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U-Haul Trail

U.I.C. (Vx2)

Ulst Tramping Song (Come Along) (V)

Uncle Amos' Christmas

Uncle Charlie's Christmas Cake (V)

Uncle Dan (V)

Uncle Jess' Ox

Uncle Knobby's Steamboat (V)

Uneasy (I'll See You)

Unemployment Song, The (S) (V)

Union From St John's, The (Kenneth Peacock)

Union From St John's, The (Best/Morgan) (Vx2)

Unquiet Grave, The (V)

Unseen Uniform (V)

Until We Meet Again (Gordon Edwards) (Vx2)

Until We Meet Again (Kilkenny Krew) (V)

Untitled (Naaman Bulter)

Up At The Cabin (T) (V)

Up In Fox Island

Up In The Northland (V)

Up She Rises (T) (Vx2)

Up The Kingdom (V)

Up The Pond (V)

Up To The Cabin

Up To The Rigs

Upside Down Story

Us Again

Useta Love Her




Vale Of Margaree, The (V)

Valley Of Kilbride, The (V)

Van Dieman's Land

Veil Of White Lace (T) (V)

Vernon Garfield's Yellow House

Viking Trail

Viking Winds (V)

Village Belle, The

Village Maid

Village Of Torbay, The

Virgie O

Virgin Mary's Bank

Vision Of Mother, A (V)

Visitor, The (V)

Vive La Rose (V)

Voice, The (V)

Vote for Bride McGinnis




Wabana You're A Corker

Wadham's Song (V)

Wait For Me (V)

Waiting At Gambo Station

Walk In The Irish Rain, A (V)

Walk On The Moon (V)

Walk With Angels (Vx2)

Walking The Streets Of My Home Town

Wall Of Our Home, The

Waltz With The Wheel

Waltzing Matilda (Banjo Paterson) (S) (V)

Waltzing Matilda (Stompin' Tom Connors) (V)

Waltzing On Top Of The World (V)

Waltzing With Bears (V)

Waltzing With Tears In My Eyes (V)

Wanda Lee (V)

Wandering Ways

Wanted Man (V)

War Alphabet

War In Vietnam (V)

Warlike Lads Of Russia, The (Vx3)

Wasn't That A Party? (Vx2)

Water Shortage At Windsor Lake, The

Water Street Disturbance

Water Today

Water Witch, The (Vx2)


Waterford Boys, The (V)

Waterford Strike, The

Waterloo (Kenneth Peacock)

Waterloo (MacEdward Leach) (V)

Waters Of Bonne Bay, The (V)

Watson Song, The

Wave Over Wave (w/wife's monologue) (S) (T) (Vx2)

Wave The Flag (Vx2)

Way I Feel, The (V)

Way Over Yonder (V)

Way That You Wanted Me, The (V)

Wayfaring Stranger (V)


We Are Coming, Mr Coaker (T)

We Are Surrounded By Water (V)

We Don't Dance The Two Step (V)

We Few (V)

We Left The Port Of Sydney

We Love The Place, O God

We Must Close Our Little Store On Sunday Morning

We Must Of Been Drunk (V)

We Sons Of Labrador (Gerald Mitchell) (V)

We Sons Of Labrador (Labrador Black Spruce) (V)

We Will Not Go To White Bay With Casey Any More

Wearing Of The Map

Weather Out The Storm (V)

Wedding At Ballyporeen, The

Wedding In Renews, The

Wedding Song (V)

Weekend At The Cabin (V)

Week's Work, A

Weight Of A Man (V)

Welcome To My Island (V)

We'll Go Back (T) (V)

We'll Go To Sea No More

We'll Have To Splice To Get A Flask

We'll Meet Again (V)

We'll Rant And We'll Roar (Chtis Andrews) (V)

We'll Rant And We'll Roar (MacEdward Leach) (T) (V)

We'll Rant And We'll Roar (Omar Blondahl) (V)

We're Coming Home (T)(Vx2)

West Country Lady (T) (V)

West Moon (T) (V)

Western Rangers, The

West's Awake, The (Vx2)

Wexford Girl (Patrick Powers)

Wexford Girl 2 (Laws P35)

Wexford Girl, The (Kenneth Peacock)

