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SS Caribou, The (Michael T Wall)

SS Caribou, The (Traditional)

SS Vestris

Sad Day In Gander (T)

Sadness Of A Woman (V)

Safe Home

Safe In Momma's Arms (V)

Safe In The Harbour (V)

Safe Upon The Shore (V)

Sail Away To The Sea (V)

Sail On, Sailor

Sailing Along The French Shore (V)

Sailor Ain't A Sailor, A (V)

Sailor And The Lady, The

Sailor Courted A Farmer's Daughter, A (V)

Sailor, The (V)

Sailor's Alphabet (MacEdward Leach)

Sailor's Alphabet, The (Kenneth Peacock) (V)

Sailor's Forced Retirement

Sailor's Grave, The

Sailor's Hornpipe

Sailor's Prayer, A (V)

Sailor's Promise (V)

Sailor's Rest (V)

Saint Brendan's Voyage (T) (V)

Saladin Mutiny (Fowke/Johnston)

Saladin Mutiny, The (Helen Creighton)

Saladin Mutiny, The (Kenneth Peacock)

Sally Brown (Gerald S Doyle)

Sally Brown (Irish Descendants) (V)

Sally Gardens (V)

Sally MacLennane (V)

Sally Monroe (Jim Payne live) (V)

Sally Monroe (MacEdward Leach)

Sally, Sally

Sally's Cove Tragedy, The

Salmon Fishery, The

Salonika (V)

Salt Beef Junkie (V)

Saltfish Trader (V)

Saltwater Blues

Saltwater Cowboy Comes Home, The (V)

Saltwater Cowboys (T) (V)

Saltwater Farm

Saltwater Hands (V)

Saltwater Joys (T) (Vx2)

Sam Hall (Traditional)

Sam Hall (Irish Descendants) (T) (Vx3)

Sam Jones (V)

Sammy Ain't You Glad You Joined The Navy

Sammy's Bar (Vx2)

Samuel Small (V)

Santa Claus Is A Newfie (V)

Santa Claus Is Comin' On A Trike (V)

Santa Helped Me Cut A Christmas Tree (V)

Santa Is My Brother (V)

Santa Just Might Not (V)

Santa Might Not Come (T)

Santa's A Bayman Like Us (Vx2)

Santa's Autograph (V)

Santa's Bag (V)

Santa's Newfie Christmas (V)

Sarah (Vx2)

Sarah Claus (V)

Saturday Night Ceilidh (V)

Saucy Sailor, The (V)

Savage Cop In Savage Cove (V)

Save The Grand River (V)

Saved By The Bell (V)

Say It's Me (V)

Say Something

Scarborough Fair (V)

Scene From 1907 (V)

Schooner Marion Rogers, The

Schooner Mary Ann

Scolding Wife (Great Big Sea) (V)

Scolding Wife, The (Traditional)

Scramble For The Teapots At The Fire, The

Sea Cruise (V)

Sea Ghost, The

Sea Of No Cares (T) (Vx2)

Sea People (Vx2)

Seafaring Song

Seagull Stew (V)

Seagulls (V)

Seagulls Still Follow On Freedom, The (V) (T)

Seal Hunting Song

Sealers, The

Sealers Ball, The (V)

Sealers Complaint (V)

Sealers Gained The Strike, The

Sealers Strike Of 1902, The

Sealer's Song (Gerald S Doyle) (V)

Sealer's Song (MacEdward Leach)

Sealer's Song, The (Shawn Lidster) (V)

Sealing Cruise Of The Lone Flier, The

Sealing Trip Of The SS Greenland, 1891, The

Seamus O'Brien

Seaside Cabin (V)

Seaweed Joe

Seawife, The

Secret Admirer (V)

Secret Of The Leprechaun (V)

Selfish Me (Vx2)

September 11th

September Sky (V)

Seth Davy (V)

Seven Deadly Sins (V)

Seven Drunken Nights (Traditional #1)

Seven Drunken Nights (Traditional #2)

Seven Drunken Nights (The Dubliners) (T) (Vx2)

Seven Drunken Nites (Joan Morrissey) (V)

Seven Joys Of Mary, The (Vx3)

Seven Newfie Moose

Seven Old Ladies (Oscar Brand) (T)

