rising Of The Moon (Jim Fidler)

Rising Of The Moon, The (J K [Leo] Casey) (Vx2)

River Driver (Great Big Sea) (Vx2)

River Driver (MacEdward Leach)

River Driver's Lament, The (Kenneth Peacock) (S)

Riverhead La'nchin' On Jubilee Day, The

Riverhead Launching, The

Road Home, The (T) (V)

Road To Kildare, The (V)

Road To Ruin (V)

Road To Torbay, The (T)

Roaming ABCs, The (V)

Roaming In The Gloaming

Roarin' Fire

Robin Hood Sack Underwear (V)

Rock And A Hard Place, The (V)

Rock In The Ocean, A (V)

Rock 'N' Roll Music (V)

Rock Yourself On The Ocean (V)

Rockin' On The Water (V)

Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair (V)

Rocking Chair Ride (V)

Rocks At Thieves Bay

Rocks Of Bawn (Masterless Men) (V)

Rocks Of Bawn, The (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

Rocks Of Merasheen (Ryan's Fancy) (Vx2)

Rocks Of Merasheen (Great Big Sea) (V)

Rocks Of Scilly

Rocky Road To Dublin (Irish Descendants) (V)

Rocky Road To Dublin, The (Ryan's Fancy) (Vx2)

Rocky Road To Dublin, The (The Fables) (Vx2)

Rocky Road To Heaven

Roger The Miller

Róísín Dubh (Vx2)

Rollin' Home (V)

Rollin' In

Rollin' Of The Sea (Vx2)

Rollin' On The Sea

Rollin' River

Rolling Down To Old Maui (Vx2)

Rolling Home (To Dear Newfoundland)

Rooster From Kitchusis, The (V)

Rose, The (V)

Rose-Coloured Glasses (V)

Rose In Her Hair, The (T) (Vx2)

Rose In June, The (V)

Rose Of Allendale, The (V)

Rose Of Britain's Isle

Rose Of Mooncoin, The (Vx2)

Rose Of My Heart (Vx2)

Rose Of Newfoundland, The (T) (V)

Roses Are Blooming (V)

Roseville Fair (V)

Rosin The Bow (Vx3)

Rosy Banks Of Green, The (V)

Round The Bay On Saturday Night

Rovin' Newfoundlander (V)

Roving Gypsy

Roving Newfoundlander, The (V)

Roving Newfoundlanders, The (S)

Row #2 Seat #3 (V)

Row, Boys, Row

Row, Row (T) (V)

Rubber Boots (Harry Hibbs) (T) (V)

Rubber Boots (Mark Hiscock) (V)

Rubber Boots (by the son)

Rue And Thyme (V)

Rugged Shores Of Newfoundland, The

Rum Runners Song, The


Run Runaway (V)

Running Down To Cuba (V)

Rusty Old Barber, The (V)

Ryans And The Pittmans (Ryan's Fancy) (S) (V)

Ryans And The Pttmans, The (Gerald S Doyle) (S)

Ryans And The Pittmans, The (The Fables) (V)

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