Whale Song, The (V)

Whaler's Tale, A

Whaling Song

What Are Ya' At? (Vx2)

What D'Ya Think Of Me Now (V)

What Happened To The Southern Cross?
(Gary Callahan)

When A Sailor Comes On Shore

When Father Papered The Parlour (Vx2)

When I Am King (V)

When I Had But Fifty Cents (Vx2)

When I Was A Young Thing

When I'm Sailing

When I'm Up (I Can't Get Down) (Vx2)

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (V)

When My Ship Comes In (Vx2)

When Our Boys Gave Up Squiddin' (S)

When Paddy McGinty Plays The Harp (V)

When Paddy Stole The Rope

When The Battle It Was Won

When The Boat Comes In (Vx2)

When The Boys Come Rollin' Home (V)

When The Caplin Come In (S) (V)

When The Grass Grows Over Me (V)

When The Last Ship Comes Sailing In (V)

When The Morning Comes Around (V)

When The Outport Member's Family Comes To Town

When The Plane Touches Down In Deer Lake (T) (Vx2)

When The Rain Comes (T) (V)

When The Robins Come Home (V)

When We Go Rolling Home

When We Was Boys (Vx2)

When We Were Sweet Sixteen

When Will I Settle Down?

When You And I Were Young, Maggie

When You Asked The Girl To Leave Her Happy Home

When You Live By The Sea (V)

When Your Daddy Comes Home From The Sea

When Your Old Woman Takes A Cramp In Her Craw

Where Are The Fishing Boats (V)

Where Be It Blackbird To? (V)

Where Did The Fishermen Go? (V)

Where Do I Go From Here? (V)

Where Does Love Go Wrong (V)

Where Fishermen Used To Be (Vx2)

Where Have The Little Boats Gone (V)

Where I Belong (Vx2)

Where Is the Dream

Where My Eileen Is Waiting (V)

Where Poppies Grow (V)

Where Sea Breezes Blow (T)

Where Speckled Beauties Lie

Where The Alders Grow (T) (V)

Where The Blarney Roses Grow (T) (V)

Where The Churchill River Flows (V)

Where The Mountain Meets The Bay

Where The Nightingale Sings (V)

Where The Winds Take Me (T) (V)

Where Would I Be (V)

While I Was On The Jury

Whipping Post

Whiskey In The Jar (Shanneyganock) (V)

Whiskey In The Jar (Sullivan's Gypsies) (T) (V)

Whiskey In The Jar (Helen Creighton) (S)

Whisky On A Sunday (Irish Rovers)

Whisky On A Sunday (Seth Davy) (V)

Whiskey, You're The Devil (V)

Whistling Gypsy, The (T) (Vx2)

White Cockade, The (V)

White Horses On The Bay (V)

White Man, Let Me Go (MacEdward Leach)

White Man, Let Me Go (Kenneth Peacock)

White Rose Of Newfoundland (V)

White Squall (V)

White Water / Log Jam Song, The (V)

Whitefish Hole

Who Is At My Window Weeping?

Who Put The Herring On The Booze?

Who Shipped The Moonshine To St John's?

Who Stopped The Gun?

Who Were You Thinking Of? (T)

Who Will Watch The Home Place (V)

Who's Gonna Farm Your Oil (V)

Who's Guarding Newfoundland (V)

Why Didn't You Say So Before

Why Don't The Men Propose

Why Should I Cry (V)

Widow In The Window (Vx2)

Widow's Goat, The

Wild Colonial Boy, The (John Meredith) (S) (T)

Wild Colonial Boy, The (Irish) (Vx2)

Wild Colonial Boy, The (MacEdward Leach)

Wild Goose, The (Vx2)

Wild Mountain Thyme

Wild Rose (Vx2)

Wild Rover

Wild Rover, The (S) (T) (Vx3)

Wild Shore, The

Wildflowers (V)

Will My Soul Pass Through The East Coast?