Seven Old Ladies (P Stoney & J Flynn) (T)

Seven Old Ladies (J Morrissey) (T) (Vx2)

Seven Old Ladies (Anchors Aweigh) (T)

Seven Old Ladies (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

Seven Spanish Trawlers (T)

Seven Years (Pamela Morgan)(V)

Seven Years I Loved A Sailor (3-variants) (V)

Seventeen Come Sunday

Sex On Fire (V)

Shabby Genteel, The

Shadows Of The Pines (MacEdward Leach)

Shadows Of The Pines (Judy Brazil) (V)

Shady Brookside


Shamrock City (V)

Shamrock, The

Shamrock, Thistle And Rose, The (V)

Shamus O'Brien (V)

Shanty Town

She Died In Love

She Dives (T) (V)

She Goes Without Saying (V)

She Moved Through The Fair (Irish Descendants) (V)

She Moved Through The Fair (Padraic Colum) (Vx3)

Sheffield Apprentice, The

Sheila Patricia Story, The (V)

Shelter Of Your Eyes, The (V)

She's A Downtown Girl (V)

She's Been Crying

She's Gone, Boys, She's Gone (V)

She's Like The Swallow (S) (V)

She's Not Wild Anymore

Shickered As He Could Be

Shine On (V)

Shines Right Through Me (Vx2)

Shining Birch Tree, The (Vx2)

Shinny On The Ice (T) (V)

Ship Is Ready To Sail Away, The (V)

Ship That Never Came, The

Ship That Never Returned, The (John White) (V)

Ship That Never Returned, The (Omar Blondahl) (V)

Shipping My Mind Away

Ships And Captains

Ships In Full Sail (V)

Ships That Sailed To-Day, The

Ship's Carpenter, The

Shipwreck Of Alma Cooke

Shoal Harbour Line

Shoals Of Herring (T) (Vx2)

Shooting Of The Bawks, The

Shores Of Amerikay, The (Vx2)

Shores Of Botany Bay

Shores Of Gallipoli (V)

Shores Of Newfoundland (Barry Davis) (V)

Shores Of Newfoundland (Bob Porter) (V)

Shores Of Newfoundland, The (Kieran Wade) (Vx2)

Shores Of Newfoundland, The (Patrick Casey) (Vx3)

Short Jacket

Short Taken

Side By Each (Vx2)

Side Of The Hill (V)

Signal Hill (V)

Signal Hill Waltz

Significant Other (V)

Silent Witness (V)

Silver Dagger

Silver In The Stubble (V)

Silver Sea (Vx3)

Simple Things, The (V)

Simple Tune

Since Love Can Enter An Iron Door

Sing The Galveston Rose (V)

Singing For Fishermen (V)

Singing Newfoundlander, The

Singing The Blues

Single Maple Leaf (Vx3)

Sinking Of FLB 101, The (V)

Siochána Breakdown

Sir James The Rose

Sir William

Sister Madonna (V)

Sit Down, Mr Music Man

Siúl A Ghrá

Six Feet Of Earth

Six Horse-Power Coaker, The (V)

Six White Horses (V)

Sixteen For Awhile (Vx2)

Skellara Hat (Vx2)

Skillet Pot, The (Colcannon) (V)

Skip A Rope (V)

Skipper At The Helm

Skipper Billy's Wake (Dick Nolan) (V)

Skipper Billy's Wake (A Frank Willis)

Skipper Dan

Skipper Michael Gill, 1704

Skipper Tom

Slaney Side, The (Kenneth Peacock)

Slaney Side, The (MacEdward Leach)

Sloop John B, The (Vx2)

Sly Jacken Sailor, The

Small Town Attitude

Smelt Fishing Ground, The

Snow White Dove (V)

Snowmobile Song, The (V)

Snowy Night (V)

So Do I (V)

So Let's Go (Vx2)

So Long, It's Been Good To Know Ya (V)

Soldier And Selena, The (V)

Soldier And The Lady, The

Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy, The

Soldier Boy In Brown (V)

Soldier Maid, The

Soldier Marry Me (V)

Soldier Of Fortune

Soldier, Soldier, Won't You Marry Me (Vx2)

Soldier's Farewell, The

Soldier's Lament, The

Soldier's Last Farewell, The

Soldier's Last Stand, The (V)

Some Day (V)

Some People (V)

Some Shockin' Good (V)

Some Things I Cherish (V)

Somebody Somewhere (V)

Someday Soon (Vx2)

Somedays (V)

Something Calling (V)

Something Delicious (V)

Something I Should Know (V)

Something To It

Sometime Around Midnight (V)

Sometimes You Never Know (V)

Somewhere Between (Vx2)

Somewhere Beyond The Hill (T)

Somewhere In A Song (V)

Somewhere West Of Heaven (V)

Something To Sing About (V)

Son Of Molly Bawn, The (V)

Song Of The John Martin

Song For A Winter's Night (V)

Song For Labrador

Song For Newfoundland (T) (Vx2)

Song For Ross

Song For The Bowdoin (V)

Song For The Mira (Vx2)

Song For You, A

Song Of Freedom (To My Countrymen)

Song Of The Annie Young, The (V)

Song Of The Gypsy

Song Of The P & G White Naphtha Soap

Song Of The Thirty-Two Counties (V)

Sonny's Dream (T) (Vx8)

Sons Of Labrador (The Flummies) (V)

Sons Of Labrador (Jeff Chaulk)

Sons Of Old Newfoundland (V)

Sorry State Of Mind

Sou'west Gale (V)

Soup Supper In Clattice Harbour

South Australia (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

South Australia (Clancy/Makem) (V)

South Carolina State

Southern Cross (Pamela Morgan) (V)

Southern Cross (Lehr/Best) (S)

Southern Cross, The (Greenleaf/Mansfield) (S) (V)

Southern Shore Queen, The (Gertrude Carew Cahill) (V)

Southern Shore Queen, The (Ron Hynes rewrite) (V)

Spancil Hill (Vx2)

Spanish Captain, The

Spanish Ladies (V)

Spanish Lady (T) (Vx2)

Spanish Maid, The

Spanish Main, The

Special Awards (T)

Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness, The (V)

Spider And The Guy, The

Spinning Wheel, The

Spirit Of Newfoundland (V)

Sporting Maggie


Spring In The Cove (V)

Spring Maurice Crotty Fought The Old Dog Hood, The

Spring Of '97, The

Spring On The Island (Vx2)

Springfield Road (V)

Squarin'-Up Time (V)

Squid-Jiggin' Ground, The (S) (T) (Vx4)

Squire Of Bristol, The

St John's (Vx2)

St John's Bait Skiff (V)

St John's Girls (V)

St John's Waltz (T) (Vx5)

St Olav's Gate (Vx2)

St Patrick's Day

Stand A Little Rain (V)

Stand Up And Be Proud (V)

Stand Up And Sing

Stand Up N' Fight (For Our Land) (V)

Standin' On The Corner (V)

Standing On The Edge Of Town

Standing On The Rock

Star Of Belle Isle, The

Star Of Logy Bay (S) (Vx4)

Star Of The County Down, The (T) (Vx2)

Staying In Newfoundland (V)

Steamship Deane, The


Step It Out Mary (V)


Still Some More To Go

Stories 'N' Lore (V)

Storm Of 45

Storms Never Last (V)

Story Of The I'm Alone, The (V)

Stowaway, The (Slaney Side, The (Kenneth Peacock)

Stowaway, The (The Landsmen)

Straight Foreign Shore

Straight To Hell (Vx2)

Strawbello Strand

Strawberry Tower

Streams Of Lovely Nancy, The (V)

Streets Of London, The (Vx2)

Streets Of New York (V)

Streets Of The Night (V)

Strings And Dory Plug

Stumbling In (V)

Suffolk Miracle, The

Súil A Grá (Vx2)

Sullivan's John (V)

Summer (V)

Summer In Your Eyes (V)

Summer So Full Of Promise, A (V)

Summer Time

Sunday Morning Coming Down (V)

Sunny Tennessee

Sunsets On The Bay (V)

Sunshine And Flowers (V)

Sure It's All The Same (V)

Surrounded By Sea (Vx2)

Susan Strayed The Briny Beach

Susan, The

Swansee Town

Swearing Song (V)

Sweep You Off Your Feet

Sweet Dreams (V)