Will They Lie There Evermore? (T) (V)

Will You? (T) (V)

Will You Be True, My Darling

Will You Come To The Bower (V)

Will You Go Lassie Go (V)

Will You Love Me When I'm Old And Feeble (Vx2)

Will You Marry Me? (V)

William And Mary

William Carson, The (V)

William Craig And Bold Manone

William Haynes (V)

William Taylor


Willie Boy (V)

Willie McBride (V)

Willie Reilly

Willie Riley

Willie's Yellar' Pick-Up Truck (V)

Willy March

Wind That Shakes The Corn (V)

Winds Gotta Blow (T) (Vx2)


Wings Of Love (V)

Winter Blues

Winter's Drive To Topsail, A

Wish Me A Rainbow (V)

Wishing Well (V)

With Me Gloves In Me 'and and Me 'at On One Side (V)

With Me Old Clay Pipe

With Me Rubber Boots On (V)

With The Angels (V)

Without You (V)

Witless Bay Barrens (V)

Wolf Is At The Door, The

Wolves (V)

Woman Of Labrador (S) (Vx2)

Woman Of The Island (Vx2)

Woman's Tongue, A

Woman's Touch, A (V)

Women Of Newfoundland (V)

Wonderful Snow, The (V)

Wooden Car

Wooden Ships And Iron Men (V)

Woods And Water

Woods Of Michigan, The

Worcester Tragedy, The (V)

Working Man (Ellis & Wince Coles (V)

Working Man (Rita MacNeil) (T) (Vx2)

Worthy Son Of Scotia, A

Wreck Of The Anna Maria, The (V)

Wreck Of The Annie Roberts, The (V)

Wreck Of The Athens Queen, The (V)

Wreck Of The C&O Number Five, The (S)

Wreck Of The Christabel, The

Wreck Of The John Harvey, The (Vx2)

Wreck Of The Lavengro, The

Wreck Of The Morrissey, The

Wreck Of The Riverdale (V)

Wreck Of The Semmity, The

Wreck Of The St John, The

Wreck Of The Steamship Ethie (S)

Wreck Of The Steamship Florizel, The (S)

Wreck Of The Tolesby, The

Wreck Of The Tolsby, The

Wreck Of The Toravan

Wreck Off Point Amour, The (V)

Wrestling With Rats




Yankee Lady

Yankee Sailor (Vx2)

Yankee Shore

Yarmouth Town (Great Big Sea) (V)

Yarmouth Town (Ryan's Fancy) (Vx2)

Ye Mariners All (V)

Ye Rambling Boys (V)

Yellow Piss Holes In The Snow (V)

Yesterday's Dreams (V)

Yesterday's Fisherman (Sharecroppers) (Vx2)

Yesterday's Fishermen (Buddy Wasisname)

Yesterday's Memories (V)

Yesterday's Song (Good As Gone) (V)

Yodelling Song (V)

Yorkshire Boy, The

You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (V)

You All Haunt Me (V)

You And I Underneath The Moon

You Ain't a Nova Scotian If You Don't Like Fish (V)

You Asked Me (V)

You Can't Be A Pirate (V)

You Can't Fool A Newfoundlander (V)

You Don't Know How The Dear Girl Is Made

You Jerk (V)

You Made It Right (T) (V)

You Know Full Well (V)

You On Christmas Day

You Pass Me By

You Went For A Walk, Sir (Vx2)

You Will Always Have My Love (V)

You'd Better Stay At Home, Lad (V)

You'll Never Find A Christmas Like The Ones In Newfoundland (V)

You'll Never Know What Time Will Bring

Young Barbour

Young Bung-'er-eye (Vx2)

Young Chambers (S)

Young Charlotte

Young Collins Green

Young Daniel

Young Edmond Of The Lowlands Low
(Kenneth Peacock)

Young Edmund In The Lowlands Low
(Macedward Leach)

Young Fisherman, The

Young Henry

Young Kitty Lee

Young Ladies In Town (V)

Young Maid's Song, The

Young Melvyn

Young Mountie's Prayer, The (V)

Young Newfie Lady (V)

Young Sally Monro

Young Ship's Carpenter, The

Young Yetman

Your Boat's Lost At Sea (T) (V)

Your Home

Your Last Goodbye (Vx2)

Your Loving Touch

You're Goin' Out The Same Way You Came In (V)

You're My Best Friend (V)

You're Not Allowed (V)

You're Not Older, Honey (V)

Yule Return

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