Sweet Florella

Sweet Forget Me Not (Eddie Coffey) (V)

Sweet Forget Me Not (Allison Crowe) (V)

Sweet Forget Me Not (Ryan's Fancy) (V)

Sweet Forget-Me-Not, The (A Frank & Carson Willis) (T) (V)

Sweet Gertie

Sweet Mary (T) (V)

Sweet Memories (V)

Sweet Mossy Banks Of The Wey, The (V)

Sweet Nellie

Sweet Sixteen (Vx2)

Sweet Strabane (Vx3)

Sweet Town Of Anthony, The

Sweeter Than Flowers

Sweetest Of All (V)


Swingin' And Diggin' (V)




Take Me As I Am (V)

Take Me Back Home (V)

Take Me Home (Harve Bishop) (V)

Take Me Home (Siochána) (V)

Take Me Home To Mayo (V)

Take Me Home, Torbay Village

Take Me Home, William Carson (T) (V)

Take Me To The Country (V)

Take The Lassie By The Hand

Take Us Home (V)

Take Warning

Taken Away By The Fairies (V)

Taking Back Gear In The Night (short variant)

Taking Gear In The Night (long original)

Tale Of Jests, A

Tales Of The Phantom Ship (V)

Talking From My Heart (V)

Taps (V)

Tarry Sailor

Tarry Trousers (Vx2)

Tarsand Fever (Vx2)

Taste The Best Of Life (V)

Tax Payers Blues

Teacher Tom (V)

Teacher's Song, The (Vx2)

Tear The House Down (Vx2)

Teardrop On A Rose (V)

Teardrop On Your Pillow

Tears Of Saint Anne (V)

Teddy's Barn (Vx2)

Tell Me A Ghost Story (V)

Tell Me, Mister (V)

Ten Commandments, The (V)

Ten Little Turrs (V)

Tender Hearts And Loving Hands (V)

Tender Mother's Grave

Terra Nova (V)

Terra Nova Regatta, The

Terra Nova's Boys In Blue

Terry Toole's Cabbage

Terry's Dream (T) (V)

Testify (Vx2)

Thank God We're Surrounded By Water
(Dick Nolan) (V)

Thank God We're Surrounded By Water
(Joan Morrissey) (Vx2)

Thanks A Lot For The Rock

That Joe Batt's Arm Bully (V)

That Just About Does It (V)

That Old Feelin'

That Ole Newfie Bullet (V)

That Old Stage (V)

That's Just The Way It Was (V)

That's Why God Made Us Newfies (V)

That's Why I'm Heading Home To Newfoundland (V)

Them Good Old Days (V)

Then She Smiled (V)


There Goes My Sunshine (V)

There She Goes

There Was A Lady In The East

There Was A Time

There Were Roses (Vx2)

There's A Dear Spot

There's No Price Tag On The Doors In NFLD (T) (Vx3)

Theresa Maria (T) (V)

These Are My Mountains (T) (V)

These Rocky Shores Are Calling (T)

They All Call It Canada(V)

They Locked Me Up In Bonavist' Jail

They Say The Labrador Is Sold For .30¢

They'll Be On The Rock This Christmas (V)

They'll Never Take Her Love From Me (V)

Things Were The Same (V)

Thirty-Two Counties, The (V)

This Bird Has Flown (Vx2)

This Is My Home (Harry Martin) (T) (Vx2)

This Is My Home (Kevin Collins)

This Is My Island (Wayne S Morgan) (V)

This Is My Island (Roy Payne/Derek Pilgrim) (T)

This Is Our Home (8:30 Newfoundland) (T) (Vx2)

This Is The Hour

This Is The Life For Me (V)

This Is Where I Dream

This Island (T) (Vx2)

This Land Is Your Land (V)

This New Founde Lande (Vx2)

This Rock Is A Hard Place (V)

This Village (V)

Thomas And Nancy (S)

Thomas Cat

Thomas J Hodder, The

Thomas The Rhymer (V)

Those Nights On Burton's Pond

Those Summertime Hills

Those Wedding Bells Shall Not Ring Out!

Thrashing Machine (V)

Three Babes, The

Three Bottles A Week

Three Drunken Maidens (V)

Three Fishers (V)

Three Long Days And Nights (V)

Three Lost Babes Of Americay, The

Three Ravens (V)

Three Score And Ten (T) (Vx2)

Three Wheat Ships (S)

Tickle Cove Pond (S) (V)

Tidal Wave At Burin

Tidal Wave, The

Tie Me Down (V)

Till Early Mornin'

Till I Close My Eyes And Dream (V)

Till The Christmas Bells Ring (T) (V)

Tilley's Farewell To Bonavista

Tilting Come Home Year - 1987

Tilting In The Rare Auld Time

Tim Finnegan's Wake (T) (Vx2)

Time And Tide (V)

Time Brings (T) (V)

Time To Be Made A Wife (V)

Time To Take A Stand

Tinker Behind The Door (Figgy Duff) (V)

Tinker Behind The Door, The (Kenneth Peacock)

Tiny Fish For Japan (V)

Tiny Red Light (T) (Vx4)

Tipperary's My Dream (V)

Tiree Love Song, The (V)

'Tis Good To See You

Tishialuk Girls (Vx2)

Tishialuk Girls Set (V)

Titanic (MacEdward Leach)

Titanic, The (V)

To Friends

To Sadie From Newfoundland

To The Shores Of Botany Bay (V)

Toast To Newfoundland (V)

Toast To Newfoundland, A (V)

Tobacco Song, The (S) (V)

Tobias Murphy And Tom Hann

Tom Tobin's Dickey Bird (V)

Tom Bird's Dog


Tommy Legge's Rum

Tonight's The Night

Too Far Gone (To Be Saved) (V)

Too Late For The Breaking Yard (V)

Too Old To Die Young (V)

Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (That's An Irish Lullaby) (V)

Too Tired (V)

Torbay Love Song, A (V)

Torbay Ramblers

Torbay Song

Torch, The (V)

Toutans And Tea (V)

Towards The Sunset (V)

Towering Heights Of Newfoundland

Towersey Fair

Town I Love So Well, The (V)

Town I Loved So Well, The (T) (Vx2)

Town That I Call Home, The (V)

Track To Knob Lake, The

Tracks In The Snow

Tracks Of Spaniard's Bay, The (V)

Traditional Song, A (V)

Tragedy Of Resettlement, The

Trapper's Life (V)

Travelled In Time (V)

Traveler, The

Tread On The Tail Of Me Coat

Treasured Memories (V)

Tree On A Hill

Trees They Do Grow High, The (V)

Trelawney's Army (V)

Tribute To Bond And His Trusty Placentia Crew

Tribute To Brian Tobin (V)

Tribute To Corner Brook

Tribute To Joseph R Smallwood, A

Tribute To Lady Anderson (V)

Tribute To Newfoundland (T) (Vx3)

Tribute To St Mary's

Tribute To The Sailors Of Newfoundland (V)

Tribute To Wabush (V)

Trinity Bay Disaster (Joe West)

Trinity Bay Disaster, The (Clarence Dewling)

Trinity Cake (S) (T) (V)

Trip, The

Trip To The North Pole

Trois Navires De Blé (S) (T) (Vx2)

Trout And Salmon

Trout River Living On My Mind

Trouting Liar, The

Trucker's Motel (Vx2)

True Newfoundlander, The

True Sailor Boy

True Thomas (V)

Truxton Song, The

Turn Of The Wheel

Turn This Ship Around (V)

Turn Up The Radio (V)

Turrs By Express Post (V)

Turtle Dove

'Twas Getting Late Up In September

Twelve Apostles, The

Twelve Ghostly Fishermen

Twenty-Eight Days In Voisey's Bay (V)

Twenty-Five Miners (V)

Twenty Mile Walking Match, The

Twenty-One Years (Vx5)

Twenty Years Later

Twice Daily (Vx2)

Twiddles (V)

Twillingate Island (V)

Twin Lakes (Kenneth Peacock)

Twin Lakes (Jim Payne) (V)

Two Boys From Brewley, The

Two Brothers, The

Two Fishermen Missing (V)

Two For The Show (V)

Two Jinkers (S) (V)

Two Little Girls In Blue (V)

Two Little Shoes (V)

Two Locks Of Golden Hair (V)

Two Sisters, The

Two Sweethearts (V)

Two Vessels Lost At Cape St Mary's

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